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Journal DancingSword's Journal: Fluid Studios .. Freeware ( win ), includes FSRaid ...

Their Freeware page links to their FSRaid program page, and their FSRaid program implements protection for your files, against FileSystem corruption
- if you get Blue-Screened, and when you reboot your machine's-filesystem is corrupted, scandisk will probably create a few 'File0001.chk'-type files, with pieces of whatever it was that had been corrupted.

But, how are you supposed to know what got corrupted? MS-Windows doesn't tell you, and if it's part of Windows itself, your system's going to corrupt itself ( or fail-to-function-right ) continually, now...

With FSRaid, you will be able to make sure that you can
1. know if a file is corrupted ( a piece of a program, a document, anything ), and, if you're lucky ( the corruption wasn't catastrophic ), then
b) you will be able to recover the correct file and get-on-with whatever you really are about doing..., and
iii, you will be more free-from-bother, and therefore more able to gripe about my, ahem, mixing semaphores in this posting.

: )

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Fluid Studios .. Freeware ( win ), includes FSRaid ...

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