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Comment WARNING! OFFTOPIC! (Score 1) 164

I've been seeing this unrelated thing for a long time (years) and maybe I should ask the question:
Is it just me, or Asian / Indian names appear more often than Western names when this type of articles are published?
By that, I mean "Researchers find/predict/invent/discover" articles.
Disclaimer: I'm Romanian.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 276

U lock != padlock.

A U lock is a big old U that goes through the wheel and frame. Even if strong a padlock leaves the chain as an obvious weakness.

Padlocks are jokes. Boltcutters are the appropriate tool for them. (I remember the first criminal kid on my block that got a set of bolt cutters, for about 3 months it was better to not put padlocks on anything, as they attracted Kenny. Then he cut the padlock off a railroad switch and derailed a freight train into the little blue river, then bragged about it...We didn't see him for a while, he was real lucky he didn't kill anyone.)

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