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Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 316

Even the manufacturer (Energy Suspensions) admits they don't last as long as rubber ones. But that comes down to failure mode, polyurethane develops gaps where it was taking a pounding. Rubber just turns to mush, everywhere. So the rubber failure isn't so noticeable. I'm sure you saw old bushings and were amazed you were on those the day before.

Done it on a few cars, Civic, Mustang. The worst are A arms. Two bushings, in line. Even with a press, had to torch out the inserts, then press out the smaller collar through the bigger with a long drift, a huge VW axle socket and a bunch of shims. Then the other way.

My vice wouldn't touch those. Would have needed locomotive sockets to be the big catchers in the standard socket setup. Getting them loose was the bitch. Used my big fine thread, long bolt and socket/plate and shims, no joy. Just bent plate. These bushings are about 2 inches and you replace the metal collars holding the rubber.

Like I say, for $20 more than the rear set, I could have just gotten tubular steel populated assemblies. Really fixing the front involves removing the motor and installing a new K member...later, maybe.

For now the polyurethane, yellow konis and lower final gear have done the trick. The kid had spent all his money on the motor, then raced his licence away, then sold it (to me) when the cops were promising him they'd take it next time. They followed me, looked bummed out, needs paint.

Comment Re:This Is The Question (Score 1) 541

Isn't Moscone Center a 3 or 4 block walk from a BART subway station? Am I losing my mind?

I'll park and ride, it's the fastest way to get past the bay bridge. A few roaming crazies don't scare me.

Getting from Antioch to the south bay would really take for fucking ever, but many times of day cars would be just as bad or worse.

Comment Re:Don't buy what you can't afford. 3,500feet, $24 (Score 1) 541

It would be a nightmare, but it would be better than Elk Grove and driving over Livermore pass. People do it. Sleep on the trains.

Downtown proper is a strange place. $2300 rent and you have to guard an outdoor grill, or the food disappears. I don't get it.

Comment Re: Two people. Tee-hee. (Score 1) 122

Sceptical. They were pretty monitored, heart rate etc. Plus three military hard cases, not two. Even taking 10%, the odds are just very very long.

What about the times they were in the moon's radio shadow? Command module pilot, alone, far side of the moon, might have rubbed one out for uncle sam. Hell, kids, might have rubbed on out each orbit. Anybody know how long the radio blackout per orbit was?

IIRC a husband and wife flew together on the old Russian base. The have to have grabbed some 'quality time' in an empty supply module. Who honestly wouldn't? Anybody?

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