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Comment Re:I can understand (Score 1) 155

There are basically 3 kinds of CompSci programs, they can be identified by what school they are taught out of: Engineering, Math or Business (in general, in decreasing order of their quality).

CompSci people that graduated out of a business based CS programs are about as useful as MBAs.

Math based can be good if you're looking for a theoretician, but cut out the middleman and just get an applied math PhD. Go to the nearest university and shake a tree, watch out they don't hit you when they fall out.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 155

Are you still making that?

First professional jobs suck, so what? I know a kid right now who's literally _wiping old person ass_ for a first job. It can be a lot worse than coding.

Anybody who's been in the workforce, coding, for 5-10 years and only makes 60k, sucks. (exceptions might exist in deepest BFE or people slinging code for the 'Young Hot Nymphomaniacs Institute'.)

Comment Re:There's a fine line between helping and enablin (Score 1) 139

That first sentence is code for: 'For the _crazy_ homeless who split their time between parks, ERs and jails...'

Note the mention of 'retained in housing'. That's someone who's batshit, a problem with no good solutions. Give the government the ability to lock up loonies and they have historically used it to lock up dissidents.

This discussion is about families with kids though, usually much shorter term housing. A group of homeless that are actually fairly motivated (as such populations go, they do need an occasional 'boot to the head' or three).

Comment Re:Never look up (Score 1) 84

I personally tend to look at cameras with positive interest and sometimes wave at the (potential) guy at the other end. Silly, I know, and no doubt you will call me an idiot or worse, but I know what I am and I am self-assured enough to feel comfortable about it, so what what do I care?

That would be "worse".
The three letter agencies are not your friends, and it doesn't matter what you know you are, what matters for them is to do their job, which includes investigating matches. Looking at numbers, the risk of becoming a false positive seems far higher than the chance of them picking the right person.

No matter how innocent you are, cops coming to fetch you at work or swatting your home with neighbors watching is not going to make your future bright, no matter how comfortable and carefree you are now.

And "worse" because what you do when deliberately offering your face to the cameras, is increasing the size of the haystack. And worse, smiling decreases the reliability of facial recognition, and increases the risk of false positives.
More hay to sift through, and more hay that can be mistaken for a needle. That's counterproductive.
Any cops who get your image popping up as a potential match are not going to be grateful to you for their extra work investigating and clearing you.

Given that you don't seem to be an idiot, as evidenced by clear writing, I call your actions "not even stupid".

Comment Confusion and conflation (Score 1) 691

Since the engineering board in Oregon said Jarlstrom should not be free to publish or present his ideas about the fast-turning yellow traffic lights

Really? They said he "should not be free to publish or present his ideas"? Who to?

It's the "I'm an engineer" statement they're taking issue with, not any of his findings.

Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 1) 691

He said: 'I am an electronics engineer'

Not 'traffic', not 'civil', not 'professional', not 'structural'. 'Electronics' means little more than 'software'. At many companies, people are promoted from 'electronics tech' to 'electronics engineer'. It's often just a title.

His mistake was using the (qualified) title in a discussion of 'traffic engineering', where a ticket is required.

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