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Comment Minority Report (Score 1) 81

If facebook makes storing bio metric data and also sharing that data with its partners part of the terms of use then people would potentially be allowing the use of that bio metric data to be tracked and advertised to. Legally it is obvious that governments will want to have a legal handle on this sort of behavior before it is widely exploited. If this kind of marketing behavior is found to be legally acceptable then a whole new market would be opened. Who holds the patent rights to this business process I wonder?

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it. (Score 1) 168

IBM has lot's of expensive licensed software out there. In places where there isn't IBM hardware the software will be lurking in the shadows. IBM has mainly transitioned to a consulting firm. My guess is that hardware, especially things like laptops, are becoming commodity and harder to lock down with IP and just a few component manufacturers out there who make the real money. IBM puts a lot more focus these days on things that are very difficult to replicate or very easy to defend as IP. All the while making great returns on what it keeps. IBM is an old and savvy business and all of the decisions the business has made shows a lot of future insight to its competition. HP recently spun off their consumer line and likely will end up better for it.

Comment Re:Minnesota does a few of these (Score 1) 400

I agree. Twin Cities buses will often times be found flying down the shoulder at 50-60mph while traffic is going 10-15mph. You are required by law to yield to any bus that is stopped or merging. If you get on a city bus you either take a seat right away and pay when you get off or if you don't pay immediately and you are the last one on the bus driver will regularly start moving the bus. Non-school buses don't stop at railroads. Finally a potentially unsafe but efficient method of bicycle storing is a metal rack on the front of the bus requiring a passenger to step in front of the bus to load and unload a bike. Buses around the twin cities can be a bit of an exciting ride but they serve their purpose. Unfortunately car pooling with two or more people is almost immediately is a better deal than riding a bus. Dedicated lanes, shared with buses, on many freeways. As low as 20$ downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul parking plans. A government funded ride share program that matches up people with similar source and destinations.

Comment Tin hat (Score 1) 503

Sadly, this mother should have had invested in a tin hat. She should have also removed all cellular phones form the house, wrapped it in a Faraday cage, and removed any televisions, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, computers, really anything with an inductor. In addition I would suggest that she consider joining an Amish community. I won't argue with her that large amounts of electro-magnetic energy can not affect the brain. However to call it an allergy, where the body attacks itself due to an external irritant seems a bit far fetched. I think she would have a stronger case to say that her daughters brain formed a mutation or had a neurological pathway blocked in someway due to EMF to cause severe depression.

Comment human lives (Score 1) 37

I'm sure that one important topic discussed was how the greater public may react to different methods of using drones compared to boots on the ground or planes in the air. Since you essentially have a piloted plane where the pilot can't die or be captured the public may view various uses with passive interest.Historically we have seen that the greater public in any society rebels or gets upset when they are directly affected. This affect may be financial or social. If a government might use a drone to further its objectives without bringing financial or social harm to a certain percentage of its citizens, then the use of drones would be warranted even if the use were not ethical.

The conversation the media needs to present then, to any given society, is to the question of the ethicality of drone use for each given scenario.

Comment Do what you love (Score 1) 177

There will always be contract workers and automation. It is generally a business's responsibility to profit as much as possible. Time and human resources are often the most expensive assets on the books. As an IT worker you can't, or probably shouldn't, help to change these behaviors. Instead focus on what you love. Get as good as you can at what you find the most natural. If you work 45 to 50 years, you will find that unless you enjoy what you do your mental state will suffer. That may bleed into your personal life. There can be work for everyone in IT everywhere in the world. Sometimes you might need to be a little inventive and may need to sell yourself. Finally, you might not have a huge income.

If you price yourself right, are good at something that you have a positive attitude about, and are able to sell yourself as something that can add value then there should always be work for you in IT.

Comment Who holds the keys (Score 2) 150

Encryption is great! It keeps data private. However only private to those who hold the keys to the encryption. What is preventing Google from creating a master key that would allow them or a government to decrypt the data. Without such a backdoor mechanism are there some countries where Google would not be allowed to deploy the newest OS? I will be curious about the legal ramifications and privacy notice connected to this next update. What legal recourse would consumers have if it were found out later that Google did in fact create a backdoor. In the US, for instance, would the patriot act absolve Google of any class action even if they did not disclose facts to the consumer?

Comment One World (Score 4) 157

Hello Mr. McAfee,
The world largely views the USA as a bully and full of very wealthy people that don't care about those less privileged. As president of the USA, how would you advance world cooperation and work to change world views of the USA to just another location in the world full of mostly average non-privileged individuals living out their lives?

Unrelated, my best friend almost ran you over at Defcon. He wasn't looking where he is going and apologizes.

Comment Compensation can be complex (Score 4, Insightful) 430

Base salary and bonuses are not the only forms of compensation to think about. Depending on your position you may have paid conferences and training that you are sent to. You may have a paid cell phone, internet services, bring your own device voucher, new technologies voucher, company vehicles, holiday and paid time off, stock options, retirement, health and wellness benefits, coveted vendor "gifts", etc. I could share my base salary and it would be an interesting to others. But it wouldn't show all the various other ways that my company might do to keep me happy. Sometimes compensation is hard to monetize as well. For one person time off or flexible working may be more valuable than increased pay.

Comment It is just business (Score 1) 233

I am not chauvinist, however I see this as business as usual. All google ad's work of off statistical engines. If statistically there are fewer women in executive positions then ad's towards those positions and services should statistically match. I'm sure marketers see this story as simply business. That said it does not help equality.

Comment Conflicting research (Score 1) 950

Video games also stimulate the flight or fight response flight or fight response. This has been showed to improve the emotional state of the brain.

It would be conceivable that the right kind of educational pornography may help young men to be better lovers. Communication has been shown to be the number one issue with sex and emotional responses to sex. Some couples even find pornography as a stimulus or template for their own sex lives.

Enough research has been shown that video games help young men and women as they have hurting. My personal opinion is that the dangers vary from person to person and can not be generalized across a wide audience. As far as addiction? I am addicted to water, I love the stuff and it helps me to live! However even to much water can be deadly.

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