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Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 1) 1592

Really, troll? Massive net contributors. Only positive side is we actually get a lot more 'cash', especially when there's pressure to stop paying farmers 1/3-1/2 the budget (apparently market forces don't count in agriculture).

Otherwise, today is a huge loss socially, culturally and, as warned hundreds of times by the Remain side, economically.

Comment Sonic booms (Score 2) 170

Slightly off topic, but China Lake related. My rusty memory says that there was an odd series of tests in the eighties where scientists on the west coast thought that they were hearing infrasound from meteors and such like, then realised it was happening once a week at the same time. Speculation was it was related to the testing of a SR71 replacement, but unless I'm much-mistaken. nothing came of it. Thirty-plus years on, can anyone say what it was?

Comment Re:obviously (Score 1) 235

Really? You're bright enough to read this article, or at least the headline, to type words in, and what you bring to the discussion is supporting Black Lives Matter, i.e. being politically active, is the problem?

Mindless, knee-jerk idiocy. Please depart and leave the discussion to grown-ups.

Comment The world (Score 1) 197

Realistically, what more do you want one to do?

Peak smartphone may be here for people willing to stump up the moolah, but the world's becoming more and more connected because of cheaper, better devices. For most of the seven billion people, $700 isn't what they can splash on a nice phone, it's over half their annual income. Better value smartphones are bringing capable computers to the masses.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 291

Before before home internet made NTP possible, my £5 (US $7) kitchen analogue quartz wall clock from IKEA kept perfect time. Changed with the seasons, twice year as necessary, but it never needed correcting. It always felt ironic with all the other digital equipment (especially the pc) that this cheap and relatively unsophisticated AA battery-powered mechanism was superior.

Comment Bank security compromised? (Score 1) 114

El Reg a few years back had a story that in the nineties, one of the big four banks in the UK had its security team compromised. New cards had a PIN set from only one of three choices. That meant that anyone intercepting a card who knew the three could go haywire with the account. The customer wouldn't know and the bank couldn't explain it.

Could have been cock and bull, but it's a possible small source of non-randomness.

Comment Re: Paper doesn't account for successful theories (Score 2) 303

Absolutely. In the TV series "The World at War", the producer's aunt, who he was close to and conversed regularly, had worked at Bletchley Park and she never even hinted at its work. The series, filmed in the early seventies, made a programme on the Battle of the Atlantic and put the British success down to radar and better training.

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