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Comment Re:They're worse for anything except up-close view (Score 1) 165

Curved monitors do make sense for the desktop PC, where you're sitting very close to the screen. They make no sense whatsoever in the living room, though. You're far too far away for the curve to make any noticeable difference

It's a scalable situation. If the TV occupies a similar viewing angle to your monitor, then curvature would have just the same impact. As I type this, my laptop's screen occupies about the same amount of my view as my further-away TV.

That doesn't mean I don't also think it's a bit of a pointless fad, though.

Comment Re:Would this apply to Alexa and Google Home too? (Score 1) 140

The Alexa or Home device is still listening and transmitting the voices to a server right?

It only transmits what it hears immediately after "Alexa" (or "Echo" or "Amazon" depending on settings), and it lights up on doing so to let you know it's listening.

You also can't connect to an Echo via Bluetooth from next door and use it to listen in on conversations, which you can with this doll.

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