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Comment Re:Van Gogh?? (Score 1) 29

The "v" is written in lower case, except when the surname is used as standalone (when the first name or initials are omitted), in which case it is capitalised, as in "de schilder Van Gogh" ("the painter Van Gogh").

And BTW, it's pronounced fan gock,

No-one asked. And sentences should end with full stops/periods, not commas. I think that's everything.


Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 218

We can't detect any wobble it might impart to the Sun because we're orbiting around the Sun so we wouldn't detect the shift in frequency that gives it away. And we can't detect a transit because it will never pass between us and the Sun.

And in any case, most exoplanets we've found are the heavy close-orbit ones, not the heavy distantly-orbiting ones.

Comment What? Is this Slashdot editing at its finest? (Score 0) 105

'Adding a Phone Number To Your Google Account Can Make it Less Secure'

You may think that adding a backup phone number to your account will make it prone to hack, but that is not always the case.

Well done, you've contradicted the headline in the first sentence. I assume someone accidentally a word.

Comment Acoustic/Electronic? (Score 1) 57

Researchers have known for a long time that acoustic signals from keyboards can be intercepted and used to spy on users, but those attacks rely on grabbing the electronic emanation from the keyboard.

I don't get it. What are these electronic emanations which can be acoustically picked up?

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