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Comment Re:Now known as... (Score 1, Troll) 70

The CBS All Access show features the franchise's Enterprise, now known as the U.S.S. Discovery

How can you call yourself the "Hollywood reporter" and get something so trivial wrong?

Better check, the reportage itself might be accurate. I don't care enough to check, but it may well be that they are "breaking lore", so to speak, and making major storyline changes regarding early ST 'history' regarding early ST-universe starships bearing the "Enterprise" moniker. Because they can. And because they're great. Just ask them. Just look at the DC/Marvel franchise adherence to established lore and storylines, etc.

Or, equally as likely these days I suppose, is that both sides are wrong, none of it happened, and it was Russian hackers planting fake news. Because hackers! And Russia! Hacking! Russia! Fake news!


Comment F(U) ^ 2 (Score -1) 27

Fabric is "a modular mobile platform" designed to help app developers improve the "stability, distribution, revenue and identity"

- what would Twitter know about improving revenue exactly? If they do know something about it how come they didn't do that for themselves?

the ability to natively embed tweets in other apps to signing in with your Twitter credentials were made possible by Fabric.

- I guess that's their definition of 'everything'.

You can sign in and you can tweet. The 2 things that Tweeter does.

"We quickly realized that our missions are the same -- helping mobile teams build better apps, understand their users, and grow their businesses," the Fabric team wrote in its announcement.

- right, the actual mission being tracking everything anybody does on their phone and using the phone platform to push advertising to users.

"Fabric and Firebase operate mobile platforms with unique strengths in the market today."

- the F U squared.

And if you're an existing Fabric customer, don't worry, the platform will continue to function.

- ooookaaaay, I guess if you are known for randomly shutting down projects you have to put out statements like that...

You'll just need to agree to the new terms of service, which will be available once the deal is completed.

- right, so if you are a developer who uses that stuff make sure to grow an extra kidney, because they are coming for yours.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score -1) 785

If i see somebody who looks like a female to me and I don't know anything else about that pwrson I will refer to that person as a she. If I see somebody who looks like a male and I don't know anything else about that person, that to me is a he.

A biological famous male I will refer to as a he regardless of what he wants or believes to be, that is just a fact. I an not forcing him to talk to me, I am not interested in talking to him, this is my right to thinkbas I do and I am not hurting anybody by it. Manning is a he to me regardless if anything else.

Comment Re:... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 109

Blockchains solve the double-spend problem. Great, but banks don't typically have that problem in the first place because the currency is not the record.

It could be another strategy for getting to a cashless economy. If the money is digital it can be cut off, confiscated, or pretty much anything the controlling authority decides. The only way it would be allowed to go forward is if there's a way for government to control and track it.


Comment Intelligence Busting (Score 2) 116

If you hate unions so much, why didn't YOU sue to prevent drivers from unionizing? I assume that you don't employ drivers, therefore you've got exactly as much standing as a company like Uber that doesn't employ drivers.

Uber's response is pants-on-head retarded for a company that is trying to insist it has no employees. Their correct course of action would be to absolutely ignore everything this "union" does, and continue with whatever click-through agreement that drivers agree to in order to drive for Uber, because without employees, there is literally nothing the "union" can do other than whine and beg their members to quit driving for Uber.

Comment Re:Internet access in Cuba (Score 1) 70

I am certain nobody could had trouble for looking up a web site at that time, since the web did not exist,.

You attempt to deflect. It was then, and remains now, a dictatorship run by Fidel and now his brother Raul who operate domestically as most dictatorships of those type always have. Any changes have been mostly a matter of degree for now but could change at their whim. Just because, for now, they are not engaging in extreme and overt oppression/pacification tactics does not mean anything has changed in principle.

it is easy to find people that went to Cuba recently for tourism and could speak freely with cuban people.

The same is true in China. You can tour the Great Wall and other sights. One can vacation in Russia as well. The people you meet are invariably great. They also aren't about to start talking to some random foreign tourist about overthrowing the government or smuggling in weapons/contraband etc etc. That has nothing to do with whether authoritarian tyrannies are OK any more than whether authoritarian theocracies are OK or how free or oppressed the people may or may not be.

Sorry, but I believe that individual freedom and natural rights take precedence over collectivist/socialist/communist/theocratic governments or dictatorships/tyrannies which put the state's desires and goals over that of the individual's interests and natural rights as a human being. I will always stand in opposition to such.


Comment Re:Internet access in Cuba (Score 1) 70

How about "monitored, with a high probability of being 'disappeared', murdered, or simply arrested & imprisoned for visiting the 'wrong' kind of sites

A bit better, but who told you that kind of things happen in Cuba?

Besides history books, there were also the stories I was told directly from Cubans in Florida who had escaped the Castro regime. I lived in FL in the '70s.


Comment Re:Lini batteries (Score 1) 71

PS: I'm SO disappointed that United Nuclear took down their .GIF that was on their main page for years.

Sorry, correction.

Ack! They still have the .gif on the main page, but it's tiny since they changed the page payout, and one must scroll down to see it. It used to be large and took up most of the main page!


Comment Re:Lini batteries (Score 2) 71

Still need to work out a few problems with the Plutonium-Lithium battery I'm developing. Those pesky laws about who can buy the raw materials is making development difficult.

Psst! Wanna buy some uranium?

Radioactive isotopes also, at bargain prices!

PS: I'm SO disappointed that United Nuclear took down their .GIF that was on their main page for years.


Comment Re:Internet access in Cuba (Score 1) 70

Providing internet connection without government's permission would be illegal and doing that one would certainly risk getting jailed.

I'd bet many would take the risk.

but any unlicenced satellite dishes are quickly dealth with.

Well then do it in a way that doesn't require big, easily-spotted satellite dishes. Super-powerful WiFi hardware on ships in international waters, maybe? Micro-drone swarms with WiFi mesh network capabilities and satellite internet linkage?

There is not much one can do until the Cuban government stops ETECSA monopoly and allows competition.

That's only true if one accepts defeat before one even begins to try to create solutions. Just look at Voice of America radio stations during the Cold War. This problem is not unsolvable, it just requires sufficient motivation and the will to move forward.

Abolishment of US embargo would probably do more than anything else at this moment.

I'm torn on this, as it also works to keep the Cuban dictatorship in place by giving it more international legitimacy and weakening Cuban domestic resistance by 'softening' the impact of Cuban tyranny on Cubans. I suppose it would make sense if one is basically OK with the idea of dictatorships and oppression being legitimate forms and behaviors of national governments, but I am not OK with dictatorships and oppression.


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