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Comment Better Question: How do you organize your data? (Score 1) 241

You can backup anything, my problem is how do you organize it so that you can use it, find it and back it up.

I finally came up with:

1) LINUX iSCSI serrver; Organizes the physical storage devices with external USB sticks or eSATA.
2) Create a SAMBA server to centralize access to my stuff.
3) Diversify that access with OpenVPN on my Android Phone, Tablet and Windows PC, LINUX Desktop. (ThinkPAD).

It was a cool project and now I know where everything is, and how to secure it.

I recommend the same route because once you organize the info you can use lots of different software to back stuff up.

I back my stuff up with AMANDA, and it works really good.

Comment Re:Big data is gonna kill small crime (Score 1) 73

Might as well just go ahead with actual eugenics, just approach it from a positive reward system rather than a negative.

Done and done!

78% of PP clinics located in predominantly black neighborhoods, blacks ~12% of total US population but ~35% of total PP abortions. Margaret Sanger gave talks at KKK gatherings and was highly praised for her work by the KKK.

They seem to want to cover all the bases.


Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 354

Indonesia? Why that?

Because you wanted foreign competition? That 'free market' you were on about the conservatives fearing?

Wait, do you now want to pick and choose who gets in? What happened to 'free markets'? In a 'free market' US pharma would compete with Canada and Somalia...and Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Israel, Russia, etc etc.

Don't want that? Maybe 'them evul conservatives' are onto something in opposing it?


Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 354

When are drugs like flupirtine going to be available in the US?

When the DEA can figure out the correct amount of Tylenol to require to be added to every pill to ensure that anyone taking enough to get high will die. Just because it's not an opioid doesn't mean it doesn't make people feel good, and our government cannot allow that under any circumstances.

Comment Re: IP law has nothing to do with logic. (Score 1) 354

hrcck... krrkk...

Just a minute sir, I understand that you are in urgent need but we are still reviewing your account details.

gkk... ackk...

OK, we have determined you have a credit card with a $4000 limit and a current balance of $381.17. This brings your charge for our lifesaving drug to 3618.83. Do I have your permission to proceed?


Ah, sorry, I charged this to your bank card and it was rejected with an overdraft fee. I've reprocessed it to your VISA and it was approved.


Sir? Sir?

Comment Re:Ban drug ad's like most developed nations do! (Score -1) 354

'Most nations' do all sorts of crazy shit (and so does the USA) however drug ads to me are not different from shoe or car or food ads, drugs are a business, the only problem is government involvement, be it fda or medicare or medicaid or any form of government taxation and spending on anything related to healthcare or any form of business regulation beyond fraud. Ads are fine.

Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 354

The liberals want to set drug prices in the US, the whole "allow people to buy drugs from foreign nations" is just the whip they're using to pressure the other lawmakers to allow them to set prices to avoid opening the US pharma market.

So the whip to pressure the conservatives is a free market, and the conservatives run from that idea.


Pharma is anything but a 'free market', it is one of the heaviest-regulated US industries. This would simply be allowing in competition that can easily undercut prices as the competition doesn't have the expenses incurred by US pharma companies to research, develop, and eventually, after up to decades, possibly bringing them to market. Many shady foreign companies copy US patented drugs that cost US pharma companies many millions at each step along the way and sell the knockoffs for a fraction.

This would put pressure on US pharma research, development, and sales to leave the US and cripple what remains.

If the goal is to globalize pharmaceuticals then US pharmaceutical regulations, laws, and procedures for testing and certification in the US will have to be lowered/reduced/softened to more closely match the global markets like Indonesia or they will cease to exist (in the US, at least).

I too want reasonable pharmaceutical costs and robust research and development of new drugs and treatments, etc. I just don't think loosing the foreign competition on US pharma that's effectively hamstrung by a cumbersome, inefficient, and achingly-slow regulatory structure seems wise.

I believe much more could be gained all around if serious reform, downsizing, modernization, and streamlining of the current US pharmaceutical regulatory structure could be accomplished. At that point opening US pharma markets to foreign competition would not matter as US companies could easily compete.

Competition is great. It drives innovation and keeps prices low. Having one competitor deliberately hamstrung is not competition or a 'free market'. In this case it amounts to targeted economic destruction of a nation's particular industry.


Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 354

Free Market, unless you want to buy medicine, then we don't let you. Funny how, in this, like so many other issues, the "conservatives" are against a free market, and the "liberals" are for the free market.

The liberals want to set drug prices in the US, the whole "allow people to buy drugs from foreign nations" is just the whip they're using to pressure the other lawmakers to allow them to set prices to avoid opening the US pharma market.

There are no "Liberals" in Congress (using the original definition of "Liberal" which derived from "Libertarian"). Those that call themselves "liberals" are actually "Progressives" and they exist in both (D) and (R) camps.

George Bernard Shaw was one of the early proponents of Progressivism (now deliberately mislabeled "liberalism").

I highly recommend that all do their own homework and do some digging into the history of the Progressive movement.


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