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Comment Re:Collector, or simple de-orbit tool? (Score 1) 64

It melted the cable as there were impurities in its structure, this was also a test to see how much power was generated, which was quite a bit, it was to be used as a test bed for alternative power supply, but the variances in magnetic field made it rather unpredictable as to a stable-ish supply.

Comment Re:No it can't (Score 1) 177

Why? Predicting the winter weather in Britain is pretty simple

Uhhmm, wrong, predicting British weather is a PITA,( some might say a ROYAL PITA), the meandering jet stream and retrograde systems that come off the continent are a bitch to figure, Its not at all like the USA where you can watch storms march across 3000 miles and rightly predict rain on Tuesday.

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