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Comment Re:It's not that bad. (Score 1) 111

The SSL CA system has been broken for years. Remember Comodo and Iran?

I know companies won't be going to LetsEncrypt anytime soon. They'll pay the premium for that little green icon (or is it blue. Fuck I don't pay attention anymore).

LetsEncrypt basically does the bare minimum that you can honestly do with identity verification today: prove the owner of the domain is really who they say they are. If you're expecting more from SSL-CAs, you need a dose of reality.

Comment Freedom of Speech? (Score 2) 311

This feels like a total 1st amendment violation in every possible way.

I know in the US we have exceptions for first amendment, but this is hardly child porn. I can see how it can be an issue for age discrimination, but it's more a burden on the employer to no utilize this information. Besides, doesn't birthday come back on most standard background checks anyway?

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

Not to mention the United States created ISIS, funded ISIS and pretty much sent them to war to destabilize Syria. Then they want Assad gone and ISIS gone, essentially fighting some more microwars. It's war war war war and people are fools if they think Trump/Hillary will stop them. No matter who wins, there will be more wars. Tons of wars. There is no end to the wars and counter wars the US starts every year.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 2, Insightful) 436

I am against current US gun policy and think the 2nd amendment is insane.

That being said, I'm against this ruling. Source code and schematics are free speech. This ruling makes no sense from a legal perspective.

I do think America should register guns, permits should be issued and databases should be searchable and indexable. Currently the only thing the absence of gun registration in the US does is make it more difficult to track crime.

Guns aren't speech. If you like guns, fine. That's great. Go buy a gun, and register the ballistics and keep them locked up and take them out for sport. It's worked in Australia for two decades. Their gun laws post-Hobart shootings have greatly reduced the number of suicides.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 2) 436

People were printing crypto algos on t-shirts back in the 1990s to fight ITAR classifying crypto as a weapon.

I didn't know about this. So Defence Distributed just needs to publish books with all 3d schematics .. maybe also a ton of individually scaleable QR codes that represent the actual files.

Comment Re:Keeping up with the Nadellas (Score 1) 120

I'm a Gentoo user too, but I do gave a damn. I can use Gentoo on my home desktop and my work laptop. It's great. But what about servers?

For a distro I want to use in a production environment, I don't have any real non-systemd choices. My best bet is to package everything in docker containers, so it's easy to redeploy them on anything.

Systemd does solve the full process management problem. That is a real problem. But it also does a bijallion other things it doesn't need to and a GUI/desktop layer certainly shouldn't depend on it.

So far Gentoo and Slackware are the only two major distros without it (Gentoo it's optional, as it should be in all Linux distros!).

It might not affect me or you, but it affects our decisions on what to use to deploy stuff on severs.

Comment Re: Single use? (Score 2) 761

Square couldn't exist in a world of pure USB-2-Go because drivers and device representation varied widely from phone to phone. A simple HID device in the phone world is not so simple.

The audio jack was the ultimate bridge for card readers that didn't require special permissions, drivers and was actually universal (more universal than USB!)

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