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Comment America's Banking System Sucks (Score 1) 47

We don't need more of this proprietary payment garbage. We need person-to-person transfers between banks that are fee free and run through the ACH system. EVERY OTHER COUNTRY with a modern banking system has this! America is still in the 1990s:

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 3, Insightful) 108

Seriously. Do you know why Australia has the largest invasive camel population in the world? Settlers brought camels to help build settlements, then just left them in the desert. Their populations grew to 800,000 at one point. The Saudi's often import camels from Australia to breed against because they have more desirable traits and better breeds.

Salting the could seems like a terrible idea. Geoengineering is not going to reverse pollution, it's just going to create more of it. We need to stop buying as much stuff. We need upgradeable electronics and more durable hardware. We need to have fewer factories and consume less. Climate change isn't even a real issue. There are so many other forms of pollution that are so much worse that by focusing on carbon emissions we are only looking at a symptom and not the core problem that consumerism/consumption is depleting the planet of critical resources.

Comment Re:Firefox dropping support for older hardware. (Score 1) 133

I can see dropping support for XP/Vista and 32 bit Macs (those vendors don't support those operating systems. Why would you support an operating system that no longer gets security updates at all?) Are they really dropping support for 32-bit Linux though? That does bug me a bit, but there are also many Linux distros that are dropping 32-bit support as well. Keep in mind, the Linux kernel no longer supports 386 chips either (there is a fork for that).

Even open source projects can't maintain things forever. Dropping ASLA support seemed superfluous though. Why remove something that's already there and works?

Comment Re:Remote display? (Score 3, Insightful) 227

They say it's not the job of Wayland; that you can run X11 on top of Wayland to get X11-ssh forwarding or someone at sometime down the line will magically invent their own rendered (maybe RDP based, maybe something else).

I can't really take this project seriously until they address this pretty critical issue. I don't have any issues with X myself. I use i3 and xrander and everything pretty much works the way I want it to. I don't play games in Linux; I have a windows laptop for that (Steam for Linux still kinda blows). Would nicer multi-monitor support for laptops be good? Absolutely! But with the track record of systemd taking over with no alternatives (I still run Gentoo/systemv and Void Linux/runit .. runit is awesome and amazingly simple btw) I'm going to hold off as long as I can.

I don't hate new things either. Lately I've been trying out Vivaldi over Firefox. I'll try new things, but I hate seeing all this half-assed garbage just breaking the Linux desktop.

Comment Re:Understanding limits of technology ... (Score 1) 166

I knew someone who was stationed in various African countries. I can't remember which country it was, but he said people didn't distinguish what was on TV and what was real. They thought Star Trek actually happened. It's on TV; it must be real.

There are tribes in Brazil who do not have words for colour or numbers. The adults can never be taught basic math skills; or even in the case where they can learn them -- they never apply them to their daily lives. Language has a large impact on our perception of the world.

Comment Let go of your hate. It's not worth it. (Score 1) 143

This is one of those cases where people really need to learn to let their anger go. I'm sure this guy thought he was smart; that he could take precautions. Maybe he even avoided all the security cameras. Maybe it was one ticket sitting in a provisioning system that said that laptop was last on his desk. No matter how well you think you've covered your tracks, in companies that big, there will be a record.

I'm reminded of the kid who sent a bomb threat via Tor to get out of something at his University. They didn't trace the message back to him. They noticed he was the only one on campus using Tor at that time.

If you want to fight injustice; talk to some reporters; blow some whistles -- that's one thing. Maybe you could even help people that way. But revenge isn't wroth it. Even if you think you can get away with it. Just take a deep breath, remember humanity will all be extinct one day and that life goes on. People who are full of hate will lead miserable lives.

Comment Re:Just install a 3rd party ROM on the phone (Score 1) 120

Because Android makes a ton of money off the Open Handset Alliance. They have the power to enforce hardware standard so every phone can boot stock AOSP, instead of just connecting random shit to random ARM pins and hacking their kernels is totally non upstream-able manors. Hell, even Microsoft required their phones to support UEFI for ARM (but you can't unlock their bootloaders).

Google's actions are on purpose and help to prevent real open source alternative to take over their phones, just like Linux took over the developer's desktop on PCs back in the late 90s/early 2000s:

Comment Re:Destroy code? (Score 1) 522

You can only reasonably do this is the police use your bootloader. The destroy code would need to have the exact same wording ("Unlocking device" or whatever) and while actually writing random data over the disk and leaving you with "Unable to open volume."

Now if the police had made a copy, they could tell between the two copies that one version zeroed the disk.

In reality, the police would remove your disk and not use your bootloader. You would need to use an encrypted format that actually ran some application code as the result of a specific key, with that application code itself encrypted by said key. It would have to be integrated as part of the unlock process. LUKS doesn't provide any of these mechanisms by default.

Comment Re: That's not good law (Score 1) 522

> "...There are no reproducible formulas that can be put into a machine and lead to the same results. Instead the fate of people in a free legal society are determined by the current interpretations of a judge or a jury, and quite possibly how they feel that particular day or what they ate for breakfast. ..."

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