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Comment Re:Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! (Score 1) 96

Did you...did you watch the video?

He's already contributed tons to existing emulator projects and posted a lot of his stuff up on the Saturn emulation boards.

He hasn't released his rom dump yet, but I have a feeling he'll release the tools for people to dump it themselves once he gets his product into production.

He didn't just circumvent the DRM using a device that you have to solder between the CD drive and the I/O connectors; he cracked open the dedicated CD controller, which had been a black box up until now. Then he used an exploit in the VCD module slot to bypass the protect and load Sega Saturn CD images directly, bypassing the need of a modchip at all.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 96

Did you watch the video? It's pretty drastically different than the traditional mod chips. His implementation requires no soldering of the existing components. The work is also amazing. He gets pretty detailed and shows the dumped assembly code.

Also, existing mod chips still require a functioning CD drive, and those parts are slowly dieing in existing units. His modifications allow reading images straight from a modern data source.

Comment ISPs (Score 2) 104

They'd have to introduce this at the ISP level, similar to how Time Warner Cable sends cease and desist letters to people if they detect you're torrenting their or their partners' content (a friend of mine got one for HBO shows. They required him to run a script on his computer verifying the file was deleted. WTF?!)

But the thing is, people who get massive amounts of content this way don't BT to their machines! Most use seedboxes and rsync back to their home machines. They're only going to get the people who are not big in the game (relatively).

Plus, once you identify, the next phase may be blocking at the ISP level. Then you get into censorship, network neutrality, etc.

Fuck everything about this.

Comment Re:Autodrive car's may have to be at FAA software (Score 3) 297

Software this important to peoples' lives can't be written like Windows95. I'd say for Tesla, it isn't.

The trouble is, the auto-pilot feature isn't an auto-pilot. It's not autonomous. It's supose to be used as a safety device. It's being misadvertised, misrepresneted, and even if it was correctly portrayed as a beta safety feature - crashes like this show it reduces the awareness of the driver when they trust the features of the car and reduce their attention.

Comment Re:If you don't need it don't (Score 1) 110

The OP mentioned Linux distros geared to accessibility support.

I worked at an all open source shop (religiously so even), yet their blind (completely blind) accessibility engineer was one of two people in the 200 person company running Windows. The other was a graphics designer that needed Photoshop and Illustrator.

Comment Re:Instead of a bomb, why not a taser? (Score 0) 983

The United States is the ONLY high income country left in the world with the death penalty.

It's not feeling sorry for him. It's not being a terrible nation. Really? You want the US to be like Saudi Arabia? A Monarchy with no gay and barely any womens' rights?

I can't even tell if you're really trolling or are really that stupid. That's the scary part.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 983

Exactly. Why not strap a non-lethal to a police robot? Something that would cause him to pass out or taze him? Sure they might have killed him anyway, but the intent would be to apprehend him. By strapping a lethal with the intent to kill, it was obviously revenge. As police rarely ever face consequences, this will probably just fade into the papers.

Comment Re:Who first used a Robot for Murder? (Score 1) 983

We do not have autonomous robots. There is always a human pilot flying that predator done. Even with semi-autonomous drones that fly to a target and fire; there is someone selecting that target and programming the drone.

As with all current A.I., we tell it what the game is and the success conditions. A.I. that decide the rules of the game and discover winning conditions; those are a good 60 ~ 100 years away.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 185

> Cost=$0

Last time I checked, fishing gear cost money. I mean you could find your own bait if you set up cricket traps or dug up your own worms, but lines, poles, tackle boxes usually cost money (unless you find someone throwing that stuff away on Freecycle or Craigslist)

Comment Dual Birith Irish Citizens (Score 1) 693

I remember someone talking about wanting to migrate to the US and they had a dual Irish and UK citizenship and I was like, " gain no real advantage with those two what-so-ever." that person does! :-P

There are a ton-o-british people living in the EU that will soon need to apply for immigration where they did

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