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Comment Re:Destroy code? (Score 1) 519

You can only reasonably do this is the police use your bootloader. The destroy code would need to have the exact same wording ("Unlocking device" or whatever) and while actually writing random data over the disk and leaving you with "Unable to open volume."

Now if the police had made a copy, they could tell between the two copies that one version zeroed the disk.

In reality, the police would remove your disk and not use your bootloader. You would need to use an encrypted format that actually ran some application code as the result of a specific key, with that application code itself encrypted by said key. It would have to be integrated as part of the unlock process. LUKS doesn't provide any of these mechanisms by default.

Comment Re: That's not good law (Score 1) 519

> "...There are no reproducible formulas that can be put into a machine and lead to the same results. Instead the fate of people in a free legal society are determined by the current interpretations of a judge or a jury, and quite possibly how they feel that particular day or what they ate for breakfast. ..."

Comment Re:Berkley didn't do this to be jerks (Score 4, Insightful) 554

I want to know the dialogue between the students that filed the suit and the university. I they could have been granted some kind of continuance, they could have started a program to find volunteers to close caption them. This is pretty sad. Even though the videos are mirrored, all the old links are now dead .. lots of blank screens for anyone who embeded them or cited them on other websites.

Comment Re:Is it apathy? Or helplessness? (Score 0) 308

> We saw this in the financial crash of '08 (albeit in the private sector)

Oh that's cute, you think there's a difference between the public and private sector. Did you forget you're now required to buy health insurance via government mandate from the same private sector that drove up all those prices.

Comment Re:Pick a patrern for your passwords (Score 1) 415

I too use a password algorithm. You don't want to use letters in the site itself. You want to transform them so it's difficult to figure out the algorithm by looking at the passwords. Ideally someone would need to steal a bunch (like 8 or more) of your passwords and then spend a lot of time trying to reverse engineer them.

You can still use a password manager, just don't store the password. Store the algorithm ("First Algorithm" .. "2015 Version" "Blue Algorithm" ... just make sure the name does NOT relate to the output of the algorithm in any way).

I wrote a thing on this a few years back:

Comment Re:obligatory cutesy name (Score 3, Insightful) 87

I'm really surprised at the comments here. This is probably one of the largest information leaks/vulnerabilities of the past several years, and definitely the largest tech story of 2017. This is way larger than Google breaking SHA-1 (in a non-trivial way).

The HackerNews story has hundreds of comments explaining just how bad the situation is.

Comment Illegal Software (Score 2) 105

I hate the entire idea of software being illegal.

I wonder if this would be illegal in the US. Code is speech, at least in the case of encryption software. Then again, the MPAA is a very powerful group. Look at their pissing content with Kim Dotcom. I have a feeling the entertainment industry would try, but (hopefully) not get very far.

Comment Re: tl;dr: some lawyer gets rich (Score 1) 99

It's 2017. Two thousand fucking seventeen and in America, we still use checks.

In every other developed country in the world, you put down your bank and account number, possibly a TAN number if you're in an EU nation, and a persons name and you can send them money. For individuals it's always fee free, works with any bank and. appears within 24 hours (same day if same bank).

No no, Paypal is not good enough. Neither is Square. Those are closed, private companies. Every other nation has direct, person-to-person transfer, mandated by their government.

In the US, you must still print and photo a check.

Comment Re:So now under Trump... (Score -1, Troll) 341

Please don't lie to yourself. Had Hillary been elected, we would have seen the exact same thing.

In this particular case, it was the DC metro police that did the searching.

In the general case, Obama spent ever day of his tenure at war. The left idolization of him makes is insane considering how many people whistle blowers he went after (Manning's release was pretty much symbolic so the left thinks a little better of the democratic party), how many predator drones he launched .. the assignations with trial of US citizens, domestic spying, the NDAA and indefinite detention (something which Trump now has for free). The election mattered less than you think:

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 0) 626

> There have been many documented cases of domestic workers losing their jobs and being replaced by these workers

Could you list them? I know of one documented case: Disney. It's actually not that common. You're not going to replace actual high skilled workers with H1-B visa holders. That's a lot of cost and not much benefit. I bet Disney will be shooting themselves later for that.

The H1-B situation is way more complex than you make it out to be:

In the case of Microsoft, they recently made a bunch of Azure people redundant to replace them with .. workers from Puerto Rico. That's right, the replaced US citizens with .. US citizens.

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