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Comment Something feels off about this. (Score 2) 540

Something feels off about this. I want to make it clear I hated both Hillary and Trump and think they're equally dangerous.

This won't increase the minimum wage for existing tech workers. In places like Redmond and the Bay Area, wages are already way over $100k. I don't think this will really change things for the best.

The only people who will be able to afford H1-B people are the big companies. I have a feeling this will starve the rest of the IT sector, consolidate jobs in Seattle/SF/NYC, and only allow the very large companies to even hire immigrants. This will push less qualified workers out of these high income areas and into 100k/year jobs in rural areas. Amazon/Microsoft/Google/Whoever will be able to hire the best US and on-US workers.

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 2) 218

> Maybe not. Anti-discrimination laws are allowed by the constitution.

Do you have examples? I don't feel like this is true. In Germany this happens quite often. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League often goes after people in America, but those are mostly civil suits. In Europe, even suggesting Israel is an apartheid state can land you in jail, but in America (and Australia) that's protected.

Comment WMDs in Iraq (Score 2) 173

From the article:

>Shortly after the accident, Hans Blix was flown to Chernobyl. Blix would later become better known for chairing the United Nations commission responsible for disarming Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction in the run up to the 2003 war.

Wait what, the WMDs that didn't exist? The mustard gas that American sold Iraq and relabelling it as WMD? Why even include that bullshit BBC? You just want to keep that narrative going however you can?

Comment It makes sense in NYC (Score 4, Insightful) 124

This makes a ton of sense in NYC which is already saturated with high capacity rail systems. If you made these car share vehicles self driving and electric, you have the potential for an amazing last leg solution.

Ride sharing (zip cars, and eventually automated vehicles) will be the future, but people do need to be aware in such a future, people will most likely not "own" cars any longer. But for this to work, they can only be a last leg. Ride shares and self driving cars will NOT solve the transportation gridlock problem. Cars simply do not have the capacity of real public transit:

Comment Re:Free Motorcycles (Score 1) 295

Printing/Cloning organs with your own tissues/DNA will probably be a reality long before realized driverless vehicles. Those would solve the wait list and the rejection issues.

Self driving tech is a lot of money being thrown at something that ultimately won't solve any of the world's transit issues in any meaningful way, because most of the issues we face today are due to capacity:

Comment Self Driving Cars Don't Solve Transportation (Score 2) 295

There is so much coming out about self driving cars, even through the tech is years away from mass use. We may never seen consumer owned self driving vehicles either, just due to security and safety issues. I wrote a post on this recently:

It goes into many of the hardware, software and general transportation issues with self driving cars. I don't think they'll be a reality in the near future. They're a good 6 ~ 8 years off at a minimum.

Comment Who? What? (Score 4, Insightful) 511

I have never heard of Giant Spacekat until now. Looking at their first game, it looks pretty terrible. But it is a first game, so I'll give them that.

I don't know much about this particular person's role in Gamergate, but I think the whole thing was asinine. It failed to understand market demand and the industry surrounding gaming and entertainment in general.

Also, it's interesting all these people are deciding it's now time to do something since Trump was elected. Were the eight years of predator drone bombing not enough? Was the ten plus years of warrant-less spying not enough? Was the endless war not enough? Keep in mind everything that is happening now, is happening under the Obama administration.

Clinton and Trump were equally corrupt. Basing your decision to participate in the system now shows you've totally ignored the reality of what America does on a daily basis to destroy other nations to give the west our current standard of living.

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