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Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 4, Insightful) 126

YES! I own a 4k MSI laptop and can totally tell a difference with 4k. I can even use that laptop to power a 4k DCI display:

It is night and day; even on small screens. If you do a lot of photography work and have a camera that captures over 4000x?, it's really amazing. I love being able to pull up photos in Lightroom and see the entire image in fullscreen without scaling. They're really amazing:

Comment Re:One party rule (Score 0, Troll) 2837

We've always had one party. The Repubcrats and the Demolicans. The same people fund both of them. I don't see why everyone's upset. Obama bombed the fuck out of people, expanded predator drones, bombed some weddings, bombed funerals for those weddings, killed US citizens overseas without trials and passed Romney care which, although helping the poorest get something resembling crappy healthcare, has pretty much tied the middle class to the same shitty system they had before, except prices went up.

Trump is no better or worse than Hillary, or even Sanders for that matter (did people not hear him say he wanted to arm Jordanians? Did people forget he voted yes to make provisions of the patriot act permanent? Did we...did we watch the same debate?)

The last president that tried to change things in a meaningful way was shot to death in Dallas. Everyone else has been a puppet.

Comment Re: Supply and demand (Score 1) 587

You can be a software engineer/network admin/dev-ops person without ever working a help desk job. The only reason I worked one for a year was because my dad wanted me to work at the same shitty company he wasted 18 years of his life at. I went from a real development and sys admin job to a helpdesk internship (I was in grad school so they let me in; made more than all the other interns at least by $2/hour since it was by years in school).

It wasn't all bad. I could cut down to 20 ~ 30 hours when grad school got really busy, and I could work on papers and ready books between calls. I made it one year and then went back to a real dev position.

I do think it's good to work helpdesk for a year. I feel like I have an appreciate on the shit they have to deal with.

Comment Re:Where have I heard that before (Score 1) 609

Voting is the peasants suggestion box. Remember that when you Americans vote for the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right; both of which are part of the 1%, will continue to launch predator drones on brown people, will continue to use the CIA to start secrete illegal wars and will continue to spend more than the next eight highest defense spending countries combined to continue to fight more war war war.

Voting is symbolic, even is seemingly free representational democracies/republics.

Comment Re:GPL (Score 0) 176

Apple has removed all GPLv3 applications from their OS and have even downgraded some apps to super old versions so they can use the GPLv2 version. I did a post about this and other OSS licenses a while back:


Comment Re:So what are these CISSP "cyberwarriors" doing? (Score 1) 90

There is an increasing amount of evidence that Snowden still works for the CIA. He's the only one including this guy and Manning, who hasn't been caught (which just feels super suspicious .. that combined with him criticizing Russia on Twitter .. while in Russia .. supposedly).

I don't think the Snowden story is real. I think it's most likely propaganda. And if that's fake, who is to say there is any legitimacy to this story either?

We live in 1984, just less totalitarian and more Brave New World (with all the good parts gone). We think we're free and have free media, but it's all propaganda. Want to prove it? Right now you think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist nutbag. See: totally works. All dissenting opinions are made by tin foil hatters.

Comment Re:Oh brother (Score 2) 90

And you know what, we have no idea if this guy even is the ShadowBrokeer. All the "evidence" is totally classified for national security purposes. This guy might totally be railroaded. Hell, this guy may not even exist! This might be a whole media campaign just to keep the fear going. We really have no fucking idea.

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