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Journal Journal: Sorted birthdays

Lena Jan 17th
Petra Feb 1st
Dorota Feb 22nd
Mirka April 26th
Lucja i Lena April 26th
Staszek May 8th
Marysia May 16th
Irene Jun 17th
Ryan Jun 7th
Ruzan Aug 10th
Andrey Aug 24th
Nadia Sep 12th
Midori ???
Marta Nov 17th
Masha Dec 7th

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Journal Journal: Intellectual exclusion rights reform

Current situation:
-Increasing protection of "Intellectual property" rights leads to gradual commercialization of creative activities and concentration of property rights by monopolies.
-The real benefactors are not the people directly contributing their creativity.
-The price of "Intellectual property" is dissociated from the value it contributes to humanity.
-Because of monopolization, the market mechanisms do not settle the price. The price is set by jurisdictional system.
-The exchange and reuse of ideas is inhibited.
-The states protect the monopolies by legislation harming free speech, and at additional cost to citizens.
Estimated scope:
-Entertainment industry
-Art, Literature
-Software industry
The free exchange of ideas in the era of Internet search engines does not justify the existence of publishing industries in the current form, as entities that collect the rights to creative artifacts.
The rights should stay with the authors and should not be a subject of trade.
The value of creation is in the act of performance (an artist plays at concert, painter paints the original work, craftsman builds a staircase, programmer develops software, biochemist discovers new drug).
This value does not persist in the records of the original performance.
What to do with a writer?
Find mechanisms allowing the creative individual to be rewarded accordingly to the actual contribution.
In a few years the Internet will be monopolized by big publishers and the window of political influence will close.

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Journal Journal: Future Meat 2

Animal husbandry takes too much space and emits too much polluting waste to feed the growing human population (just perhaps, anyway). Thus, the tissue culture comes to rescue.
Meat 1.0 - Muscle cell suspension or tissue layers without muscle characteristics.
Meat 2.0 - Actual muscle.
Meat 3.0 - Headless, skinless animal incubated in liquid culture, skeletal muscles exercised by excitation of central nervous system.
Meat 3.1 - As above, with periosteum disintegrating on demand for easy tissue separation. Think leaf abscission in autumn.
Meat 4.0 - Meat dishes grown ready for thermal processing (onion and pepper tissue included).
Bon appetit!

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Journal Journal: Paul Berman on Che Guevara

Slate, 2004

That was old. New news is, there's a new communist party in France, established just when Poland celebrates 20th anniversary of freeing itself from socialism to democracy... Freezing irony from the west.

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Journal Journal: Bullied? Hit sumbody weaker!

In historical perspective, this is exactly what Zionists do. After having suffered Shoah from Germans, they apply Holocaust to Palestinians. How can I respect the state of Israel, when the notion of honor does not belong there?

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Journal Journal: January 17th 1945

The official starting date of Soviet occupation of Warsaw. The Soviet troups entered what used to be Warsaw (for an idea, see Polanski's "Pianist"). Before they moved in, they spent half year just across the river witnessing the Warsaw Uprising, the genocide of 200.000 civilians by the heroic German troops, then the systematic destruction of the city, building by building also by heroic German troops on personal Hitler's order. After the dust settled and snow covered the desert that used to be Warsaw, the heroic Soviet troops finally resumed their struggle for Eternal Russia.
BTW, I am not sure if the Russians or Cambodians have ever beaten the record set by heroic German troops, which during only 5 days of tip-top physical form managed to murder 50.000 civilians in Wola Massacre, performing at the average of ten thousand people a day. They even managed to rape between work shifts. Chapeau to amminution suppliers of the German civilization.

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Journal Journal: Tewje Bielski, Defiance, Daniel Craig and Naliboki massacre
"The murderers from Bielski's unit"

The author discusses accounts of witnesses of the Naliboki massacre (Naliboki in district Stolpce, Nowogrod area) and evidence from the archives. On May 8th 1943 the group of Soviet partisans assisted by Bielski's unit have killed 128 Polish civilians, inhabitants of Naliboki village.

Shame on you, Mr. Craig, another "useful idiot."

It is very sad fact, that in many cases the Jewish partisans have banded together with Soviet military agents operating within the territory of Poland in atrocities against ethnic Poles.
These parts of history were among the most hidden secrets of Communist regime. And now a murderer will be your hero. Bon appetit.

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Journal Journal: CO2 emissions

Poland has reduced the CO2 emissions by 30% between 1988 and 2008 (sustaining strong economical growth), while the Europe on average by 1% (of 6% Kyoto target) (source: former min. of environment Jan Szyszko)

France produces most of its energy in nuclear plants and pushes hard for further CO2 emission reduction by 20%. This brings 3 questions:

3. Where is the proof that emission of CO2 influences the climate? (besides the obvious calculation of costs, risks and benefits of attempted CO2 emission reduction, the climate model for the next 20 years that gave us the 20% number)

1. Shouldn't we put on balance also the costs and environmental risks of handling the disposed nuclear fuel for thousands of years?

2. The further 20% reduction plan does not account for the fact, that some countries have missed the Kyoto target, while some did more than required. Fair play?

Not asked: What influence on french politics has the fat nuclear industry lobby and will it receive contracts for new plants in Poland - we shall see.

I am afraid all this CO2 story is a huge bull game - bullying by bullshit.

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Journal Journal: Sokal's hoax notes 1
(Citations, some of them are true little crapball gems, esp. Jacques Derrida)

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Journal Journal: EU plans to force second Lisbon vote 1

From The Sunday Times
October 18, 2008
EU plans to force second Lisbon vote
French politicians hatch plan to isolate Ireland and force second treaty poll
Richard Oakley

PLANS to isolate Ireland and force the country to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty by next March were discussed at a European Union meeting 10 days ago.

Minutes of the event, and of a separate dinner with the French minister for European affairs, record how key French politicians and other MEPs said that Ireland should be put in an "untenable position" by pressing Poland and the Czech Republic to ratify the treaty by December.

The minutes were made available by a high-level source who attended both events. They tally with publicly available EU minutes but include direct quotes rather than the diplomatic language of the official record.

The meeting and dinner heard how Ireland's "intellectual mediocrity and lack of political courage" led to the rejection of the Lisbon treaty and included discussions of how to "cuddle and pamper" the Irish voter ahead of a new vote while at the same time "making pressures on them".

The meeting between the European parliament's committee for constitutional affairs and the European affairs committees of both the French senate and national assembly was held in Paris on October 9. It was followed by a dinner with Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the French equivalent of Dick Roche, Ireland's EU affairs minister.

Jacques Delors, former European commission president,warned that Europe should be wary of conceding to Ireland on Lisbon and criticised the Irish government for "going solo" on the bank crisis.

The official minutes record that members of the delegation discussed "the necessity of ratifying the Lisbon treaty as soon as possible" and an anxiety that a second referendum should be held before the European elections next June. The delegates were concerned that the elections could become a proxy referendum on the treaty.

Pierre Lequiller, a French politician, said it was necessary to get the Czech Republic and Poland to ratify the treaty quickly as this would "modify the situation of Ireland". Alain Lamassoure, a French MEP, said the Irish people should be made aware of the "consequences" of a second refusal.

Delors, according to the minutes, expressed concerns "about the price that Europe was willing to pay in order to obtain a ratification of the treaty by the Irish". He said: "The Irish have since gone solo in the financial crisis. They must understand, however, that to be a member of the EU also includes certain demands."

The minutes from the Sunday Times source show French politicians want Ireland to believe the EU will respect the country's sovereignty and demands, while telling the Irish people how the other 495m Europeans are watching them and "will be really angry" if the answer is no again.

The meeting discussed the option of ensuring the next referendum in Ireland should involve a question to which the Irish could not say no.

This, according to German and French politicians, could be achieved by giving Ireland guarantees of sovereignty over issues such as neutrality and abortion.

It would then ask the Irish electorate to vote on whether or not the country's membership of the EU was compatible with the constitution.

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Journal Journal: Gossip from 1933

Marshal Józef Pisudski tries convincing France to execute together a preemptive war against Germany. France refuses. Fast-forward to 1939... (For uneducated, September 1st 1939 was the beginning of the Second World War, "WW2"). While already (legally at least) in war with Germany and being able to win on german soil, France remains passive again, until it is too late for France...
They also gave up on Enigma, what a grave underestimation of themselves...
Also look for Sir Robert Vansittart (of british Foreign Office) account of talks with Pilsudski.

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Journal Journal: Empire quiz (Politics is alive and Ceasar casts dices today)

What is the name of the politician responsible for the worst atrocities in human history and which country still celebrates him as hero?

Who ... Anna Politkovskaya?
Is? Was?

What has Alexander Litvinenko eaten for his last lunch?
Caviar? Polonium-210?

How did Georgia violate international law?
By defending its borders? By not joining The Empire? By controlling an oil pipe?

How many POWs were murdered in what is known as Katyn Massacre?
2.000? 20.000? 50.000?

How many Ukrainians died in famine ordered by Stalin?
200.000? 5.000.000? 10.000.000?

Can you name at least one nation annihilated by relocation to another continent?

Who was the Hitler's greatest partner and friend in 1939-1940?

How many polish, lithuanian and ukrainian Jews fled to Germany-occupied territory after being "liberated" by the Red Army in 1939-1940? And why?

How many sailors were rescued from the Kursk submarine?
1? 100? 0?

Who was Col. Ryszard Kuklinski ("A Secret Life") and what happened to his children?

What did Anatoliy Golitsyn correctly predict about the future of Empire in his book "New Lies for Old" ?

For whom does Gerhard Schroeder, the former Chancellor of Germany presently work?

What did the fifth point of peace agreement proposed to Georgia by Sarkozy in August 2008 stipulate? What was the Germany's position then?

How would you relate the NATO's denial of membership to Georgia and Ukraine after meeting in Rumania, April 2008 to Russian invasion of those countries? What was Germany's position then and do you start to see the pattern?

During Warsaw Uprising in August/October 1944 the Russian Army stopped the offensive at the border of Warsaw, leaving the city to be bathed in blood (200.000 civilians murdered, trainloads of property stolen), then completely destroyed by the German Army. Russia also refused any airport access to Allied airplanes trying to drop supplies for the fighting Poles. The German Army reversed it's original plan to leave the city and fought/raped/robbed/murdered for 63 days. Is there still not a pattern?

Are those facts or just products of imagination to be discarded without provoking cognitive dissonance?

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Journal Journal: Greenpeace vigilance

Greenpeace is an vigilant organization.

So vigilant it had overlooked an entire sea, while busily fighting for ecologically insignificant part of a small river.

Google search for the keywords: greenpeace protest rospuda brought (2007.11.17) 13.800 links. Rospuda is a small river in Poland, in parts a natural reserve. A bridge was to be built above Rospuda in a place far from any natural reserves. The bridge would facilitate traffic along an overcrowded and dangerous route that connects Lithuania with the rest of Europe.

You didn't know Rospuda river? The vigilant knew, came, won and the construction has stopped.

Google search for the keywords: greenpeace protest nordstream brought (2007.11.17) 15 links. Nordstream is a joint venture between Russian state-owned company Gazprom (The former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder became a high-ranking employee of Gazprom within a month of his resignation as Chancellor) and German companies Wintershall AG and E.ON Ruhrgas. It was established to build a gas pipe directly from Russia to Germany along the bed of the Baltic Sea, bypassing E.U. member states Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The project, if completed, would constitute a major ecological threat to the Baltic sea. Sweden and other governments had already voiced their concern about the ecological safety of this project.

You did know where Baltic sea is. Mind showing it to the vigilant?

Who covers the Greenpeace's expenses? No, that can't have anything to do with the vigilance! Can't it?

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Journal Journal: PC Dictionary

Doubleplusgood! Dictionary

The Ministry of Truth doesn't exist of course and so far it's only ridicule awaiting those, who dare to disagree.

Idiot --> "Different"
German --> "Nazi" (For industrial-scale genocides only; for science and arts, still German)
Muscovite, later Soviet --> "Russian"
White --> "Caucasian"
Black --> "African"
Fat --> "Obese"
Critical of Israel --> "Antisemitic"
Invaders --> "Liberators" (As of Red Army in East Europe or US Army in Iraq)
Constitution --> "Reforming Treaty" (The founding act of European Reich)
Tradition --> "Backwardness"
Harm --> "Progress"
Exterminating Arabs --> "Peacemaking"
Zionist terrorism --> (no such term)
Fighting against Zionist terrorists --> "Terrorism"

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Journal Journal: Fame

What did Nobel understand that Kalashnikov didn't?
"Memento mori"

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