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Journal piotru's Journal: January 17th 1945

The official starting date of Soviet occupation of Warsaw. The Soviet troups entered what used to be Warsaw (for an idea, see Polanski's "Pianist"). Before they moved in, they spent half year just across the river witnessing the Warsaw Uprising, the genocide of 200.000 civilians by the heroic German troops, then the systematic destruction of the city, building by building also by heroic German troops on personal Hitler's order. After the dust settled and snow covered the desert that used to be Warsaw, the heroic Soviet troops finally resumed their struggle for Eternal Russia.
BTW, I am not sure if the Russians or Cambodians have ever beaten the record set by heroic German troops, which during only 5 days of tip-top physical form managed to murder 50.000 civilians in Wola Massacre, performing at the average of ten thousand people a day. They even managed to rape between work shifts. Chapeau to amminution suppliers of the German civilization.

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January 17th 1945

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