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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 80

Thank you for your explanation. Yes, I remember that last year's ad-hoc group meeting with P.M. Tusk. Although many people had objections as to the way that group's members were selected, the outcome has been positive.
Would it strain your kindness to ask where I can find any records from that last meeting, the information about how and when was it announced, who could participate etc.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 80

Could you please explain the part about blocking the Internet content please?
I am afraid that this was the main concern of the P.M. Tusk's government considering their persistent attempts at silencing and criminalizing the opposition.
Is there a chance that Internet filtering may become enforceable before the autumn elections?

Comment But please pay up your AGW overlords first, and (Score 0) 571

then you will be free to agree upon any next climate-change-prevention-by-throwing-money-at-new-religion scheme, OK?
Perhaps some helpful soul at a climate research center would whip up a model showing that rainbows increase the sunspot count, but only if taxed per view?
Oh, mod me down again, please. Happy Year Of Neverending Idiocies.

Comment Re:The viewpoint from two worlds (Score 1) 747

I do not agree. It is fair pay for a performance, as for a work of an actor in the theather.
Demanding recurrent payments for the record of a singular performance brings all sort of troubles, with policing (-->corruption of political process), taxation (device levies), inflated costs of entertainment industry products (I am not calling it "art") etc.

Also, I have troubles with the Orwellian transformation of the "pirate" from for-profit copier to anybody sharing the content.

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