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Journal piotru's Journal: Greenpeace vigilance

Greenpeace is an vigilant organization.

So vigilant it had overlooked an entire sea, while busily fighting for ecologically insignificant part of a small river.

Google search for the keywords: greenpeace protest rospuda brought (2007.11.17) 13.800 links. Rospuda is a small river in Poland, in parts a natural reserve. A bridge was to be built above Rospuda in a place far from any natural reserves. The bridge would facilitate traffic along an overcrowded and dangerous route that connects Lithuania with the rest of Europe.

You didn't know Rospuda river? The vigilant knew, came, won and the construction has stopped.

Google search for the keywords: greenpeace protest nordstream brought (2007.11.17) 15 links. Nordstream is a joint venture between Russian state-owned company Gazprom (The former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder became a high-ranking employee of Gazprom within a month of his resignation as Chancellor) and German companies Wintershall AG and E.ON Ruhrgas. It was established to build a gas pipe directly from Russia to Germany along the bed of the Baltic Sea, bypassing E.U. member states Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The project, if completed, would constitute a major ecological threat to the Baltic sea. Sweden and other governments had already voiced their concern about the ecological safety of this project.

You did know where Baltic sea is. Mind showing it to the vigilant?

Who covers the Greenpeace's expenses? No, that can't have anything to do with the vigilance! Can't it?

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Greenpeace vigilance

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