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Journal piotru's Journal: Tewje Bielski, Defiance, Daniel Craig and Naliboki massacre

"The murderers from Bielski's unit"

The author discusses accounts of witnesses of the Naliboki massacre (Naliboki in district Stolpce, Nowogrod area) and evidence from the archives. On May 8th 1943 the group of Soviet partisans assisted by Bielski's unit have killed 128 Polish civilians, inhabitants of Naliboki village.

Shame on you, Mr. Craig, another "useful idiot."

It is very sad fact, that in many cases the Jewish partisans have banded together with Soviet military agents operating within the territory of Poland in atrocities against ethnic Poles.
These parts of history were among the most hidden secrets of Communist regime. And now a murderer will be your hero. Bon appetit.

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Tewje Bielski, Defiance, Daniel Craig and Naliboki massacre

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