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Comment Forward-Backward Pistol (Score 1) 457

There is already an existing, better idea. I don't remember exactly where I saw it, but I think it was in a "Get Smart" episode or movie.

The forward-backward pistol looks like an ordinary pistol but it can fire either towards the front or towards the rear, depending upon which way the user pushes the trigger.

The trick is that it's counter-intuitive.

To fire forwards, you have to get your finger behind the trigger and push it forward. If you pull the trigger backward toward yourself, you shoot yourself.

Although it was hilarious seeing this pistol's peculiarity in a comedy sitcom, I admit that it may not be so hilarious from the viewpoint of a user under stress.

Comment A jury of their peers (Score 2, Interesting) 241

If they get a jury trial, every member of the jury should be required to hold at least a Master's degree in some form of engineering. That's the only way to ensure it's a jury of their peers.

If they just pull twelve random people off the street, their eyes will glaze over in about 30 seconds and they'll vote like they were in the audience of American Idol.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 3, Insightful) 815

Ladies and Gentlemen!

See here the man who is unaware of the existence of laptops! Yes, this sad specimen of a Slashdot poster actually believes that all computers have external speakers and amplifiers plugged into them at all times. The thought of using a laptop to play a funny YouTube clip during a break in a meeting has never occurred to this being! Fear him, and pity him!

Comment New Idea (Score -1, Troll) 81

How about they update the game ... it's so 20th century.

Instead of the boat, car and dog, the player tokens are now leading members of the Republican and Democratic parties.

You can no longer buy properties, but you can repossess them.

If you find you are running short of cash, and you are the biggest player, you can apply for a government bailout (because you are too big to fail), and all the other players have to repay a portion of your bailout for the next 100 years, every time they pass "Go".

The "chance" cards will be named "Bernies", and each one involves you giving vast sums of money to some shady person with a pronounced nose who doesn't work on Saturdays. But beware, because within the "Bernie" cards is the "go to jail for 135 years card".

The "community chest" cards will be named "Reforms", for example the "healthcare reform" card, where you have to pay even more taxes to subsidise people who aren't even playing the game.

We could call it Obamapoly ?


Combat Pilots May Get Viagra Screenshot-sm 5

Israel is considering giving its combat pilots Viagra to improve their performance in the air. A study by Israeli doctors of mountain climbers in Africa found a correlation between erectile dysfunction drugs and improved performance in high altitudes. It looks like this already tough job is about to get a lot harder.

Quarter of Brits Think Churchill Was Myth 3

Just so you don't think Americans are the only people who have no clue when it comes to their history, a recent survey found a fair number of British people believe that Churchill, Charles Dickens, and Mahatma Gandhi were fictional characters. Who made the "real people" list? Over half the people asked thought Sherlock Holmes was real. Many people were surprised to find out that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was not a documentary.

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