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Comment Re: Not to diminish the usefulness of the feature (Score 1) 153

I read somewhere (unable to find citation) where people studied big cats, and their yawning pattern. They noticed that they would all start yawning prior to heading out to hunt, and suspected that, like people have posted, it boosts alertness. It would be contagious because once the leader decided to go hunt, everyone else was obliged to join in and do the same. This is why people correlate contagious yawning with pack leadership.

I practice Tai Chi, and there's a series of warm-up exercises that involve opening the airways by raising the arms, while opening the mouth wide. It may be the power of suggestion, or a trick of conditioning (the body sees a pattern and predicts imminent exercise and starts pre-dosing adrenaline) but it always makes me feel much more alert, and regularly triggers a real yawn, despite being fully awake and rested.

Comment Re:Where are big pharma's recreational drugs? (Score 1) 416

What agency is likely to approve such a drug for recreational use? Who's got the time to develop and approve such a drug when everyone is screaming looking for the cure to deadly diseases?

"Hey guys, we know heart disease is a really serious problem, but we've just come up with this drug that makes you not care about that instead"

Comment Re:so....gamergate was right (Score 1) 81

There does seem to be some lack of ethics in *Advertising as usual*

I never buy games based on reviews. I buy them because Gaben tells me to.

Seriously though. Never pre-order a game. Never buy it on day 1. Always wait for review embargoes to drop, get player feedback, wait for a Steam Free Weekend. There's no need EVER to rely on any bit of information about any product that it told to you prior to its public release. Advertisers can NEVER be trusted, no matter what market they are operating in.

Comment Re:Password Generator (Score 1) 637

Use a password Algorithm.

Use the same PIN on every site
Add in something unique to the site
Add in some junk letters or a word

So slashdot could be: 12345/.story
while gmail could be 12345gmailstory

So as long as you remember your method for generating passwords, and the part that's unique to the site, then you can have unique passwords for everything. On the plus side, you can then simply write down the site specific part of your password on postits to your hearts content, since it is only part of the password.

The problem about passwords are whether they are 5$ wrench secure...

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