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Comment Re:My illusions have been shattered (Score 1) 282

I argued that the protest vote was more important, giving the example of France which is clearly pro-european yet shot down a european referendum to protest an unpopular government.

You argue that "many" brexit voters are closet racists because you label them so -- with no further proof than your opinion.

There is indeed an idiot here, but it's not me.

Comment Re:My illusions have been shattered (Score 1) 282

So all brexit voters are just racists that don't realise that they are racists... because you say that they are racists. That certainly makes everything clear.

France had it's own referendum on Europe in 1995 that was defeated by an even higher margin than for brexit. Not because the majority that voted no is racist, but exactly like for the brits as a protest vote against an unpopular government. The only difference is that Sarkozy overrode the referendum and agreed to the European Constitution anyway whereas Cameron folded like a dishrag.

Comment Re:My illusions have been shattered (Score 2) 282

That there are UK racists who voted for brexit but that does not mean that everyone who voted for brexit is a racist. Many who oppose racism voted brexit to protest the former government and/or because Corbyn, the current Labor head thinks that he has a better chance at becoming PM without the rest of the EEC socialists telling everyone he's daft.

Comment Re:It's the economy, stupid (Score 1) 164

So why bring it up, other than to attempt once again to paint your falsehoods as truths? What's rich is that the acuisition of German subs by Greece was something the _Greeks_ requested as an addition to their bill, not something the Germans were foisting unwanted upon the Greeks. Given how deep into debt the Greeks are, it's a hidden subsidy to HDW by the German government that will be forgiven and never repaid. Kockums should be complaining but you don't notice the Greeks or the Germans saying anything.

And again, the Greeks free capitol addicts did not get to take everyone's money to continue living beyond their means. Once they showed signs of kicking their free spending ways they received more loans. The only ressemblance to a loan shark is in the mind of those for whom thievery is justifiable.

Comment It's the economy, stupid (Score 1) 164

Ah so it is the submarines that were the biggest issue in the Greek debt crisis. Yup, that's what every meeting between the Greeks and the IMF/EEC spent the most time on which was reflected in the importance Submarines were given in newspaper headlines of the day where The Submarine Issue dominated economic reform...

That you think an argument as weak and easily provable as a minor detail as this is is important shows how poorly you understand the Greek crisis & the IMF. It does serve to clearly display (at least some of) your bias though.

Comment Re:Austerity (Score 1) 164

False dichotomy. I disagree with you so you attempt to use the most ridiculous comparison possible to attempt to justify your position.

No, my brother the drug addict, you may not take my rent money to pay for your habit, my children need a roof over their heads. I will give you money but only for rehab.

The Greeks had everything planned to refuse the IMF's conditions, exit the EEC and reintroduce the drachma but that wouldn't have reformed the greek economy nor changed their habit of not paying taxes. Greece's problems aren't the IMFs conditions, it's a declining economy, an omnivorous non-productive public sector and a bankrupt government.

I, like the IMF, & the USG think that the Greeks also need debt relief, but that's something the EEC will not give until the greeks finish implementing reforms.

Comment Re:Austerity (Score 1) 164

The IMF doesn't force it's way anywhere. However, if you ask the IMF to lend you money it doesn't lend good money after bad into a blind pit without conditions like reforming your economy and paying your taxes. Greece could have chosen to go without but even populist demagogues like Tsipiras recognise that the reforms are necessary to improve Greece's future.

Comment Re:Too Late :-( (Score 1) 135

Go tell your grandmother how to suck an egg, junior. I was a little young for sputnik but fell in love with space following Gemini and watched Armstrong as he first walked on the moon.

None of what you say invalidates my point: Johnson could have invested in space exploration but instead vastly augmented our presence and spending in 'Nam. Thus only the nearsighted can claim that Rs are the reason we aren't further along in space. The near constant "why spend on space when X needs to be solved here first" that hamstrings Nasa's budget isn't something that comes from the Rs either.

Both Rs & Ds are at fault & have helped so keep the political grandstanding out of it.

Comment Re:Assholes (Score 1) 440

Not really disagreeing with you, but arguing today that computers don't matter because they exist to serve us is in no way different from arguing 150 years ago that factories were no different than the cottage industries of the day that existed to spin wool and cotton into threads. Anyone arguing that they don't matter is massively missing the point of the societal transformations.

Comment Re:Assholes (Score 1) 440

Yeah, sure. I'm the fastest sprinter in the world! -- When I exclude everyone who runs faster than I do.

As an AC very correctly intuited, by excluding computers from championships they are not selecting for the best chess player but only the best human chess player. As computers can now reliably beat even the best human chess players, those that claim that "computers cannot outsmart humans" are living in the past.

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