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Comment Re:Tablets with Keyboards? (Score 1) 133

Ah so that's what Intel means when it says that it is literally decimating their workforce and reassigning everyone that used to work on Atom elsewhere. Thanks for explaining because without your explanations one would understand that Intel has decided to cut it's loss makers and reinforce their higher margin products while continuing just enough future products to avoid lawsuits from partners that were being abandoned. Without your inside knowledge that Intel plans ahead for more than 4 years, one would wrongly come to the conclusion from reading how many Intel clients and partners were wrongfooted by the shuttering of Atom and the layoffs that this hadn't been planned for years and years ago. I now await with bated breath the tidal wave of low priced Atom based products that will now push ARM from the dominance in tablets and smartphones that they now enjoy.

*rollseyes* indeed...

Comment Re:Slashvertisement (Score 1) 133

Nobody cares whether the Atom architecture is used in forthcoming processors or what they are called. The big change is that the Atom priced processors are going away and that Intel has laid off and/or reassigned everyone in Atom to higher priced processor teams so they aren't coming back. Microsoft will not be able to claim that Surface isn't all that much more expensive than ARM tablets when changing the processor to a goldmont or a bay trail or a cherry trail or a fairy trail doubles the price.

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