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Comment Re:Offer a rugged version with bonus battery life (Score 1) 329

I prefer to determine who's in the minority & who's not by taking a look at sales figures and looking at which companies survive year after year.

We've seen a number of cycles where companies that come into the market, undercut the others prices & then fall victim to the next entrant. It's not sustainable and a few months/years later support tanks. If you want to continue relying on these least expensive manufacturers, be my guest. It's not for me.

The ThickPhones and their accompanying belt holsters are no longer among us. Thin enough phones that you can put into a case if you desire or not if you don't & plug into an external battery when needed make up the vast majority of phones sold this decade.

But you go ahead and and refer to the best selling phones as paper thin phones because of course it's your opinion that determines who's in the minority.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 329

Apple/Samsung/... do market studies. The market studies show that very few people buy these phones that you need to put in a holster like we did 20 years ago.

If cases were more than a negligible market you'd think that Apple or Samsung would cut the market off with thicker phones. They haven't.

With all the claimants that Apple bought Beats & eliminated the Jack in some dark conspiracy to gyp buyers out of more money, you'd think that EVIL APPLE would also be doing the same thing to this (as you pretend) flourishing market for cases with Jacks. They haven't.

Comment Re:Exactly as predicted (Score 1) 329

Ahh, isn't 20-10 hindsight wonderful? Too bad your memory is going.

Ever used a teletype there junior? My first computer was a PDP-11 where you had to enter the boot code digitally with a front panel numeric keypad, My first connection to to the Arpanet was using a Multics account & I still have the special punch I used to use to turn single sided 8" & 5"1/4 floppies into double sided ones. "Us old folks..." Humbug!

Each of the migrations I mentioned was whined about exactly as being losing something irreplaceable:
Floppies: Zip drives are fragile and USB keys are too expensive! Whine, whine, whine...
Serial ports: But I don't WANT to have to carry around a usb-to-serial dongle! They get LOST and it's just NOT PRACTICAL! Whine, whine, whine...
Optical Drives: I deliver projects to my clients by writing them to a CD, install software using DVDs and watch Movies using the SuperDrive. NOTHING EXISTS that can do all of that for me today!!! Whine, whine, whine...


People that really care about the sound quality (like my professional musician friend) are already using external DACs. There are a range of prices available.

People who don't care will just plug the adapter into their existing earphones. Some will try Bluetooth and discover that it's good enough. Some will find Bluetooth too laggy or find the sound quality deplorable (& hopefully start pushing for better Bluetooth).

Some will buy cases with Jacks in them.

Whiners will pretend that their whining is proof of more than that their whining is self-reinforcing.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 329

Heh, OnePlus takes 6 months to a year to deploy upgrades

it can take a long time between the moment a new Android release is introduced and it being rolled out via software updates.

Take the OnePlus 2 for example. It launched a year ago with Android 5.0 Lollipop, just before Google released Android 6.0, but it wasn't until early June that it received a software update to Marshmallow. OnePlus X, which launched shortly after the OnePlus 2, only gets its Marshmallow treatment today.

Comment Re:Unused ports are a wasteful problem (Score 2) 329

The payoff for removing the jack isn't so much with this year's iPhone it's that it's preparing the way for next years design.

This year's iPhone7 doesn't have a TouchID "Button" any more. Pressing TouchID gives feedback using the new haptic engine which needed the space freed by the removal of the Jack. Next year's iPhone will, from what I've read, remove the residual touchID zone (but not TouchID function) so that the whole front if the future iPhone will be used for the screen & haptic feedback will be even more necessary.

Comment Re:Offer a rugged version with bonus battery life (Score 3, Interesting) 329

Apple & Samsung & everyone else have performed market studies that show that other than a nostalgic vocal few, not enough people would actually buy thicker phones to justify their development. The proof of this is that If the market for thick phones was as underserved as you pretend, sales of thicker phones and these thick, reinforced battery pack cases for todays thinner phones would be a significant percentage of all smartphone buyers. This isn't the case and battery cases & external batteries exist for those who need them and suffice for almost everyone.

Comment Re:The Refueling Tanker makes no sense (Score 1) 201

if you rely on your rocket engines entirely to decelerate (as the video clearly shows)

You clearly haven't understood how Space-X plans to decelerate both stages of the ICT. The 1st stage will use atmospheric resistance just like the Falcon 9 does and the video clearly shows the ICT 2nd stage using atmospheric drag from 3:40 to 3:45 before moving on to terminal rocket deceleration.

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