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Comment This is a fact of life for us older developers (Score 1) 194

I agree that it is BS on many levels, but it is what it is... an old story. This is the case for most older workers.

I personally am positioning myself for the inevitable. Learn and actually use some new skills, have a decent work portfolio, learn some soft skills like public speaking, and so on. Pay off all debts, and saving my ass off... basically making hay while the sun shines so when that axes comes it won't be a catastrophe, and be able make do with a lower paying job.

Comment Re:Ageism is the last refuge of incompetent whippe (Score 1) 561

Clearly you overlooked the fact that the system in question worked well enough to stay in production for about 20 years.

Now, hard coded anything is bad, even back then it was poor practice. A proper code review in 1997 would have generated the same criticism.

So you "refactored" something to not have hard coded values... wonderful. As you should. But did you stand up the system from scratch? When we come back in 20 years will we see YOUR work in production... or will it be a cleaned up version of the original developers work?

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