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Comment On the road? (Score 1) 446

It's not just that. Downloading huge updates while connected to a big internet pipe is one thing, but I travel a lot and I can tell you that hotel internet speeds in many countries are just not good enough for massive downloads. How the f*** are you supposed to use Windows 10 while on the road? How often do these high priority updates come out, and what is their average size?

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 446

Interestingly, if you do that long enough, Windows Update breaks completely. On none of my machines I can now run WU, no matter how long I leave it on (days!) the "scanning for updates" process never completes. I've tried a whole bunch of helpful suggestions from the internet on how to fix this, but so far nothing...

Comment Why does Nintendo even bother with hardware? (Score 1) 107

It's a serious question. Sure, if they decide to bring their software to other PS4, XBox, and Steam, they'll have to pay Sony, Microsoft, and Valve a cut. But their target market increases massively, and they can drop the whole hardware development side of things, which must also be costing them an absolute fortune. And surely a party as large as Nintendo can have a better deal than a small developer can get from the big boys...

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 4, Insightful) 119

"The UNIX way" was to have multiple, not quite compatible, complete operating systems from multiple vendors such as HPUX, Solaris, IRIX, etc. Porting your software between those was a considerable effort, and in fact a whole standardisation body (posix) has sprung up around efforts to make those systems at least nominally compatible. And in later years, the Linux way was quite similar, with LSB attempting to keep distributions at least nominally compatible with each other, but the effort of porting an application from one distribution to another still going by the name of "porting".

I have no idea in which dimension your UNIX way happened, but it wasn't this one.

Comment I call BS (Score 1) 119

When I pass through border control they cannot even get my fingerprints when I'm touching the glass. And now a blurry mobile phone would be able to do better from several meters away?

I guess the next warning will be to always wear gloves, otherwise you will be leaving a trail of fingerprints everywhere you go...

Comment Can you turn it off? (Score 2) 172

Or is this another mandatory feature? Because I totally hate it when my screen locks every five seconds. I can decide on my own whether an environment is safe for leaving my screen unlocked or not.

Normally I wouldn't worry about something like this, but this is Microsoft we are talking about. They think they know my situation so much better than I do, they need to make this choice for me.

Comment Re:Isaac Asimov solved this decades ago (Score 1) 74

If you actually read his books, you would know quite a few feature clever ways those laws can be broken or worked around. I'd start by defining what constitutes a "human being". Oh, and add that pesky zeroeth law, which basically says "the good of the many outweighs the good of the few".

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