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Comment Re:Passwords exist (Score 1) 90

Passwords suck. Even with SSO, even with a password manager, even with salting and hashing, passwords suck, and will always suck.

You need an authentication token. *One* authentication token. Microsoft can do it, Google can do it, Facebook can do it (but of course they are not compatible).

Millions of little websites still use passwords.

And then Microsoft makes use of Windows 10 (or compatible Windows Phone devices) mandatory for their SSO. Google randomly decides to just drop the whole SSO business. Facebook suspends your account because some asshole from Brazil has complained about one of your holiday snaps. What now? Will you just rebuild your whole online identity? Or forget about the dozens of sites you were participating in?

Comment Re:what's the exposure time? (Score 0) 111

You should also check _where_ all that air pollution is located. Much of it is apparently in the Sahara, which is an uninhabited desert without people or cars or factories. If the Sahara is suffering from pollution, then I think we can safely say that pollution is a natural feature of our world, and we shouldn't be complaining about it.

Comment Re:Does it.. (Score 1) 129

Does it come with a real menu bar with file, edit and other proper menus? Or do I have to play "hunt the secret glyph" to unlock a menu?

It has never not done that. Just right-click... in the right spot... and select "menu bar" - and there it is again. The right spot may be tough to find though. The plus-sign next to the tabs works, at least.

I do agree completely that it should never have been hidden to begin with.

Comment Re:As easy as talking English (Score 2) 241

I found the following example on wikipedia:

    repeat ten times

        put "Hello world at" && the long time & return after field 1

        wait 1 second

    end repeat

So what does this magical natural language-based language do? It uses the same keywords you find in other languages ("repeat", "end repeat"), it still requires quotes around quoted text, it still uses weird symbols ("&&" and "&"), and no doubt there are still significant restrictions on language structure because otherwise it would not be parseable without ambiguity. In other words, it is like every other computer language out there, except perhaps slightly more verbose in places because most other computer languages have done away with sticking "the" in front of nouns.

Comment Re:and before too long.. (Score 3, Interesting) 400

Those people are being taken care of. What makes you believe anyone will be taking care of you? The unwanted and undesired live like rats. Visit any place in the third world to see the truth of that. You're future isn't WALL-E, it's this:

If you want to avoid that, maybe it's time to start manufacturing stuff at home again, instead of farming all of that work out to China.

Comment Re:Break what deadlock? (Score 2) 199

It will allow ISPs to provide financial incentive to users, and that would be the end of internet as we know it. Instead of access to the entire internet you might see specialty packages that are cheaper and only offer access to specific services (facebook, youtube, and some messenger service maybe) while everything else is deprioritized to the point where it might as well not exist. Instead of everyone being his own voice on the net, all of a sudden the internet has become like television, with the providers determining what we can see and what we cannot see. Do you, as a content provider, want to be on the preferred channel list? No problemo, it's very cheap! So internet providers will have to provide less service, and get paid by both their customers and the service providers.

Instead of being an open medium where everyone can speak and have his voice heard, internet will become a walled garden owned by a few large companies. And while that's certainly the wet dream of a lot of companies (endless income!) and governments (no more free speech! or at least, not where anyone can hear it), it would be major bad news for us, the citizens of planet Earth.

Comment Stop this, it's getting ridiculous (Score 1) 308

This line of stories where any kind of physical access to a device can be abused in an unexpected and incredibly convoluted way is completely out of control. Hey guys! If you discharge a big capacitor into sensitive electronics IT BREAKS! WOW! HEADLINE!

So let's say manufacturers, shaken awake by this completely unexpected use of their devices, now protect their electronics from this attack. Next year: "Hey guys! If you stick a 240V line directly into your USB port IT BREAKS! WOW! HEADLINE!"

So they fix that too, although I couldn't imagine why they'd want to. The year after: "Hey guys! If you fly a metal object on a metal wire during a thunderstorm and link the metal wire directly into your USB port IT BREAKS! WOW! HEADLINE!"

Like I said, it is getting ridiculous. Just like all those completely pointless side-channel attacks. Why, yes, if you stand next to a 3D printer, you _can_ in fact listen to it and presumably get some vague idea of what's being printed. Or you can just, you know, look at the damn device you are standing right next to. So this attack is great news for all spies who have physical access to sensitive 3D printers that are covered by blankets - and of not much use, or concern, to everyone else.

Stop it already with the silly fear mongering. Side channel attacks that require access that would allow a far more direct attack to take place are completely pointless, and need not be reported on (or maybe we can have a summary topic every year, a "best of the stupidest" kind of thing). And discharging big capacitors tends to destroy electronics. It's not "news for nerds" and it is not "stuff that matters". But maybe this site is now "slashdot: clickbait for nerds and stuff that sounds good but has no substance whatsoever"...

Comment Re:I don't like QT (Score 1) 38

As I wrote below, I remember seeing documentation with specific functions for each type of control, suggesting very much they were all completely unrelated.

And you could at least get rid of namespace qualifiers with a few 'using' declarations...

Comment Re:I don't like QT (Score 1) 38

I distinctly remember seeing a long list of member functions: add_button, add_checkbox, add_string_widget - one for each type of control in QT. You'd think those would all qualify as "controls", and therefore work with a single add_control function that leverages the power of inheritance. I can't find it now; maybe it was in an older version.

And don't give me crap about " good software design". A button is-a control (it doesn't have-a control), and that is an inheritance relation, not a composition relation.

Comment I don't like QT (Score 1, Troll) 38

I'm sorry, but I really don't like QT. It's not C++ - they have their own little language that compiles to C++ using an external compiler. It has crappy alternatives for everything in STL that work just slightly different but not any better. It has copy-on-write. It doesn't use inheritance, but gives you endless lists of almost-identical function calls (all those functions to add controls, for example). And that stupid Q everywhere you look is just painful.

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