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Comment Chose Linux support over PSN (Score 3, Insightful) 171

Too bad I no longer have access to PSN since I refused to install the update that would have removed Linux support from my console, so I won't be able to use this premium subscription. Maybe I'm cynical, but I read "nothing planned will impact the service’s current free aspects" as "of course, any NEW multiplayer games you buy will be subject to the new 'premium' requirement to play online"... Sony does have a documented history of promising one thing and then doing exactly the opposite.

Comment Re:Shadow of the Colossus (Score 1) 733

Let's keep in mind the following timeline:
"Space Wars" came out in 1977, that's only 33 years ago.
The Lumiere brothers made "Train Pulling Into A Station" in 1895.
that's 115 years ago.

Now, Roger, you of all people know your film history, and the kind of films that were being made about 33 years after film was invented. Do you really want to say that: "The Loves of Ricardo" and "Kling, Klang Gloria", and were 'art' and "Shadow of the Colossus" and "Bioshock" are not?

Hey Roger, your biggest, and only, contribution to film making was writing "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" and you don't think that "Okami" is art?

Sorry... fail.

Comment Who? (Score 1) 405

Who am I?

Before the purchase?
I am the customer... and the customer is always right, amirite?
It is their job to make me satisfied with the sale I am about to commit to.

And after the purchase?
I am the owner... and who is Apple to tell me what’s best for my devices?
They’re just the manufacturer, and all the more say that the manufacturer gets is to print out nice full-colour manuals, instructional booklets, and quick start guides that I won’t ever read (step 1: open box, remove this instruction sheet from its protective sleeve).

Who am I, indeed!

Comment Re:Would you rather have completely unsupported HW (Score 1) 151

I have to agree with the other responders: don't buy at Best Buy! You're just getting ripped off. Go home, and shop on (or, or many others). The prices are much lower, there's customer reviews so you can see what other people say about the product or if there's common problems, and you probably won't have to pay sales tax which should make up for any shipping charges.

Comment Re:Correlation, implication, causation etc. (Score 1) 292


Is that because drawing a picture of a a sexual act involving a person under the age of consent displays the intent to own a real image of a person who is under the age of consent, which in turn displays an intent to engage in a sexual act with a person under... Oh, wait, actually doing it would be legal.

Why is this illegal again?

Comment If you don't like the game, change the rules? (Score 1) 238

The problem here is not that they are doing this, but that they are doing this NOW.

RHEL was pay-to-update from day one. Everyone considering RHEL knew this and could decide whether that was what they wanted to go with.

The difference here is that users who have been using Solaris for years and making do with critical updates are now unable to keep their systems secure.

Oracle is changing the rules of the game in mid-stream. That is where the problem is.

Were they to come out with Solaris 11 and proclaim THEN that security updates to THAT version of the OS would be pay-to-play, then that would be fine.

What isn't fine is yanking the rug out from under people. Especially in this economy.

I think this is a fine example of why users should be wary of freeware. (Not to be confused with open source). Sooner or later, you pay for what you get.

Comment Pirates don't become legitimate users (Score 1) 1027

You just make one mistake here: You think you can turn all pirates into legitimate users. Or at least more pirates into legitimate users then you have turned users into no no-users. The danger is draconian DRM might mean less sales.

For example I stopped using Amazon all together because of DRM and territorial restrictions on eBooks. That is not only won't I buy eBooks - I am not buying anything there any more.

Again 0% piracy does not mean your DRM was a success.

Comment It Just Hit Me! (Score 1) 1027

Somewhere along the line, publishers got confused!

Marketing Strategist: "Well, its a form of piracy prevention, see? We proliferate our "cracked" copy through the piracy channels, effectively shipping it with a trojan. When the pirate runs it, we have the malware phone home and ta-da, we remotely render their copy useless."

Boss: "So you're saying we can prevent paying customers from enjoying their product and spy on them? Ship it!"

Strategist: "But..."

Comment Re:In-home Reprimand (Score 4, Insightful) 364

We're squeamish about oral sex (i.e. talking publicly about it). This leaves kids participating in sexual activity blindly (OK. Adults too). Lack of knowledge doesn't mean lack of action, just lack of intelligent action.

Unfortunately, some people seem to think that lack of training about the issues around sex will discourage kids from participation in sex that has been the norm since long before we understood enough to talk about (or, for that matter, even had language to talk about it). It's a process that only works for people who confuse belief and hope with reality.

I think that this explains why some of these same people confuse things like fantasy gaming with real devil worship. ..... and it explains why states that have the most restrictions about sex education also tend to have the most STDs and teen pregnancies.

Comment Re:Fly-by-wireless-link for the win! (Score 1) 522

Oh come on... It's better than any other war in history that was fought with weapons that go BOOM from far distances. There will always be collateral damage in wars, there is no perfect solution or answer. We have increased the amount of money to kill one enemy immensely so that we can minimize CD and that should be see as a huge step forward.

For those against the war in Afghanistan I always love to hear what other options we had or have.

Comment Re:book review on .8 version? (Score 1) 45

Normally 1.0 implies that all features they expect/want to have in the "final version" of the product are present.

The question is, which features do you decide are going to be in "version 1.0" and what goes in "version 2.0"? I think a lot of OSS developers have a vision of what their project will eventually become, and those features all need to work and be stable before it'll be "1.0".

More commercially-focused developers may have a list of things they want in a "final" product, but then cull it down to a manageable subset and have that be the "1.0" release. And others might just develop until they run out of money, and then call whatever they've got "1.0".

I don't think it's anything to do with spinelessness; simply that if a program doesn't include all the expected features, then it's not "1.0". And the developers are the ones that decide which features are "expected"; it may still be a plenty useful program without them, but it's still "not finished".

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