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Comment Re:I like how this is just now a problem (Score 1) 166

... death panels ...

Wow there really is no conspiracy so nutso you won't fall for it. Also, jet fuel can't melt steel beams, but the power sources used by the Lizard-men can.

Can you provide me a link now which is utterly unrelated to the pint you're trying to prove? Pretty please?

Comment mod parent down (Score 1) 166

Parent post is not insightful, apart perhaps from offering insight into the mind of someone deeply confused.

He has confused (intentionally?) and conflated a whole bunch of different things from "alarmists" which presumably is almost exclusively related to the popular media and scientists which are the people he accuses of not releasing data. He then goes on to use economic predictions to dismiss the underlying science. That's not insight, that's desperately confused reasoning.

And finally, of course the entire thing is predicated on the false claim that scientists haven't released data or models. They have, the parent is just too lazy to find and use them.

Comment The reasons I read /. for sure are changing (Score 1) 166

Years ago, I came here for insightful and informative exchange of arguments on a topic.Not that long ago, it was for witty and cynical but still topic commentary.

Today, all I come for is to watch the entertaining, ballistic mud slinging of Trump supporters and opponents. Independent of topic. But climate change themes sure add another layer of vitriol to it.

In movie terms, I came for the documentaries, stayed for the mocumentaries and now I'm here for the Michael Bay popcorn flick. I used to care about the story, but today, all I watch are the explosions, whether there is a script anymore or not isn't important, I'm just here to watch the pretty pictures and don't give a shit about the content anymore.

Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 2) 166

The history of greenhouse effect theory is interesting and well worth reading up on. It was first raised as a possibility in the 1890s, but rejected quickly based on two erroneous beliefs: (1) that the oceans would rapidly absorb any increase in atmospheric CO2 and (2) that the absorption spectra of water vapor and CO2 mostly overlapped. Together these implied that CO2 could not increase in the atmosphere, and even if it did it could not capture any heat that water vapor wouldn't have anyway.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the story, which Wikipedia does a pretty good job of summarizing. I highly recommend reading that article.

Comment Re:Stop quotng our facts to prove your point (Score 1) 166

Northern Hemisphere temperatures have plummeted in the last six months proving global warming is fake news.

And, given that there is far more land mass in the northern hemisphere it seems obvious that global temperatures have plummeted also.

Who wants to be the one to break it to him?

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