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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 146

There is a case where an "undefined language condition" caused a C++ program to destroy a computer. (Well, such was reported in, I believe, "Effective Modern C++", though without sufficient data to track down the actual case.)

Given that, there's nothing unreasonable in saying your computer was destroyed by an MSWindows "upgrade". I don't know that it's true, but it isn't intrinsically unreasonable. More likely, the system could consume so much disk space that a complete version couldn't be written to disk, resulting in an unbootable system. In that case a geek could retrieve any data that wasn't overwritten by the installer. Now whether the user data *would* be overwritten by the installer I can't say. I expect you could probably recover any non-encrypted data by mounting the disk in another computer...but if the partition were encrypted (does mswindows do that?) then it might well be irrecoverable. Or if it were a RAID setup. (Again my ignorance of MSWindows is showing.)

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 116

2014 called -

Forget Makerbot - did you warn them about the Paris attacks? The Ankara bombings? The Metrojet bombing? Did you tell them to have Robin Williams visit a psychiatrist? Did you tell them to have Carrie Fisher visit a cardiologist? Did you have them warn Ukraine not to underestimate Russia in Donbass? Did you tell Germanwings to up their game on psych evals? Did you tell them to teach Podesta basic email security? Did you tell about Brexit? Did you warn them about Trump? Did you have anyone tell Clinton that she'll be best known for email servers and a conspiracy theory about a pizza parlor's occult child pornography dungeon? Did you warn Bowling Green about the horrific terror attack, and the cruel irony that people will forget about it?

Comment Re: Nope (Score 2) 116

Is it really that expensive? I know some people who had run a small startup automaker that raised 30-something million. They were about 3 months out from first commercial deliveries (having made a couple dozen prototypes to various degrees, ranging from empty shells to full builds), with about $10m still left in the bank - when the board decided to bring on a guy from Detroit (Paul Wilbur, the guy responsible for the Chevy SSR, and a bunch of other train-wrecks-in-car-form), who then proceeded to run the company into the ground.

Are aircraft that much more expensive than cars, that you can't even build a demonstrator for that kind of money? To be fair, the automaker's vehicle was technically classified as a motorcycle, so their regulations weren't as onerous as for most cars (but they still did full crash and crush tests anyway, voluntarily). But, I mean, they just churned out prototypes one after the next.

Comment Re: Uh, why? (Score 1) 165

If you think Vista was bad you're not old enough to remember NT 4.0.

I remember the sound system crashing on my Vista laptop, sending a horrible, unstoppable screeching through the speakers. Basically it was an audio snow crash. Yet everything else worked normally; I was able to save my work and shut the system down. And I remember thinking, "that was horrible, but so much less horrible than it could have been."

Comment Re: Elite (Score 2) 144

Hardly a household name. Sure I have heard of them, but the Special Air Service and Scandinavian Airlines are much better known and thought of first.
A quick check with google returns results in the same order.

Yes, but this is Slashdot, a site for people who know at least the fundamentals of the IT industry.

Comment Re:PERSECUTION (Score 0) 61

I ask you something: Imagine me coming into your church and telling everyone about the advantages of buttfucking and how your imaginary buddy is an imagination, using the bible to show you that most of it is bullshit. Will I be allowed to speak? Or will I be shown the door?

Nobody cares whether you're Christian. Basically, for all I care, believe in Zeus or Ra or both of them at the same time. Just one thing: Don't get on my fucking nerves and keep your delusion to yourself.

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