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Comment Re:Wait who's computer is it again? (Score 1) 162

He's still got $MegaBillions of Microsoft stock (which I'm sure he doens';t wanna see get devauled) but you're right he probably is little more than just the biggest shareholder now. Apparently he still is, even though he's been offloading MS stock for years. He's just doing it slow enough to not damage the market value for it. I guess he knows something we don't.

Comment Re:Wait who's computer is it again? (Score 1) 162

>> As a videogame developer, for starters, Windows is my primary market.

Don't you game developers realise that YOU'RE the ones making a rod for your own back here?

Seriously the way most of you continue to not also make Linux versions of your product leaves me with little sympathy for when y'all whine about windows.

If not for my gaming addiction, I wouldn't even have a Windows partition. I already do everything else under Linux. I've been hoping for for decades (literally) for game developers to finally get a clue so I can totally delete windows off my PC but noooooo....

Comment Re:A Bad Day for 65,844,954 Americans (Score 1) 1453

>> cause you sure aint living in reality.

get a clue.

  Obama Takes Office leaves Office
Natiional Debt $10.6Trillion $20 Trillion
Debt per citizen $31k $61,340
Labor force participation rate 65.8% 62.8%
Home ownership rate 67.3% 63.5%
Real Median Household income $57,744 $54,045
Avg family health plan $12,680 $18,142
Tax to benefits ratio 60%
# of Food stamp dependents 32 Million 43.6 Million
Persons living in Poverty 38 Million 45 Million

Comment Re:Microsoft is leaning itself out (Score 1) 157

>> I expect Microsoft is going to be like IBM dropping its consumer products

We can only hope. The moment that AAA games developers finally end their windows exclusivity and take Linux seriously I'll be formatting my Windows partition, since I only use it for gaming and already do everything else under Linux. Been saying that for decades now though.

Comment Re:Microsoft is leaning itself out (Score 1) 157

There is the business services unit that I still see very active.
I expect Microsoft is going to be like IBM dropping its consumer products and focus more on B2B products and relationships.
End use technology is really too cheap to focus software for.
Back when a good PC cost 2k. Putting an extra couple hundred bucks for OS and software was normal.
Today with PCs under $500 and will last you 6-10 years before going out of date means conserned are not willing to invest software on such a cheap system.

Comment I still say... (Score 1) 89

If you want to know what will happen, at the 6 month mark you have to tell them that the trajectory for mars orbit insertion is too dangerous, and they will need to take the free-return trip which is 18 months back, and the rationing of supplies and provisions has to start immediately. After they eat the second person, you tell the reaming crew that the Mars gravity assist was not completely successful and, while we're doing what we can to create a rendezvous rescue mission, there'a a 75% chance that they will miss Earth gravity capture on the return leg by more than the allowable and their trajectory following the miss will take them just beyond Venus' orbit, but that they will have to ensure excessive heat and will die slowly as they cook in the capsule.

Comment Re:They know we're all going to cancel, right? (Score 2) 25

That's why my payment method was a gift card with just enough on it to get the first three months. They can charge that card number all they want, but they're not getting another dime out of it. Nearly-used-up gift cards are great for Netflix and Hulu trials, too.

Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1453

While not a Trump supporter. There is reward in taking risks. People who are successful in their tasks do fail often, and often fail big.

However for government. There are some things where failure is too horrible to deal with, so such a risky behavior at a sacrifice of getting the big success will prevent such a horrible failure.

But there are some aspects in government where Risks can be safely enough made, where a failure could be recovered, and success could lead to a big success. Many politicians try to keep their actions safe.

Comment Re:you think a billionaire is dependent on $500? (Score 1) 1453

There is a psychological aspect about receiving gifts. Even offering the person a bottle of water. If they receive the gift. It will get their guard down a little bit, and feel thankful and more willing to reciprocate a favor. Even if that is listening to the person for an extra minute where they may have that extra time to convince you.

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