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Comment Re:akin to.... (Score 1) 109

>> I guess they don't have any booths in Europe?

Obviously I'm generalising and this is all my experience, but they're really pretty uncommon especially in nicer restaurants. You see them a lot more in pubs and (mostly American/American-influenced) fast food chains though.

Exceptions are obviously made when serving from the left is not practical, but in most restaurants and when it is practical, it's usually done.

Comment SBU is not what you think it is. (Score 4, Insightful) 121

from here:

"The SBU wires are lower speed signal wires that is allocated for Alternate Mode use only. USB Power Delivery is required for Alternate Mode negotiation before these pins may be used for any purpose".

Doesn't sound like headphone power-level or analog to me.

Comment Re:akin to.... (Score 1) 109

Sure its faster when you finally get to the table but that time saving is lost waiting for the table. Thats another wierd US thing, the belief by businesses that its OK to keep people on hold on the phone forever (due to unusuaslly high call volume) or waiting in the entryway for 30 minutes before you even get answered/seated. I bet you never had to wait 30 minutes to get a table in Italy.

Comment Re:akin to.... (Score 1) 109

Is it considered polite/acceptable in the USA for the waiter to pass plates over, or reach across the table/other people's food? It isn't in the EU.
There, waiters are taught to ALWAYS serve from the diners left side, and that the best kind of service is so discreet that the diner didn't even notice it happened. Truly good waiters take pride in turning that into an art form.

Comment akin to.... (Score 5, Interesting) 109

It must be a uniquely American thing to equate massive levels of attention with good service. As a Brit now living in the US, all the unwanted interruptions you get when you're just trying to enjoy a slow, peaceful restaurant meal really took some getting used to.

I swear servers actually wait for you to fill your mouth before they comes over and ask "Is everything OK" every 30 seconds.... and whats with the rush to clear plates from the table? especially even before everyone at the table has finished eating? That's considered the height of bad manners in pretty much every other country I've ever lived in or visited.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 484

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. They make out like bandits because they reprogram 3rd party parts (transmissons etc) explicitly to make sure they can't be replaced by an otherwise identical part bought direct from the 3rd party manufactuer, then their dealers can and do charge like 3x the actual cost for the same thing and pocket the difference.

Comment Re:They could easily fix it but they dont want to (Score 1) 249

You're falling into the same broken thinking that the cable companies are doing, and assuming the number of subscribers will remain constant if they do nothing, which is clearly false.

$3*n can be more profitable than $10*n, because the value of n will be different in each case.

There is nothing so special about cable TV channels that they should get protection from free market economics. As far as I'm concerned if a channel has no subscribers then it deserves to die. Per your example, IMHO the less crappy evangelist channels we have the better. For me personally the ideal would be zero, but I get that others may not agree. Let them pay for those channels, not me.

Comment They could easily fix it but they dont want to (Score 5, Insightful) 249

If they let people only pay for the channels they want rather than force them to buy a whole package of useless crap, far fewer people would be cutting the cable.
The cable companies have known for years that people want this, but they remain too greedy/arrogant to provide what their own customers actually want, so the market is rightfully killing them off.
At some point they will finally be forced to deal with their own egos just to survive, but by then it will already be way too late for them, because most of their market share will have already moved to other sources such as Netflix, Amazon etc. that already do a much better job of meeting individual needs affordably.

Comment Comey WTF (Score 1) 448

Its beyond obvious that Comey is Hillary's stooge. Not only from his conclusions into her investigation but when you dig into the other ties between them.
I can't believe how anyone is continuing to take him seriously on anything, especially anything to do with Hillary.
Come to that, I can't believe how he's still employed and continuing to avoid his own prison stretch.

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