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Comment Its irrelevant these days (Score 1) 373

Its irrelevant these days, since commercial programming is no longer an art.
Programming used to be an art. Art implies using innate skill to create something intrisically elegant/beautiful and mostly intended to be around for a while. Since this book was written, most institutions have done all they can to remove all creativity from programming, turn it into a braindead dumbed down repeatable process so companies can get away with hiring even the cheapest most clueless people to write software. Ive seen time and time again that there is no reward or recognition for writing elegant, stable code.
All the rewards/recognition goes to those who bodge together a quick unstable hack not suitable to be maintained or to last longer than the 10 minutes required to convince the boss to check the "done" box. They move on after blowing their own trumpet and leaving a "TODO: rewrite this" comment for other more careful people to find and repair their damage. But the managers don't see that part.

Comment Re:There is only fake news (Score 1) 356

I totally agree. Since its inception the BBC have been fastidiously impartial in their reporting, however times have changed and I was disgusted to see how BBC America were so blatantly pro-Hillary, and also how they now allow/encourage their news presenters to make personal off-hand observations on stories thay are reporting. Consequently we now get Katty Kay et al. using BBC America as their personal media channel to push their radical feminist and political views.

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