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Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 69

Thats awesome, both because he taught that parasite a lesson he won't soon forget, and because they didn't arrest your flatmate.
In states that respect freedom like here in AZ, we can pretty much just shoot the fuckers like the vermin they are, but in liberal states like Californistan, if you defend yourself or your property there's a more than equal chance that it will actually be you not the burglar that will be arrested/punished.
BTW I'm guessing you must be a Brit like me (originally at least) since you mentioned "QC".

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 2) 69

Yeah. If you live in a state that hasn't already taken your 2nd amendment rights away, Its definitely worth being properly prepared (both informed and equipped) to handle such incidents.
The reality is that you may only have seconds to defend yourself. Expecting the Police to always be there to defend you is naive at best.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 69

It seems to be the same in the the USA (Arizona at least). The police seem to view burglary as an unavoidable fact of life, and burglars seem to never get caught and even if they are, hardly prosecuted (presumably because most of them are actually druggies that just need to steal something to sell, in order to get their next fix).

In many cases the cops won't even make an effort to come out even if your alarm is going off, especially if they think your insurance will cover it,

Comment Re:Why I wait before buying.. (Score 2) 112

>> Sure, I could buy something that would last us maybe 20-25 years at best

It seems to me that even expensive furniture (at least in the US) is made with well-disguised cheapest possible materials such as composites and laminates, so actually only good for about 10 years at most.

Comment Re:Why I wait before buying.. (Score 1) 112

I can only talk about mine. It was the quad carb (ie. not even injected) version and always started almost immediately even after weeks of not starting it, and it literally never had any mechanical problems in maybe 5 years of owning it. That said you don't normally use a car like that as an everyday driver either (although i did for a while), so it only had like 70k miles on it when I sold it.

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