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Comment I'd like my receipt please. (Score 1) 236

Voting needs to give you a receipt. That receipt would have a hash encoded number that you could then compare to a publicly available vote count and verify that your vote was counted correctly. As simple as a .gov website with SSL that allows me to either download the entire data count or to enter a hash key and see the resulting voting.

It seems ridiculously simple to me. You can verify your own vote and tally all the votes yourself to ensure that the totals are accurate.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 102

This is chess rating algorithm. The goal is to predict given a matchup between two players with known histories how they will likely fare in a game or series of games against each other. Elo is the standard rating system and has been for some time. These algorithms are improvements on that. So they predict better who will win. They have nothing to do with playing actual chess. So the Turk is irrelevant to this discussion (aside from the not minor issue that the operator has been dead for some time.)

You don't understand, the winning system is using a midget to guess the outcomes.

Comment Who Faces the Facebook? (Score 1) 302

My brother recently was convicted of bank robbery. He's currently in prison serving his sentence. His life is a sad story, but that's not why I'm posting this.

The reason I'm posting this is because he has access to Facebook.

So ask yourself, "Why would the federal prison system allow inmates to us a social networking system?"

The paranoid answers are more terrifying than I care to entertain, but the most obvious answer would be that they don't fear Facebook. That implies that they can monitor it... that the federal government has access to the information being stored in Facebook and more importantly wants inmates to show their connections and to possibly implicate others through the system.

What government in the world wouldn't want access to the information that Facebook has? Social networks at your fingertips? Messages that can be filtered for problematic content?

Anyone who seriously entertains the idea that Facebook has not bowed down before the government information community is deluding themselves.

Expect Facebook to continue to make headlines with possible privacy issues with advertisers while privately giving its information away to the government.

Comment Re:I'm wondering if it degrades. (Score 1) 632

It's called Uncyclopedia.


"Blaraka Hussein Obama bin Laden (pronounced Bárockus Obomus) (born Baruch Seamus O'Bama to an Irish Catholic family in County Cork) won the 2008 presidential election in a historical milestone becoming the 44th half-white man elected to office. He is a well known terrorist who claims his god "Oprah" is commanding him to destroy America. He started out as the young shiningly optimistic upstart United States Senator from Illinois that went out to shake up Washington and change the system and the world for a brighter and better tomorrow. He is also not a Muslim (But even if he was a Muslim, speaking hypothetically of course, it would be just fine) . In 2008, Obama became the first African American (his dad was from Africa and his dad's baby mama came from America) to be president of the NRA and not be lynched by an angry mob in white robes holding torches, so you know he's one of the good ones. He brings hope and change and you know we can do it. By taking down the man, Barack will set the lower class working people free from economic oppression."

Comment So keep your claims of "it's finished, dummies" (Score 1) 632

When the Chinese writer wants to contribute about Heilongjiang, I'll be right there supporting them. But it's not going to be anyone who's been with Wikipedia all this time. Those people have already written everything they know. The original post is about the current editors leaving. It's finished for them.

Now figure out a way to get Jing Gu to write about Heilongjiang.

Comment Big News is already dead. (Score 1) 468

Last week my subway stop was closed. All around it were reporters desperately trying to get the story, but no one knew anything. A Brooklyn forum posted a thread about the death of two people and the subway outage. The forum had the news at least 4-8 hours before it was reported by a news agency (and they were getting it wrong.)

So the lesson is clear. People write better news than "The News" does. Murdoch wants to delist. He's already delisted. I don't read news from his sources. Blogs and Forums have much better news and are way better fact checked by the masses who have access to call BS when something is wrong.

I don't use Corporate News anymore because I don't want to know about what they think will get ratings. I want to know about the things that impact my life.

Comment Appeal (Score 1) 411

This is not ignorance of the law.

You are not the person listed on the ticket. You are not the person suspended. That person is fictional and does not exist as listed by the officer.

It's erroneous to have to assume there are judgement pending against you and that it's your responsibility to periodically check with city hall to see if there are.

(Imagine if everyone started to do this, city hall would come to a crawling halt... hey, wait a minute.)

On the other hand, if you didn't pay the ticket because the address was wrong on the ticket, you should have appealed immediately and you are at fault.


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