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Comment 52 (Score 1) 292

They seem really stuck on this 52 number. Really folks 42 is the better number. I can't really see this taking off I think it might turn into another Superboy punch.

Comment Re:PEBKAC (Score 1) 374

This still requires the user to deliberately install the malware. Since it's not compromising the system, but the user, it doesn't need privileges to do this.

Gee, users deliberately installing things that might be harmful for their computer? I can't ever see that happening....


Submission + - POLL: Should we repeal the Real ID Act? (

BeatTheChip writes: "May 11, 2011, marks the 6th year since the passage of the Real ID Act.

Real ID has gained a reputation as a national ID card and as means for the US government to expand domestic data surveillance infrastructure. DHS recently defunded the Real ID Act and many are asking the Obama Administration how they will repeal the Real ID Act. To date, 25 states passed legislations opposed to the costs or regulations. Local governments continue to haggle with regulations, restrictions and demands of identity towards citizens.

Take the poll: Do you think it's time to repeal the Real ID Act?"

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