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Comment Re:I'd like to thank the leader of said nation-sta (Score 1) 667

Much of what was 'revealed' by the Wikileaks releases was already known by the media. The leaks only acted as confirmation. Over the years, these stories emerged, then the media seemed to run dead on each one. If they had performed their jobs of investigative journalism - seeking out stories, developing and following up leads, looking for inside sources - then perhaps Hillary Clinton wouldn't have made it as far as being the Democrat candidate.

As I read elsewhere, they seemed to have taken the following action: "It's the job of the media to cover stories. Cover the stories with a pillow until they stop kicking."

Comment Re:rofl (Score 1) 170

"The Navy denied that a procurement official "acknowledged that additional licenses were necessary for it to distribute BS Contact Geo to its users." The government admitted that it had purchased 38 licenses, but "denies that the software licenses were 'limited,' as alleged by Plaintiff.""

Then why did they buy more than one?

Because government is full of ignorant spenders who don't care about the taxpayer dollars they waste.

Comment Re:Had this same issue with my 6s in the USA (Score 1) 73

Happens to my wife's iPhone 6, too. It happens just randomly enough to be noticeable but not enough to reach the "I must do something about it". I may have to escalate this beyond Level 1 Help Desk (me) and to someone who may be able to actually do something about it.

Comment Ikea? (Score 1) 44

If it's made by Ikea, that should read 'The vehicle's stripped-back design and lightweight materials mean it can be assembled by one person in "four hours". It took my wife and I 16 hours, got half way through and had to go back a bunch of steps, we lost some parts and no we're seeking marriage counselling.'

Comment Re:Bad bands trying to hide a lack of talent (Score 1) 552

Their fans just wanted a venue to get blazed without being hassled. And as for seeing them multiple times, well what can I say? Stoners.
"Hey dude, The Dead are playing next month over at the venue."

"Awesome. But didn't we see them last year?"

"Dunno. Whatever. Let's go. They'll be awesome!"

Good times.

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