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Comment You're welcome (Score 1) 102

"Magic Mouse horizontal scroll without SHIFT key"
It's nice to see a suggestion taken on board and implemented. I use FCP X all day so side scrolling the timeline with the Magic Mouse is very important. When I used Audacity, I noticed it couldn't do that, which slowed my editing down significantly. I reported it, some communication happened, a screen recording was sent, then ... silence ... and now this. Thanks Audacity team. Happy. :-)

Comment Re:He's making it up as he goes along! (Score 1) 217

No idea if Trump made a deal. That's kind of my point. The twitterer is a journalist so he could at least use some of his journalistic superpowers to find a bit more out. Turns out this is a recycled deal that Intel has trotted out before. Would take a real journalist seconds to check this.

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