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Comment 1000 mozzies per hour? (Score 1) 115

I lived in a part of the world that was essentially reclaimed swampland and there were mangrove islands not too far away with swamps, sorry, I mean "pristine wetland environments". Every summer, the mozzie population would boom. Occasionally the council would fog the place with something that smelled like passionfruit. It wiped out all the mozzies for miles around. Wiped out everything else insectoid, too. Piles of dead recently-flying things could be seen under the streetlights.

Bats can eat 100 mozzies per hour? Pfft. People are so much better at this game.

Comment Re:Wood Working (Score 1) 352

Abso-bloody-lutely. Kids have so much piled on them at school because someone somewhere thinks their favourite thing is the in thing right now.

Stripped right back, the same things that were good to learn in the past are good to learn now: reading and a love of reading, mathematics, science, history, geography, and the biggies that don't have an actual subject: communication (this can be presentations, debates, written works, PowerPoints, posters, audiovisual - anything as long as the ideas in your head get into someone else's head) and co-operative group work.

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