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Comment Re:Too Late? (Score 2) 33

What is going to make the next version of uTorrent preferable to what's already there? I'm thinking that uTorrent's best days are behind it, and as long as 2.2.1 lives on Oldversion or OldApps, that is its legacy.

That's what I'm thinking too, I switched to qBittorrent that is open source and... it's done? Or well I see there's lots of tiny little enhancements and bugfixes in the release notes but honestly I can't think of a single noticeable change in the last couple years... nor any that I'd want, really. They'd have to pull off some entirely new non-torrent downloading functionality out of the hat to make me go back to uTorrent, which then begs the question.... why is it mixed up with uTorrent in the first place? Then again, looking at my peer logs a lot of other people use it (and by far most use 3.4.9), so I guess they have an audience. Whether they have one that'll let itself be monetized, well... whatever. There's plenty good alternatives if they get intrusive or obnoxious.

Comment Re:Flight Simulators and Computerized Calculation (Score 1) 293

Aircraft landing gear are designed to land in a straight line, they are not designed to handle side loads.

You'll be happy to know that when landing you actually land in a straight line, and when you go around a circle with a radius as big as the one we are talking about your landing gear will be just fine.

Comment Re:Traffic? (Score 1) 293

I see you've met runway 18R. 6 frigging km from the terminal thanks to having to taxi around another runway to get there. Let me guess, you came from the UK? I remember on one landing the pilot said "I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is due to tail wind we've arrived 10min before our scheduled arrival. The bad news is because we landed on runway 18R we will get to the terminal 5min late."

But the highway A4 crosses under three taxi ways and the closest and biggest runway to the airport, so that's not the problem.

Comment Re: It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 309

Standard of living? My standard of living is far better than the most powerful king 1000 years ago and I am not wealthy. Employment != standard of living. Technology has made most all humans standard of living increase, why should I assume this time automation will change this?

So you have thousands of slaves and an unlimited supply of sex partners? And you can order anyone executed? And have first crack at every virgin in your kingdom?

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 293

Why would the parent who doesn't understand the basic idea get modded up. There is no changing of wind direction when landing. You don't land going around in circles. You approach and land in the most ideal straight line, and then curve around once the wind problem is no longer an issue for you because you're already on the ground.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 2) 241

I don't play golf, but I imagine the golfballs designed and produced with methods from before 1997 would be sufficient for most golfers.

I don't play golf either, but almost universally across every sport I do play on an amateur level the sports themselves have changed so significantly over the past 20 years as a result of subtle changes in various parts of the equipment.

I have no doubt there is great difference in modern golf balls compared to those from 20 years ago.

Comment Re:How many know? (Score 1) 67

And of the 10 million, how many of them know they are "Windows Insiders"?

I will bet all of them given the constant nagging to upgrade their OS. I have a more important question. How many people *think* they are Windows Insiders providing valuable feedback on the product.

If 10 million people were actually listened to then I doubt the product would be such a steaming turd on the surface.

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 198

Every perk I hear touted, I can beat. It's quiet, I have a yard

Shit I can beat that easily. No yard, and the place is a constant place of fun and loud energy. I also own a house in the burbs, but leave that to the boring renters, and live in the city. Many of us chose to live in a big city because what you see as "perks" others see as a lifeless drag.

As my colleague (also big city boy) always says. People sleep in suburbs, people live in cities.

Comment Re:So to sum up (Score 1) 572

> More and more people are misspelling it "beastiality."


A popular mistake is still a mistake.

Really? So you're going to convince Americans to spell it aluminium, honour, colour, fibre, centre, metre, theatre, flavour, humour, neighbour, travelled (double ell), oestrogen, foetus, paediatric, manoeuvre, leukaemia, defence, licence, offence, pretence, analogue, catalogue, dialogue, parlour, etc?

Never happen. Once something gets popular enough, it becomes part of the language.

Comment Re:Dilemma Solution (Score 1) 309

I think there's an argument to be made that corporate interests saying "We shouldn't pay any taxes" is sufficiently self-serving that if it were to be carried out, there should be replacement of government revenue. I'd happily tax any executive on all remunerations at a massive rate of tax, if not at $500,000, then I'd say any remuneration as well as capital gains and the like. Quite frankly, the idea that a corporate "person" somehow gets to evade the taxes that a real "person" has to pay to me suggests that the notion of corporate personhood should be completely eliminated should corporations no longer have to pay taxes, and that shareholders should now be witness to fiduciary risks as parties to criminal acts.

Either that or corporations pay their fucking taxes and quit having their proxies go around trying to argue away their obligations to the wider society. That's exactly how I'd frame it, "Don't want to pay taxes, your shareholders will no longer have the protections of limited liability", because what's really being argued here is a "having their cake and eating it too" proposition.

Comment If I owned it (Score 4, Insightful) 33

I would kill it with fire, scrub the name from the internet, and ensure copies of that once great client turned horrendous chugging piece of malware shit never surface again.

The best thing BitTorrent Inc could do is forget it ever bought uTorrent and then release the uTorrent version that predated the purchase. What an upgrade that would be.

Comment Re:Costco is the one suing (Score 1) 241

Read the filing - the claim is that the specifications of the balls violate their patents - Costco says the specifications don't match their balls - something that they are prepared to prove in court, so it doesn't even matter if the patents are valid or not. It's like you patenting rounded corners on a phone, and then claiming infringement against a phone with square corners.

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