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Comment Re:Tin Whiskers? (Score 1) 41

Since the Indians are not experiencing the same failure rate on identical hardware, it seems likely that it's something about the environment in the EU's satellites that is causing the problem. Maybe power supply issues, temperature control issues, or vibration issues.

As you say, lots of things (like test equipment and of course aerospace) are exempt from RoHS so it's unlikely to be that. They will have used the most suitable materials.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 30

Mashiki, when you hear claims like these being made, you really need to stop and ask yourself it it's another Pizzagate. You fell for that one and many other bits of fake news hook, line and sinker, and I'm afraid it's happened again.

Scotland is blessed with some of the best renewable energy sources in the world. For them, exploiting those is much, much cheaper than other forms of energy. Coal is competitive on cost, but obviously since they have social healthcare it quickly loses on externalized costs.

Their plan isn't even particularly radical. They were always aiming for 200% renewable electricity capacity by 2020, but that turned out to be too easy so they set some stretch goals.

Scotland's oil resources are running out, so they need to find a replacement for that source of income. Their wind resources are exceptional and they can supply huge quantities of clean, renewable energy to the rest of the UK and Europe.

Comment Re:That's what we call a buying opportunity. (Score 1) 114

If you're invested in index funds, as you should be, the performance of your investment tracks the performance of the overall market, so if things bounce back in a week, it doesn't matter to you if a bunch of inefficiently human-managed mutual funds lost a bunch of money in that dip, the market is back up so so are your indexed investments and you're still doing just fine.

Comment Re:Speculative Trading (Score 2) 114

Investing is always a gamble. You're giving a company capital and hoping that that company makes sufficient money that they can either pay you dividends, or that the value of your shares go up enough that you can sell them to make a profit. A share is a piece of property, to be used either as a means of collecting dividends, or to be sold.

Comment Re:"The highest bidder"? (Score 5, Insightful) 189

We have similar easements and accesses in my neck of the woods. One of the most contentious where I live is public access to lakes (I gather this is also an issue in Hawaii with access to beaches). Basically the law says that landowners are certainly allowed to own land up to the beach, but they cannot own the beach or any stretch of the water. There are some slight variances on this principle for self-contained bodies of water, like artificial lakes, but in general, you can own land adjacent to a lake or stream, but you don't own the lake or stream, or the immediate vicinity around it. Further, there are public access points to the beach, which often do cross peoples' property, but by law the property owners cannot impede peoples' access to the lake, nor can they attempt to block the access points. Further, if they build warfs or boat launches, well, they're doing so on public land, so while they may be free to locate those structures there, they can't prevent other people from using them.

Every year property owners around various lakes in the area try to block access trails, make absurd threats against people enjoying what constitute public lands, and generally be fucking assholes. That they bought this land knowing full well that they are not lawfully empower to prevent access is irrelevant. They're big crybabies who want to assert defacto ownership over land and water that explicitly does not belong to them, and never will.

Comment Re:Speculative Trading (Score 3, Interesting) 114

If the soon-to-be head of the Executive makes statements that look like they're going to lead to interference in a business's activities, you're saying there ought not be some sort of inevitable alteration in that company's overall trading performance? I'm not really sure you understand what stocks are, or what a stockmarket is.

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