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Comment Re:So you want a tax on wind and solar. (Score 1) 477

"Young disrupting technologies will often find ways around the existing tax structures. That is well and good in the short term, but long term they need to payback for their disruption and yes, that very much includes helping paying for the transition of coal workers to new opportunities." - surely that will be covered by a sales tax like the one applied at the pump otherwise the government is going to lose a lot of tax revenue when EVs become the mainstream.
"The renewable entrepreneurs who have benefited by this disruption also have a moral responsibility to help provide their resources and abilities to help these disrupted communities and displaced workers build a better future" - i don't see why the wealthy mine owners and fossil fuel power generators shouldn't pay for the retraining as they didn't learn from history, stuck their heads in the sand and did not modernise. The renewable entrepreneurs will automatically retrain the ex-miners if they apply and get a job with them.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 366

it is far superior to what was before otherwise it wouldn't have been adopted. Stop going on about the "fanboy" stuff especially when you say things like "beta software due to Lennart's ego", why does someone have be accused of being a "fanboy" when responding to "the sky if falling because of LP or any of his software" , release often has always been the process to get stuff out, sometimes it has bugs.

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