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Comment Re:also, Tesla’s crash rate was reduced by 4 (Score 1) 131

in fact, I was surprised that story was not the lead on this.
This story is a joke in that it does not recognize that Tesla is now considered not just the safest car, but with AP is saving NUMEROUS lives.
When Model 3 hits the market later this year, it should become quickly obvious that tesla will be saving lives, energy, and money.

Comment Re:Autopolit, should have been called Assistpilot! (Score 1) 131

actually, depends on the aircraft. If you are flying a C172, then yeah, you are right.
OTOH, the AP in 747 and 380s make choices ALL THE TIME. Those APs are capable of taking off, flying the whole way to the end route, and then landing. And those APs make LOTS AND LOTS of choices. Hell, on Airbus, the pilot is NOT IN CONTROL. The Computer, otherwise known as the Autopilot, is actually in 100% control unless the AP or pilots disengage it, which is damn rare. The pilots are simply INPUTS into the computer. In fact, because of Airbus's poor software and design, that is what caused multiple crashes by pilots putting in conflicting inputs and the computer than making bad choices.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 138

Get a better antenna, friend. :-) If an 8-bay semi-directional on a tall mast, properly aimed (or on a rotator, if the towers are spread out) won't do the job, then you must either live way out in the boonies, or in a canyon, or in an urban canyon.

I can see the towers from my house and I have a flat roof. Easiest Yagi install ever. The Roku is still better though.

Comment Why are we listening to a markedroid? (Score 1) 113

Seriously, there is more wrong with these few sentences up there than I have time to correct. Most of it has already been said, so why are we allowing someone whose words would be better redirected to /dev/null lest they get heard by young and impressionable ears and actually cause irreparable damage litter /.?

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