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Comment Re:What a dumbass (Score 1) 141

Now the Ruskies will be patching the server (and maybe other insecure servers) like crazy.

I wouldn't count on it. People in Russia are just as lazy and arrogant as Americans, and twice as drunk.

That's why Russia has an economy about the same size as Spain's.

When we try to put forward Putin as some sort of brilliant super-leader, let's not forget that it was guys like him who got his country bogged down in Afghanistan and allowed his country to get head-faked into flushing their economy down the toilet trying to keep up with a non-existent "Star Wars Initiative", which led to their collapse as a superpower. They can't even field a respectable Olympics team any more.

Comment Re:gloves? (Score 1) 347

Pretty much this. Aren't these the FIRST areas where I'd WANT a personalized gun? Rifles that cannot be looted by the enemy and be used against you? Undeniable proof who used the pistol to fire the shot in a shootout in a seedy neighborhood?

That is where anyone who puts his money where his mouth is would WANT such personalized and traceable guns.

Comment Yes. (Score 2) 300

As long as what they report on is true and unbiased, yes. I don't care if it's on the HRC campaign or the Trump campaign, as long as it is objectively true. I would rather the politicians were honest and transparent, and if it takes a foreign power to force it, I have a hard time complaining.

Leave the pontificating to the pundits. Journalists should merely report the truth.

And, no, I don't care for Hillary "embarrassing" herself. That may be truthful, but it's not any more germane to the discussion than Trump embarrassing himself (even though that gets reported on as well on a regular basis - we don't need Russian interference to see it). The juicy bits, such as it were, would be any case of unethical and/or illegal behaviour. I haven't really followed the leaks, so I don't know if there is any such bits in there. Ideally, all candidates would behave in perfectly ethical manners, but few do. I doubt HRC or Trump do, and that's what should be reported on.

The standard should be "truth" and not "where it comes from." We reserve that standard for the justice system where unethical police officers could get away with illegal behaviour to make a case without those limits.

Comment Re: Halfway There (Score 1) 347

> Just because you know people who are responsible gun owners does not mean everyone is and the statistics prove it

Sure. We have Chicago.

You can distort the statistics. You can over report suicides as murders and ignore that most murders (and crime in general) happen in a small number of high crime areas.

Comment Re:But but but (Score 1) 141

You're always here, and always with a reason we should just laugh off all this negative stuff.

That's not the part for laughing. The laughing comes when you remember that goofballs in the "alt-Right" actually nominated someone who is so awful that people are willing to overlook all "this negative stuff" about Hillary.

Comment Re:But but but (Score 2, Informative) 141

Well its better for the NSA to publicly pretend to not have the emails so that when clinton is president they have something to extort her with.

Wikileaks has now released FIFTEEN tranches of thousands of emails each and there's been absolutely nothing extortion-worthy in any of them.

Conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories. You'd think after 30 years, people would give up making up shit about Hillary Clinton. It just ends up making you look even more stupid. Assange, Wikileaks and the GOP have damaged their own reputations permanently over Hillary and they never seem to learn.


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