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Comment Re:Great Idea and I live in MN (Score 2) 225

Ford cars have always had weird electrical systems. We had a Ford station wagon where if you pressed the brake pedal and pushed the emergency flasher knob in about half-way, the rear window could be opened or closed (without the engine running or the key in the ACC position) I'm sure with the advanced electronics there are even more strange things to be found. I'm glad you were able to fix the problem without shelling out a boatload of money to Ford.

Comment Re:some rules (Score 1) 230

Rules - that is the key. I have a DVD player that is networked so we can access Netflix. The question is, what access does this device need? When we want to watch something, we request access through the device, so it needs to tell Netflix what to stream, and it needs access to receive our movie. I think the hardest part of setting up a firewall is going to be figuring that out. The DVD player is old, but it can access at least a half-dozen services. The same information would be needed for every service that one uses. A raspberry pi sounds ideal - I have a Netgear router that works fine, so I don't want to load new software. Has anyone written rules to protect IoT devices?

Comment Re:Movie theaters (Score 1) 342

I have 2 years worth of science fiction magazines that I haven't had time to read, along with at least 3 ebooks in the Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier series. I have no problem with waiting for a movie to get to Netflix so I can watch it in the comfort of my own home. Who really has to see a movie on it's release date?

Comment Does it float? (Score 1) 44

This is one very expensive piece of equipment that will be operating over water. (Unless they are looking for "land sharks") The pictures show no floats on it. What happens if there is a catastrophic failure and it crashes? At least if it is floating, they would have a chance of recovering it. The Australian government seems to have a great deal of faith in the reliability of this technology.

Comment Re:California's Lemon Law to the rescue (Score 1) 250

I don't have all of the details, but I understand the each corporation has a agent registered in the state that the summons would be sent to. I guess that Google would be the place to start to see if this is a viable option depending on state law and especially the time elapsed. IANAAL and IANACR (I am not a California Resident) so everything should be checked out if you consider this option. Good luck!

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