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Comment Re:Economy of Scale (Score 1) 83

I have a well reasoned dislike for a company

I'm not seeing the "well-reasoned" part. You don't like what they say and you spewed a poorly reasoned explanation for why you don't see local delivery happening. I'm not in love with Uber either, and I don't approve of all their actions. But my dislike for them doesn't preclude me from seeing the possibility of package delivery.

Comment Re:Support? (Score 1) 137

Just telephone type "my cup holder broke"?

Look, those things are really flimsy, and while they may have barely held the Super Big Gulp in 2001, cups today are more robust. I daren't put my Double Gulp in there anymore, as it's barely hanging on. Heck, even the X-Treme Gulp came out in 2001! Microsoft should replace all the cup holders with ones not only capable of holding the Team Gulp, but also those Gulps anticipated to come out in the next 5 years.

Comment Re:Economy of Scale (Score 1) 83

have global logistics chains.

You don't need a global logistics chain to deliver a parcel in a store in Wichita to a person in Wichita. Which is what it sounds like they're doing.

some guy with his mom's car

The owner of the car seems largely irrelevant.

no commercial license

Which is unnecessary to drive said mother's car.

possibly improper insurance

Boy, that doesn't sound solvable at all. Like, by making drivers have and prove they have the right insurance?

quite likely operating as an illegal commercial vehicle in many places.

TBD, lawsuits aren't over, laws may change.

I just don't see that happening.

If you stopped your irrational hate for a second and used your imagination, maybe you could.

Comment Re:Why so much focus on terminology? (Score 1) 216

Indeed, we Americans are just as guilty of pretending our horrible past never happened. Killing Indians, eugenics, rounding up Japanese during WWII, slavery and Jim Crow laws, segregation, women's suffrage movement, etc. We'd all rather not think about it and our collective memory of the past is a little rosier than it actually was. I think most of us stop short of actively denying it ever happened, but instead we use euphemisms to describe atrocities and downplay how widespread or terrible it was.

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