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Comment Re:Let's Compare App Stores (Score 1) 114

[Buying a Mac instead of another computer] Seems liike the most versatile and most economically smart decision.

Unless you rely on sharing a computer with someone else in the household, such as a college student not living on campus. In this case, the computer you already have is $0, while the Mac is $599+.

Comment Undervalued currency (Score 1) 114

I understand if you're a kid or teen and jobless and your parents are on a budget, but as an adult likely earning decent money working in the tech industry

Even if so, someone living in a developing country will still feel the effects of the country's currency being undervalued compared to the United States dollar or the euro.

Comment Re:Not silly at all, consider context (Score 1) 114

You can start by giving me a list of things you can do on your iPhone that I can't do on an Android.

Buy music from a recording artist who makes his work available through iTunes but not Google Play Music or Amazon Music.

Play Tiny Wings.

Communicate with other people who use FaceTime on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Comment Re: Umm (Score 1) 376

The amount of voter fraud in the United States is exceedingly low so the whole voter ID laws are a solution in search of a problem.

Voter ID laws solve a very clear problem, just not the one their proponents claim.

There is also widespread evidence that such laws are designed to target democratic voters and that they tend to target the poor and minorities.

Yep, that's the problem: blacks, latinos and white trash voting too much. Voter ID isn't a complete solution, but it's a useful step. I'm sure Bannon has some ideas about the final solution.

Hmm... maybe that is what Trump meant when he claimed three million "illegals" voted for Hillary. He meant "people who shouldn't be allowed to vote", rather than "people who aren't citizens", the way the silly media interpreted the words.

Comment Re: Surprising (Score 1) 125

No they cannot. They don't read CANBUS. They just talk OBD-II. CANBUS is a very different protocol.

OBD-II is not a protocol. It is a connection standard. It implies one of several electrical connection standards, to go with several different protocols. One of the protocols used on OBD-II is CAN, and one chip which supports CAN is ELM327. The ELM327 supports both SAE J2411 (slow, single wire) and ISO 15765-4 (mandatory in all vehicles in the USA since 2008.)

Is your complaint that ELM327 doesn't speak some other protocol commonly being used between modules? That would be unfortunate.

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