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Submission + - DOJ calls copyright infringer's terrorists

shaggester writes: A recent article from confirms the RIAA & MPAA (as many already know) have overwhelming policy making clout in Washington, D.C, and the DOJ recently confirmed it. So you thought terrorists were a threat, the DOJ insist you think again. Because if you even attempt to download that mp3, image, or video you might as well be rubbing shoulders with the likes of those who have been accused of, "bribing officials, taking hostages, and unlawful use of explosives," according to business week. To add insult to injury after your arraignment for "suspected copyright infringement" officials can confiscate any hardware or other device which was used in any manner to commit the infringement.

Submission + - Mobile spam can kill the golden goose (

zeluse writes: I am being spammed almost consistently by all sorts of content providers, promising all forms of enticing downloads to links, ranging from the usual ringtones and caller tunes to games and wallpapers. The frequency is not so much that I go after the sender, whose identity is mostly a mystery, with a vengeance but enough to get me irritated and thinking. ...Misuse of this medium can kill the message. The only bright side is that I can say I don't check my SMSs because I am being spammed royally — an excuse I couldn't get away with earlier.


Submission + - Microsoft take developer to court

chrisbeatty writes: The Register are reporting that Microsoft are threatening a UK developer, Jamie Cansdale who built software to run unit tests in Visual Studio.

What starts as a jovial chat with a senior Microsoft manager has led to Microsoft beginning legal proceedings due to the program working for the free Visual Studio Express product. The developer is now refusing to back down, is Microsoft not just pushing the development community, the support & good press they give away from itself?

Feed BT trialing motion-powered computing (

Filed under: Gaming, Handhelds, Laptops, Peripherals, Tablet PCs

As if the influx of products like the Wiimote, SIXAXIS controller, and DoCoMo D904i series of handsets hadn't yet convinced you that motion control is the future of PC input (well, either that or knuckle rapping), BT is currently field testing a USB dongle that promises to bring the excitement of gaming to boring computing tasks. Like other implementations before it, the so-called Balance technology uses a small accelerometer to translate various tilts and movements of a connected laptop or UMPC into certain commands, letting you violently shake your expensive gear to do something as simple as empty the trash. Actually, the current trials aren't meant to enable an even lazier lifestyle for your average geek -- at least in the short term -- but rather to give disabled individuals a way to hop on the mobile computing bandwagon without having to deal with finicky trackpads, control nubbins, or onscreen thumbboards. While no specific plans for a commercial launch have been made, BT anticipates that a product stemming from this research will hit the market in two to three years, just in time to be replaced by the thought-controlled input devices that are once again being trailblazed by the cutting-edge gaming community.

[Via Reg Hardware]

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Submission + - E-Gold Indicted for Money Laundering.

An anonymous reader writes: A U.S. Department of Justice propag^h^h^h^h press release has announced the unsealing of an indictment charging E-Gold Ltd., Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc., and their owners each with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business, operating an unlicensed money transmitting business, and money transmission without a license under US Federal law. This comes despite repeated attempts by e-gold to be classified for regulatory purposes as a currency, enabling G&SR to register as a currency exchange, and the Department of Treasury reaffirming their interpretation of the USC and CFR definitions of currency as excluding e-gold.
Since the US government is answering e-gold's attempts to be transparent with a heavy handed enforcement action, while ignoring massive customer complaints against companies like PayPal, one must wonder: Is this the first step in an effort to destroy any open currency backed by gold, not controlled by a nation state, or not linked to the US Dollar?

Has Open Source Jumped the Shark? 250

AlexGr writes to tell us that Jeff Gould has a somewhat jaded look at the commercial push of Open Source and what that may be doing to the overall Open Source movement. "I've been a Linux fan for years, but lately I wonder if the drum beating from the big IT vendors in favor of open source hasn't finally slipped over the edge from sincere enthusiasm to meaningless — or in some cases downright hypocritical — sloganeering. The example that brought this gloomy thought to mind was a recent IBM press release touting a 'new open client solution' as an 'alternative to vendor lock-in'. Wow. Imagine that. An alternative to vendor lock-in."

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