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Comment Re: eating less (Score 3, Informative) 253

Troll was rated Troll because he trolled (yes, he touched a nerve - but that's part of trolling).

The underlying premise of the article is your gut is an extension of your neural and hormonal systems. Change its ecosystem's chemistry, and you'd think better and eat better. Have more fruit and vegetables, and your health will improve in a non-linear fashion - more than can be explained by better nutrition alone.

Comment Now this is good (Score 1) 40

This is the sort of stuff Intel should have developed with their McAfee acquisition.

Companies seem to think innovation starts and ends with 'identifying potential synergies', 'acquisition', then "....profit!!!".

For instance, eBay + Skype. They could have done something snazzy -- say, eBay seller webminars with combining web video+VoIP (downstream), and landline/mobile audio (conversation/questions sent upstream asynchronously. So the landline carries part of the audio spectrum). Instead, they just went 'BAU'.

The Microsoft + Skype business fit isn't that bad - but not that good either -- versions everywhere, with MS office plugins that offer nothing different from the market.

Comment Re:Fueling is risky? (Score 1) 190

Before distrusting others, consider who and why - who they are, and why they say what they say. Else others end up skeptical of what's making you skeptical.

Musk has had problems rolling out beta products in his other transportation company. So its important to pay attention to known experts contradicting him.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 173

(f) And the NSA!
(g) You recoup nothing when you stop paying. You are left no physical assets (server).
(h) Nor the skills you'd gain setting up an efficient (*) home-cloud yourself

(*) The 'Avoid an Always-On PC' statement is misleading. Its possible to let your PC asleep and issue wake-on-lan packets via the internet router (or a small RasberryPi Zero hanging off of it)

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