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Submission + - What kind of personal timekeeping device do use?

metlin writes: "Poll: What kind of personal timekeeping device do you use to tell time?

- My Computer
- My Cellphone
- Quartz Digital Watch
- Quartz Analog Watch
- Automatic Watch
- Manual Winding Watch
- Hour Glass, Sundial, or other archaic means
- I'm a Time Lord, you insensitive clod!"

Submission + - Jerry Yang to Step Down (wsj.com)

metlin writes: "Yahoo founder Jerry Yang just announced that he would be stepping down as Yahoo's CEO. He would be returning to his title as Chief Yahoo once a suitable replacement is found. He fell out of favor with investors after he spurned moves from Microsoft, which offered up to $33/share. Today, Yahoo's share is down to $10.63, from $19 when Microsoft made its bid. Given the news, Yahoo's stock rose 4% in the after hours trading. The board is on the lookout for a new CEO, and names being proposed include AOL's Jon Miller, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, former Yahoo COO Dan Rosensweig, News Corp. COO Peter Chernin, former Microsoft executive Kevin Johnson, who recently joined Juniper Networks as CEO and current Yahoo President Sue Decker, the only internal candidate."

Submission + - Processing Ported to JavaScript

metlin writes: "Processing, the Open Source programming language and IDE built on Java for the electronic arts and visual design communities, has been ported to JavaScript by John Resig (some of you may know him by his work at Mozilla Corporation and his JavaScript Book). The port was done by taking advantage of the Canvas HTML element available in some of the newer browsers. The good news? It works on Firefox (better on Firefox 3). There are some rather interesting demos that showcase the more advanced features, as well as some basic demos that are introductory in nature. You can download the latest version of processing.js, available as a single JavaScript file."

Submission + - Google Board Opposes Ethical Stance (computerworld.com)

metlin writes: "Google's board of directors is opposing a shareholder initiative to set up a review body to examine the company's role in human rights and to take any steps to stop web censorship. An SEC filing reveals that the board is opposed to set up an anti-censorship and pro-human rights review board. The proposal reads, "Shareholders request that management institute policies to help protect freedom of access to the internet which would include the following minimum standards" and lists a series of six ethical guidelines to further clarify the company's stance regarding its "Don't be evil" motto. This is the second time that the board has opposed such a request from the shareholders to establish an ethics review board."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Sued Over "Millions of Colors" Claim (cnn.com)

metlin writes: "Apple Inc. has been sued by a user disputing Apple's claims that its monitors can display "millions of colors" when in reality, they are only capable of displaying 262,144 true colors. According to the lawsuit, the rest of the colors are created by showing several shades at high speeds, creating an illusion of millions of colors, which can create "crippling" problems for people editing pictures and media. Following this, other law firms are also joining hands to pushing for a class action lawsuit against Apple. In the past, other companies making similar false claims have also been sued successfully."

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