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Comment Re:Tough shit (Score 1) 399

I actually know people who aren't very bright, who are doing much better economically than people with Master's Degrees, because they don't attach stigmas to certain kinds of work that pay more than burger flipping. It is hard nasty work that doesn't require any skill. When you think certain kinds of work are "beneath you" you're already a wage slave.

Comment Re:User Convenience? (Score 2) 188

Correction: out of the one million Note 7s in the US, there were 92 confirmed incidents in its first month, which works out to about 1,100 incidents per million units per year. So, instead of "over 1000x", it's actually 380x. Even so, that's still a huge difference, and (much as I hate to say so) Verizon is clearly making the right call in keeping 911 available.

Comment Re:What Verizon Meant to say: (Score 2) 188

You're saying that anyone who--upon learning that their phone had a remote chance of burning them--wasn't willing to make time in their schedule to turn over the phone and set up a new one deserves to be left to die if faced with a life-threatening situation?

While I agree that these people are idiots for hanging onto their defective phones despite all of the warnings, suggesting they deserve to die is a step too far.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 488

I am so Partisan, I am a Libertarian!

Yes, I haven't voted for either (R) or (D) in 30 years ... partisan. Yes, there is plenty of hypocrisy, and the Ds are worse that the Rs on Election Hypocrisy but they both are hypocritical.

Who was caught doing what?

Ok so now, there is no evidence of any hacking, I thought that was what Obama was looking for. Is he on a wild goose chase or is that some sort of partisan response to an election that will basically undo his whole "legacy?

Not sure what you're point is, other than to assume I am something I am not.

Comment "Measurements" (Score 1) 35

It's not a measurement, it's a count. And it's fucked up for 1 of 2 reasons (or both):

A: Facebook lied to sell more ads and make more money, or was incompetent with the queries but didn't care (because they want to sell more ads and make more money).
Solution: LOL.

B: Facebook uses shitty bigdata nosql non relational horseshit instead of a proper relational database.
Solution: Use something sane, like SQL. You can trivially get a count of how many people have seen an ad and how many have clicked it, with whatever parameters (date range, region, gender, age, race, etc.) the evil advertisers want. Your results will be deterministic, complete, and correct. Yes, even for a distributed, web-scale database. Modern shit makes all the syncing and log shipping transparent. At worst you query (the full, complete, correct) database as of x minutes old, where x is your syncing window in minutes. Even if the queries are too hard for you to figure out, you can export your shit to many statistical analysis tools to do it for you.

Comment Re:Common (Score 1) 110

Read. 110010001000 is a troll, but this statement:

no more large leaps like we have had for the previous 40 years.

Does not mean:

there will be no more large leaps in 40 years

as you bitch about.

The statement means that we will have no more (ever, within your lifetime, whatever) large leaps like the large leaps we've had throughout the PAST 40 years.

Comment Re:Headline correct; summary wrong (Score 1) 376

If they would have gotten a $1000 device, they would have had to pay taxes on the $1000. They didn't get a $1000 device and so they didn't have to pay taxes on it. Same as if they received $1000, then gave it away, they wouldn't have had to pay taxes on the $1000...

Corporations get to write of that $1000 dollars whether they donate it to charity or pay an employee.

Stick to TurboTax, please.

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