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Comment Re:No? (Score 2) 375

Don't you know Patrick Henry was a terrorist. If he was alive today he'd definitely be on the no fly list.

To those in power, a revolutionary, no matter how righteous, is a terrorist.

Yet the US government backs the so-called rebels in Syria and those rebels are affiliated with ISIS/ISIL. In the ongoing conflict in Syria, the United States of America is on the wrong side of righteousness although they are most definitely self-righteous.

Of course. There is no morality on the world stage; only power and control. Your point shows that the world is much more complicated than the neat little package presented on TV, and quite a bit messier.

Comment Re:No? (Score 2) 375

Because Snowden is a Traitor who ran to China and Russia directly with classified information which immediately endangered thousands of lives around the world.

He was actually stranded in Russia when the State Dept revoked his passport. He did not intend to stay there.

Because his actions resulted in the executions of several key figures working for peace.

Is there a citation for that? What does "working for peace" mean?

He did all of it truly for a short time grand-standing with Wikileaks and a minimally faster revelation of information than possible with normal FOIA procedures that respect security guidelines to preserve the lives of those serving the US around the world.

You really think secret NSA spying programs are subject to FOIA requests? FOIA requests have to specify what they are looking for. Before Snowden's revelations, the government wouldn't even admit the programs existed. You can't request information on programs you don't even know exist or aren't acknowledged. Can I submit a FOIA request to see what the CIA is up to? I doubt it.

Comment Re:Get rid of social security & the system ent (Score 1) 341

We don't need social security. There was a time before the government had its paws in charity. Back then people actually donated money without the threat of violence to charity. They saved up pennies and put them into accounts and investments for retirement. Now we live in a nanny state. We can't afford to send our kids to good schools. We're dependant on government schools to educate our kids and make them dependant on the state too!

No. I want to opt out of this ridicules system altogether. We don't need it. If you think like me and rather take a small insignificant risk or two for the sake of living free come join me in New Hampshire. I moved to New Hampshire because of the Free State Project. Which is a migration movement of people who want to get rid of government and the use of violence against peaceful people. We don't think the government has a right to control. To tell us what to do. We have a right to do as we please so long as it doesn't injure other people. We shouldn't be tagged (social security, licenses plates, etc) or require permission to live (work, drive, etc). We shouldn't be forced to pay taxes under the threat of violence (what they'll do if you don't comply). If you don't agree with the artificial construct called copy"right" they'll lock you up and take away your liberty. Well, that's just plane wrong and undemocratic. The Freenet project says it best: "You cannot guarantee freedom of speech and enforce copyright law" and you need freedom of speech for a true democracy. Freenet also says: "The core problem with copyright is that enforcement of it requires monitoring of communications, and you cannot be guaranteed free speech if someone is monitoring everything you say."

Oh, look, another Libertarian fantasist. You know what happened before Social Security? Many elderly people ended up in abject poverty. Saving for retirement is great, I do it too. But I make a professional salary that puts me in the top 8% of national income. Poor people don't have the extra cash. If people gave to charity in enough volume to address the issue, we wouldn't need Social Security to begin with.

The idea that free people can live and get along without government might work on a commune or some other simple society. But for a complex society like the modern United States it is ridiculously inadequate. You think we can have a space agency, a modern military, and an interstate highway system with everyone just donating what they want to? Do you think you can plan ahead with everyone paying as much or as little tax as they want, or none at all? Do you think the national economy works like a fucking lemonade stand? Fire departments used to be private and paid for by people who wanted fire protection. They don't do that anymore. Maybe you should find out why.

Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 1) 341

So... if I have a business unit that's losing money and I tell it to either turn a profit or they'll be laid off, am I responsible when the employees cheat and break the law to save their jobs because there's no other way?

If there is no other way to turn a profit besides breaking the law, and you tell people to turn a profit or be laid off, then yes you are most certainly responsible. Who's in charge and what does it mean to be in charge?

Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 1) 341

The employees had a choice. Stop trying to put blame somehwere else. Typical in today's society to always blame someone else. Oh its not the poor workers faults. What a load of crap.

Sure, they had a choice. Break the law or get fired. Just like you had a choice before posting such sophistry.

Comment Re: What large bank doesn't do stuff like this? (Score 1) 341

The difference is that in this case we're talking about fraud on a grand scale. Those employees should not only be fired, but prosecuted too

Yeah, but that doesn't happen to large financial institutions. "Fraud on a grand scale" describes half the housing market from 2000 to 2006. But did anyone go to jail?

Comment Re:Stop linking to CNNMoney. (Score 2) 341

This story is from the same CNNMoney that declared that Math is Racist

The story declared no such thing, but don't let that stop you. It describes how statistics and computer algorithms and models are used to perpetuate inequality and racist dynamics. It says math is being used to perpetuate racism, not that math is racist.

Comment Re:Completely wrong.... (Score 1) 618

I agree with you on one thing: there shouldn't be *any* State or federal funding for any university. The same should be true of any funding, none should be coming at the expense of people, whose money is stolen via the violence of the State to provide anybody with any benefit.

It's not your money. It belongs to the Federal Reserve; says so right on the bill. You're just borrowing it. So enough about how the government is stealing your money. You are already paying a bank just for the privilege of having money at all.

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