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Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 281

Here's the other side: Sessions is following the recommendation of the commission

Key sentence in the story that's not being told by all left-wing propaganda media:

The commission started its last two-day meeting on April 10. Notably, the Post reports, the commission voted 16-15 not to recommend its renewal

That's right, the commission itself recommended not renewing itself! But fakenews "TRUMP HATES SCIENCE" is what gets posted everywhere.

Comment Re:Absurd (Score 2) 251

2016 sales numbers:
  • Ford Motor Company Total Sales 2016: 2,614,697 units sold
  • Ford Lincoln line: 111,724 units sold.
  • Ford F150: 382,561 units sold.
  • All Ford F Series: 820,799 units sold.
  • Ford Mustang: 105,932 units sold.
  • Tesla, all models: 76,230 units sold.

So there's something definitely wrong with Tesla's valuation.

Comment Re:The Brietbart take, whee. (Score 0) 547

Oh okay, you can stay away from Google. So Bing, Duck Duck Go, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Oracle, Reddit, and Slashdot can also do whatever they want with your browsing history as well. Can you even use the internet and stay away from all of the content providers that are able to do what they want with your browsing history?

Comment Re:The Brietbart take, whee. (Score 0) 547

Maybe you need this explained to you. The FTC and the FCC have different rules regarding privacy. The head of the FCC has said that he will now align the FCC rules with the FTC rules, so there is consistency across departments. Also, Google is allowed to do whatever it wants with your browsing history, but your ISP is not. Why is it okay for Google, but not your ISP?

Comment Re:This is absolutely sickening... (Score 1) 547

So you're completely okay with the fact that Google is allowed to do whatever they want with your data, because they're not an ISP (except in cities where they are), but it's the end of the world because Comcast is now allowed to? And how do you feel about Obama appointee, Ajit Pai, saying it was a good move by congress, because it will allow the FCC to align their privacy rules with the FTC and eliminate conflicts/confusion?

Comment Re: This has happened before. Humanity excelled. (Score 2) 211

You picked one of many reconstuctions, and it's one that shows current temperatures warmer than the medieval warm period. And it's also one that has been criticized:

At the EGU General Assembly a few weeks ago there were no less than three papers from groups in Copenhagen and Bern assessing critically the merits of methods used to reconstruct historical climate variable from proxies; Bürger’s papers in 2005; Moberg’s paper in Nature in 2005; various papers on borehole temperature; The National Academy of Science Report from 2006 – all of which have helped to clarify that the hockey-stick methodologies lead indeed to questionable historical reconstructions.
~Hans von Storch, May 2007

why wouldn't you cite Ljungqvist's 2010 30-proxy reconstruction, which was more widely supported? Ljungqvist's chart Is it because it shows both the Medieval Warm Period as well as the Roman warm period were just as warm or warmer than today?

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