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Comment Re: Why shop at Walmart (Score 1) 467

I pay for Prime anyway. For my town,this comes with Prime Now - free 2 hour delivery. $20 minimum, tipping the driver is suggested.

Prices on everything from a single bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola ($0.59) to toothbrushes are cheaper this way than at Walmart.

So I'm saving money and being lazy at the same time. (They even deliver beer)

Comment Re:Better have security in there somewhere... (Score 1) 65

IoT. Internet of Things.

First word: Internet. We know what this means, right?

Second word: Of. Do we need remedial English here, too?

Third word: Things. Not specified is if they are large things, small things, proxied things, firewalled things, publicly-routable things, or other things. They're just things, ultimately connected to the Internet.

It's a very inclusive term.

Comment Re:Killed by the internet... (Score 1) 176

As a kid, my first soldering irons came from Radio Shack, as did the parts for the projects I'd put together.

And while I'm plenty damned old (get off my lawn!, etc), this was in the 90s.

Later on as a quasi-professional-sort-of-guy, I'd regularly buy odds and ends from them out in the field. Need an SMA adapter? Radio Shack. An audio isolation transformer? Radio Shack had a fairly decent one. A bunch of 160 Ohm resistors? Done. A bipolar electrolytic capacitor of who-gives-a-shit value, a toggle switch, and a small plastic box with a lid? No problem. A 75-Ohm BNC terminator? Probably not, but they had BNC connectors and they had 75-Ohm resistors, so...easy-peasy. A 7 Amp slow-blow glass 250VAC fuse? Sure. The funky tiny little 12V alkaline battery that runs the keyfob for my car? [...]

The biggest problem I had with Radio Shack was once they decided they were going to be a cell phone store above all else, as any clue that the staff may have had immediately dissipated (as clues must naturally do whenever one is in the primary business of selling telephones). It eventually got to the point that they lost the ability to know their own inventory, and I had to take to looking up their own inventory online and showing them that they have twelve in stock of the things that they insist do not exist.

For me, for awhile, it was more like the corner hardware store that every town should have. I never buy anything very expensive at the my local Ace Hardware either, but if I want help finding a good shovel with a straight-grained handle that's where I go. The coffee pot broke at work one day, so the boss sent me to Ace Hardware for a new one -- and of course, they had an exact replacement (though I was pretty surprised at the time). A 10-32x3/4" button-head socket cap screw? Done. A hundred of them? Sure. Busbar? Yep. Nails? By the pound. Hog ring pliers to fix the seat in my car? Sixteen half-inch wedge anchors? A corkscrew? A clevis hitch, sixty feet of 3/16" galvanized chain, an M8 wingnut, a bunch of rubber hose, some of those special gloves that you use for handling razor wire, an ice pick, a hacksaw, and twenty pounds of lye? Of course.

They greet me by name every time I walk in the place, having only read my name one time on my credit card. (I really should shop out of town and pay cash when buying special gloves and hacksaws together...) It's a wonderful place to buy all kinds of stuff.

I've still got Ace Hardwares all over to utilize, but I'm well and truly fucked if I need electronic components out in the field with Radio Shack being gone. Lately, my best option is to hit up small-time AV shops that might still have a repair bench and essentially beg them for parts....or wait for Teh Interwebs to deliver and come back another day.

Comment Re:please do this for all places (Score 3, Insightful) 440

Olive Garden: Prepared and frozen in a factory, and then thawed out just for you!

You're already paying them to warm up a TV dinner/pasta-in-a-bag meal for you. The main difference between Olive Garden and McDonald's is pricing and plating: It's the same factory-food, either way.

There's plenty of places (some near you, no doubt) which do offer fresh food, and service to match. Olive Garden is not amongst them.

Please pick something worthwhile to complain about other than a corporate chain behaving like a corporate chain, and stop embarrassing your wife.

Comment Re:I'm not sure I follow (Score 1) 73

We've been through this before: It wouldn't have helped.

Sure, it'd have fixed the fire problem for people who follow the rules. But it'd still be banned from commercial flights because there's no way in hell an airline will inspect the battery to ensure that it has been properly replaced and is of the correct vintage.

Furthermore, plenty of folks (myself included, because I'm daft like that) would have refused to return the old, too-big battery and kept it as a spare.

As much as I want easily-swapped batteries in all of my devices, it wouldn't have made much of a difference here.

Now that the smoke is clearing I may look into a fire-sale Note 7 just to futz with as a semi-pocketable tablet with a stylus.

Comment Re:Registered Mail (Score 1) 172

I don't know if you can use registered mail for parcels originating in Germany.

But the real fuckup is that it was sent via DHL. It got fucked in the handover from DHL to USPS (the delivery agent) somewhere in New Jersey.

Registered airmail with Deutsche Post, if even possible, would've cost a fortune. But then the box was worth a fortune, so...

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