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Comment Thank you (Score 1) 424

Thank you for being the one to say something; you're a good person. The other comments here are unbelievable. It's sickening that we live in an age where an entire country of people can quickly turn on a person for something they did in their private life and ridicule them until they feel that death is the only escape. And perhaps the worst part is that so many people don't seem to recognize the bigger picture of it happening.

Comment Re:Playstation 4 (Score 1) 226

Xbox One and even 360 are pretty great streaming devices too. Nice thing about consoles is that they have regular automatic updates and you know they're going to support the software for years to come (though they might start winding down 360 in a couple years). Downside is that it's much less hackable than the alternatives. Xbox One does has that developer mode that might let you side-load apps, but I haven't heard anyone really using that yet.

Comment All his points make me hate this move even more (Score 1) 771

Right now any headphone maker in the world can make any headphones they want for the standard jack. Not so with the Lightning port.

That's supposed to be an argument for this change? I don't care if it's a good move for Apple, it's a bad move for me. My iPhone spends ~10 hours every day with something plugged into the 3.5mm jack between my car's auxiliary cable and my nice headphones at work. A new iPhone is already over $600, now I'm expected to get bluetooth installed in my car and toss my $200 headphones, or constantly carry an adapter cable, or buy 3 adapter cables to keep at home, work, and in my car? That's insane.

Comment I.E. short demos you'll only want to try once (Score 4, Informative) 30

I was able to try out the mentioned demo late last year, and it was cute, but it's note exactly something you would want to spend more than ~10 minutes messing around with. So to say new Portal "content" is coming might be a little misleading.

I have a feeling that people are going to be very disappointed with the software available at launch for the Vive. It's mostly short tech demos that are worth seeing once, but certainly not worth $800 + a high-end computer upgrade. Still looking forward to the future of this stuff though. It has the potential to be huge.

Comment "Export Jobs, Not Crypto" Policy (Score 3, Insightful) 156

If you want to make software that uses cryptography available worldwide, you're already incentivized to develop it in a foreign country and import it to the US. There's no restriction on using foreign cryptography in the US, but there are legal hurdles you have to jump if you want to export cryptography from the US.

OpenSSL themselves mentions exporting as an alternative to costly legal counsel:
"The only other safe course of action would be to pay non-U.S. citizens to develop the cryptographic software overseas and import it into the U.S., as imports are not restricted. Foreigners who benefit financially from this situation refer to the U.S. “export jobs, not crypto” policy." (page 145)

Comment Not necessarily just for eavesdropping (Score 3, Interesting) 66

A step to making this secure is to generate private keys on the end-clients, verify the code to generate them does not also create an escrow key, and be vigilant from then on to only allow access to that private key with audited code.

But there's a usability problem with this: people suck at not losing things.

Lost your private key and need to check your email? You're out of luck. This is the sign of a good, secure system, but the average office person will at some point lose their key and be very pissed off that their account is impossibly unrecoverable.

So to appease the "careless," they backup/generate keys on a server. This has the unfortunate (or fortunate for them?) side effect of allowing undetectable key escrow. So they might be doing this to solve a legitimate usability problem, it just enables these other, probably bigger, problems.

Comment Doesn't Affect Web Notifications (Score 3, Informative) 116

Note that the chrome rich notification center is different from the standardized Web Notifications API

This story kind of freaked me out at first because I thought it was referring to that Web Notifications API, which I rely on heavily for web based chat and email apps.

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