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Comment Re:One white elephant for sale. (Score 1) 64

I don't think either Yahoo or Twitter has to lose money, but the path to profitability is a horrible one: they're both heavily overstaffed for what they do. Twitter in particular, IIRC, has thousands of employees, managing what's actually a fairly simple product. You could reduce the headcount to well under a hundred people.

In that respect, being bought out is a preferable solution. The newly created division can set about reorganizing itself as a small focused team on the product at hand, while much of the remaining staff can be absorbed into the larger company over time. There'd still be redundancies, but they wouldn't be anything like as bad.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 806

Trump is Bush with more bankruptcies, less military service, and no discernible interest in anything about the job other than power.

And, if anything, you're still being unfair to Bush. Bush! Probably the worst President since Nixon. And pretty much any comparison of him to Trump makes him look like a peace loving world statesman.

I would vote for Bush over Trump in a heartbeat. People ask why I'm prepared to vote for Clinton, given I dislike her politics so much, and there's your reason.

Comment Re:not profitable (Score 4, Informative) 220

Leaving aside the "OH NOES! TAXES!" BS, the statement you quote never suggests that supplying Internet access is "charitable" or "unprofitable". It says "the majority of the area does not present enough profitability to attract the private-sector investment", not "the majority of the area does not present profit to attract the private-sector investment".

The private sector generally doesn't invest in projects to make small amounts of profit, especially if they're expensive. There are many, many, examples of projects that would more than pay for themselves that you'll never see the private sector take an interest in, because the promise of a 10% return here for a medium risk is unattractive compared to the promise of 100% there, for little or no risk.

As for taxes, I personally like paying taxes. As a wise man once said, in return I get civilization.

Comment Re:BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! (Score 2) 257

Cancer can be caused by anything that can cause a cell's DNA to be corrupted. Some types of virus do corrupt DNA in this way, and while normally it's not a problem (viruses need to ensure their corrupted cells survive so they can spread), typical minor random transcription mistakes can occur, and those can cause cancer, just as radiation or asbestos fibers can.

Comment Re:Not fixing the underlying cause (Score 1) 51

This is completely untrue. Android apps can and do run in the background if they're written such that they can. People background phone and music apps all the time. Third party VoIP and music apps can also be backgrounded, so this isn't some case of Android handling the Phone and Play Music apps specially.

Comment Re:WTF is a quid? (Score 2) 194

It's British English for a UK pound (the unit of currency used there, worth a dollar and change), and it's about as much "teenie language" (I assume you mean language used by teenagers) as "a buck" is in the US (when referring to a dollar.)

Which is not to say I think it was the best choice of word for a Slashdot summary.

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