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Comment Re:Zuckerberg, really? (Score 1) 66

Facebook succeeded through luck, timing, hard work and good engineering

You're talking about a social network which was not the first, not the biggest and had some serious competition in its inception. Luck, timing and good engineering only go so far when your competition had the same luck, timing and good engineering. The way I remember history Facebook evolved through a careful strategy to take over markets as it went and by the time it was released to the general public it was a long way behind an incumbent competitor.

Sure timing has a bit to do with it (e.g. the now laughable Google+ may have been a hit in 2003) but your comment implied that it was a simple idea and it just needed some massaging to get to an otherwise empty market. That's pretty far from the truth.

Facebook may not have been visionary, but it certainly was the product of a great strategy. Also we like to talk about Zuckerberg as Facebook alone without realising all the other work that is going on. AI research, communication systems, network design, contributions to open source projects for really large scale systems, etc. They are at a forefront of machine learning and computer vision, datacentre design, and more recently VR.

To claim that he just built a social network through luck and a bit of sweat on PHP is just garbage.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 1) 261

There's no tweak to the requirements that could make that a palatable task

You're talking about a government here. There's big tweaks in the form of "legal requirements".

All the companies answered correctly except for Twitter, who I suppose now is the only company that have taken a position of potentially breaking the law.

Whichever PR idiot replied on a hypothetical should lose their job. A hypothetical about a future administration which may pass various laws to suit what they are trying to achieve is about as standard a "no comment" question could possibly get.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 261

FDR was a leftist and didn't want to go to war until his hand was practically forced, partially by The New Deal. The New Deal was very much leftist, tripled taxes mainly affecting the poor and causing the 1938's depression with unemployment at 19% in 1939, it wasn't until the US spent billions on the "war effort" that the mismanagement of The New Deal was undone even though FDR doubled the national debt.

Comment Re:Survey brought to you by (Score 2) 66

Even space travel they have focused on trying to do it cleanly. A big part of why their next generation of engines, the Raptor, uses methane as a fuel is that in the long-run one can synthesize methane directly and a straightforward way This has both an advantage in terms of Mars (can make more fuel on Mars) and also in terms of eventually making clean fuel on Earth.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 257

Nice try but the 40s were barely the hallmark of social justice and the left did not want to go to war.

So, Franklin D. Roosevelt was not a leftist? The New Deal was not leftist? You mean you've been bullshitting about him for all these years?

Back to the Breitbart of Deplorables for you, lad.

Comment Zuckerberg, really? (Score 2) 66

I don't despise Mark Zuckerberg like many do, but I hardly think he qualifies as a tech leader. Facebook succeeded through luck, timing, hard work and good engineering. That's all laudable, but there wasn't much leadership or vision involved. Bezos' initial idea, an online bookstore, was hardly visionary or leading but subsequent decisions, especially the decision to standardize internal system interfaces that led to the idea, and ability, to create AWS absolutely was visionary. Google should have done that, but didn't have the vision. There's no debating the vision of Elon "Mars or bust in my solar-powered electric car" Musk. Musk has so much vision we'd call him a crackpot, except that he has a tendency to succeed. Steve Jobs was clearly a leader and a visionary with a focus on making technology simple and beautiful.

And there are other leaders around who I'd say are much worthier than Zuckerberg. Larry Page, for example, whose goal for his new startup was to "Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful", an insanely ambitious mission which arguably is no longer ambitious enough to describe what Alphabet/Google is doing. Mark Shuttleworth, not so much for Thawte as for Canonical, where his vision hasn't really succeeded in displacing Windows but has gone much further than most of us considered possible. Though a bunch of CEOs probably wouldn't pick him, I'd put Richard Stallman high on the list, too. His vision of the importance of software freedom has been incredibly influential.

I could go on, but the point is... Zuckerberg? Really? For what? I suppose it was visionary to believe that you could build a billion-user interactive system with PHP.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 4, Insightful) 261

So a random email from a journalist landed in some PR drone's inbox. There were likely hundreds of other emails to deal with, and he or she spent 10 seconds writing a quick response while finishing a cup of stale coffee. You make it sound like this was an official statement of policy from Microsoft's Board of Directors, with BG himself consulted to help craft the appropriate response.

This is just amateur ambush journalism being use to provoke outrage from idiots.

Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 76

Are you telling me they can't put it in a tank designed to store liquid hydrogen?

A tank designed to contain liquid hydrogen has to be kept *cold*, *very cold*. Failure to do so causes the tank to rupture, and you will get a massive conflagration if not outright explosion.

Cryogenics plants are not small, or light. If you change that from liquid hydrogen to compressed hydrogen gas, that is now a factor of 40, not 4.

Compressed hydrogen gas actually makes lithium ion look safe by comparison. Liquid Hydrocarbon fuels are not explosive under vary many scenarios, usually requiring a heated pressurized environment. Many types of hydrocarbon fuels wont even burn under normal STP. Hydrogen gas by contrast loves to burn, and is a mess to contain (leaking hydrogen has no smell, and it is perfectly possible for a container to leak hydrogen but be "air tight" to everything else).

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 261

Nice try but the 40s were barely the hallmark of social justice and the left did not want to go to war. It wasn't until the US was threatened by Japanese and German forces near the US that some sensible decisions were made.

These alt-left stories do nothing but galvanize the other 60% of the country that voted for Trump. IBM, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have already helped the US government and part of the US government has already built and maintained a Muslim registry from Clinton to Obama and none of them cleaned it up, only expanded it.

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