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Comment Re:Basic Physics (Score 1) 54

Or, perhaps, your own understanding of physics is bullshit because, well. Physics is bullshit. And this is why physics hasn't accomplished anything significant since the atom bomb. It's mental masturbation.

Well here's some things physicists have done after the bomb that I thought of off the top of my head: Lasers (and laser-related stuff like laser spectroscopy), Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Holograms, atomic clocks, high temperature superconductors, tunnel diode, scanning tunneling electron microscope, atomic force microscope, stochastic resonance, charged coupled devices... All kinds of stuff that maybe isn't as high profile as the atomic bomb, but are essential to things you take for granted, like flash memory and liquid crystal displays in your electronics or the Hall effect sensors in your anti-lock brakes.

In any case, leaving aside the obvious hooey , if physics were mental masturbation then anyone could do it. It's the fact that so few can do it that makes so many people see it as a pointless and trivial exercise.

Comment Re:vGPU seems cool (Score 2) 44

My understanding is that it is more extensive: PCI(mostly 'e' these days) passthrough allows you to assign a physical device to a VM; but the device can't be shared: if a given piece of hardware is being passed through to one of the guests, none of the other guests or the host OS can use it.

This 'virtual GPU' stuff is supposed to make allocating GPU resources between VMs closer to how it is with CPU time or memory, where all the guests and the host can't exceed the capabilities of the machine they are running on; but they can all have access, with relatively modest overhead, to the same device.

I don't know if things work as pleasantly as desired yet; but in principle it should be a lot more convenient than full device passthrough. Especially in cases where you might be interested in the GPU for its computational capabilities, video transcoder, etc.

Comment No goalposts moved - kernel is kernel (Score 2) 74

The kernel is linux. Gnome desktop, redhat distro etc etc are all their own thing.
Just because people are lazy and frequently call the entire stack linux doesn't mean that someone who isn't lazy is wrong when they are talking about the linux kernel specifically.

So yes, android is dominating not redhat, debian or whatever, but the article is about the kernel underneath.

File it with people making noise about Mac versus MS Windows when the topic is really about an x86_64 CPU.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 1) 74

The linux kernel is linux.
Gnu/linux was the second attempt by Richard Stallman to raise awareness of GNU on the coat-tails of linux after people didn't take his first suggestion of LiGnuX seriously. Linux is not a GNU project. Their OS is called HURD.
So your "fact" does not appear to actually be one despite it coming out of a book.

Comment Re:The EU found a solution to this long time ago (Score 1) 187

The difference is that in the EU, regulations are made by stuffy bureaucrats disconnected from what they are regulating. While this has problems, it at least results in consistent laws.

In the U.S., laws are made with special interest input (lobbying). Manufacturers don't care about recycling, so recycling laws are almost entirely dictated by environmentalist lobbying. Consequently they tend to be excessively strict. Mining laws OTOH have a vested special interest (mining and refining companies) who will lobby against the environmentalist lobbyists. So those laws tend to be a better balance of environmental and industry interests.

The net result is that the regulations and red tape for recycling materials are more strict than for mining and refining the same materials. And it thus becomes cheaper to build things out of new materials than with recycled materials, killing the economic incentive to recycle.

While your EU solution would work, it would probably be opposed by environmentalists. By making manufacturers economically responsible for recycling, you create an incentive for them to get involved in lobbying during the creation of recycling laws. This will result in environmentalists losing sole control over the crafting of recycling laws.

Comment Serious Computer Glitches Can Be Caused By IDIOTS (Score 1) 134

Why didn't that voting machine have ECC memory? Why didn't the software have bounds checking?
Yes, I know it's common, I use some software (from a very large company that was run by a guy you don't go hunting with) that when it hits a some input data with a negative integer IT ATTEMPTS TO ALLOCATE NEGATIVE MEMORY, and of course, crashes - but things that stupid should never happen (especially since it's supposed to deal with very noisy data). If it's out of range for a bit of code to work on then don't let it in! Don't just check in one place and hope that catches everything, check everywhere that out of bounds data is a problem.

Comment Re:Why not blame the manufacturer? (Score 1) 134

If you think that finding a vendor that doesn't keep cutting battery life/SD card slots/headphone jacks/basic safeguards against electrical fire in order to make it thinner, cheaper, or both is hard; just try to find one that ensures sufficient borated polyethylene(with something else to sop up the resulting gamma rays) or other neutron shielding into their products.

There probably are some, making bits for nuclear reactors and industrial, scientific, and medical users of neutron sources; but it's a niche.

Comment Can you say "move the goalposts" boys and girls? (Score 4, Insightful) 74

Because if Google's proprietary OSes that are more locked down than Windows ever was (say what you want about Windows but I can grab a windows laptop and inside of 10 minutes be booting into anything from BSD to Zorin OS, just try that on a Chromebook) now counts as "Linux" because it uses the kernel, which even the community acknowledges that "the kernel is not Linux"? Well sheeit, by that metric you could claim Linux "won" half a decade ago since all those cheapo locked down routers used by millions are using the Linux kernel as part of the embedded OS.

It certainly doesn't come anywhere close to being open or supporting the four freedoms so if this is what it takes to "win" I'd say "well what exactly did you "win" other than replacing one corporate master for another?

Comment Re:"Windows sails on serenely" (Score 2) 74

Wow. Way to go presenting a calm, clear and coherent argument against the entrenched install base of Windows and showing people that Linux is a viable alternative.

He only just made his Slashdot account on Monday. He hasn't yet learned the value of calm, objective commentary the way you and I have.

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