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Journal johndiii's Journal: Missing Poem 21

For those of you paying attention, there was no poem for yesterday. That is because I was in the hospital, due to a car wreck. I am home now, somewhat the worse for wear but grateful that it was not more serious. The inventory of damage includes four broken ribs, a pneumothorax (air in the pleural cavity around the lungs), and a bruise on my lung (pulmonary contusion). The pneumothorax was why they kept me overnight; it had apparently resolved itself by this morning.

I'm home now, with some good drugs and a little widget that measures the volume of air that I inhale. I have to use it for ten breaths, four or five times a day. With the sort of injury that I have, one of the risks is pneumonia, brought on by breathing too shallowly over a prolonged period of time.

I'm a quick healer, so I expect that I will be better soon. In the mean time, I am learning new ways to move my body around - ones that do not put stress on my ribs. :-)

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Missing Poem

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