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Comment Re:I'll venture (Score 1) 6

No, I'm still in a "Red" State.

And I don't look like Scott Ian, honestly I was kind of trying to go more for this look. Hence the "What?" in the JE...

But I don't look much like him, the goatee is more grey than blonde and my eyes are brown, not blue.
User Journal

Journal Journal: 8 months... 6

Lost my job, found a new one. Grew a goatee and shaved my head bald. (What?)
Also moved over 1000 miles away from DFW.

Just finally getting settled, waiting to get my CHL from my new home state.

Comment Re:An Old Story (Score 1, Flamebait) 386

My table saw has a removable shield for when I'm working with something other than a typical pine board.

Band saws and jigsaws typically do not contain shields, as they're used for curved cuts.

There is an inherent danger to most tools, and why training on how to properly use that tool is important.

Programming Languages are tools. If you don't understand how to use the tool, the tool can be destructive.

Now I know why you didn't log in, you didn't want your stupidity broadcast to the world.

Comment Re:watermelons (Score 1) 18

Karl Marx wanted to promote homosexuality as an "alternate lifestyle choice" for one reason and one reason only: He wanted to undermine and destroy the Catholic Church, which he saw as the only real obstacle to building his utopian socialist hell-hole. He wanted, as did / do Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Wilson, Obama, Clinton -- people using their religious fervor in pursuit of the State, not in pursuit of heaven.

And right now, his side is winning.

Look at the increasing number of sola scriptura Protestant churches that are suddenly throwing out huge chunks of that scripture to support gay marriage.

And they say "Oh, but Jesus didn't say anything about it" -- only he did. He said he wasn't there to change one letter of the law. He wasn't there to change what is moral and is not moral.

And now, one by one, Protestant Churches fall away and now many of them shouldn't even call themselves Churches... they should call themselves Sunday Morning Coffee and Terrible "Praise" Band shows.

I visited a Protestant Church at the request of a friend... it was a Southern Baptist church.

Aside from the fact that it was lily-white (my catholic church is very, very diverse) and conformity was expected / required... it was weird.

Despite being white, I was looked at with suspicion because *gasp* HE HAS LONG HAIR! ZOMG!!!

So then the service started. They had a crappy "praise" band where each dork they had warbling (I wouldn't quite call it signing) all did this same weird "look to heaven" head shake thing before they started singing. And the crowd put down their coffee, pretended to smile, and praised them some Jesus. Only I didn't see Him there.

Then, the Pastor got up and said his sermon. It was about the ABC's of faith. Lesson 1: God is in control.

Ignoring the deeper and important themes of free will, this sermon was as childish and lacking substance as the crowd's suspicion of the long haired dude.

Sadly, THAT is what mainline Protestantism has become. Church is just a thing, a club people want to feel like they belong to, and they choose a church based on if they like the free coffee or is they like the praise band, and I'm not going to the Grace Faith Fellowship because their praise band isn't hip enough, instead I'm going to go to Faith Grace Fellowship where the coffee is really good and they have free creamer and it's televised and so I'll be on TV and I can use my connections to further my business or my career and Jesus? The guy that prunes the garden with Jose? OH THAT JESUS. Yeah, he's great! Like a peaceful hippie or Ghandhi or something.

And people wonder why I state that the Great Apostasy has begun.

If you ask me, we've only got a handful of years left, because we continually invite judgment on ourselves. Once the Supreme Court crams gay marriage down all our throats, and Turkey launches the real Caliphate... the end will be swift.

Comment Re:watermelons (Score 1) 18

I disagree -- the fault is both with the media dominance and liberal hive mind mentality.

Any speech the left doesn't like is "hate" speech. And almost amazingly, they (the Left) gets to define what "hate" speech is. How convenient.

Brendan Eich was forced out at Mozilla because he donated money to a group that thinks we shouldn't redefine an institution (marriage) that's been around for millenia.

Thus, the left goes off on the mob mentality and their two minutes of hate, and the message is sent loud and clear: March in lock-step with us or we will harass, follow, intimidate, shame you on social media, and ultimately destroy you, your family, your livelihood, you lives.

Look at how black twitter is celebrating the fact that George Zimmerman got shot in the face today.

Look at the the leftoids who are STILL calling for Officer Darren Wilson's death, even though his use of force against Saint Swisher Sweets Mike Brown was legally justified (and necessary to protect his own life).

It's the same Marxist / Alinsky tactic our little brownshirt wannabe uses around here.

There was ONE GUY who was willing to, and had the resources to be able to, stand against that tide and point out how shameless the left is -- the late Andrew Breitbart.


The doomday preppers are right -- society is on a tipping point and about to collapse.

Comment Re:watermelons (Score 1) 18

Problem is after 9/11 we didn't do enough. When US Intelligence was pretty sure bin Laden was at Tora Bora, we should have dropped a nuke. The reason ISIS and other assholes are emboldened is because we didn't do enough after 9/11. We abandoned Iraq, retreated in Afghanistan... now look.

I never had a problem kicking Taliban or Hussein ass, I had a problem with the whole Nation Building. Fuck that. Nuke 'em, and if the roaches take over and turn it into another terrorist sandbox nuke them too.

So then when we decided to go after Saddam Hussein is was a "rush to war" that took 14 months and gave Saddam all the time in the world to bury planes in the desert and move chemical warheads to Syria so the media and democrats (but I repeat myself) could lie and say there were no WMD in Iraq when even Kerry and Hitlary Clinton said there were WMD's in Iraq when Bill Clinton was using cigars to penetrate interns in the oval office.

It floors me after that, after the Democrat congress in 2006 crashed the economy and Obama skullfucks the economy's corpse repeatedly saying oh, it's getting better when the labor force participation rate is historically low... and let's just say I'm surprised anyone with at least a room temperature IQ would trust a Democrat to run for Dog Catcher.

I see an article that millenials don't blame Obama. Proof right there that millenials are morons. The economy is in the toilet because of Obamanomics.

Oh well. Part of me is glad they're miserable and have no real prospects for meaningful employment. If you voted for Obama -- you deserve every ounce of pain you're getting.

Comment Re:watermelons (Score 1) 18

"But even if we're wrong, shouldn't we do SOMETHING??? After all, It's for the Children!!"

It's getting hard to tell the difference between liberal idiocy and parody.

Like the twitter meme that went around -- "Rape last minutes, death lasts forever. You don't need a gun."

Sadly, that bit of unbridled stupidity appears to be legit and not a parody.

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