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Comment ASUS ZenWatch (Score 1) 4

I do nto have a lot of experience with decent smartwatches except one - I have an ASUS ZenWatch. It's a bit on the pricey side but it is an Android based watch and it has some elegance to it. Keeps good time. The one downer is that it drains its battery in about 3 days, but it takes less than an hour to completely charge.

Hope that's of some help.

Comment To Trump, or Not to Trump... (Score 1) 12

Trump has some good ideas, and I think he is striking a chord with a lot of voters who are sick of career politicians. My concern with him is that he likely is completely unaware of everything he's getting himself into. You cannot fire senators like you can secretaries and mail room clerks, and being President doesn't equate to being supreme leader (not supposed to, anyway). Also, the government's budget is very different than that of a hotel chain or casino and you can't [easily] just lay off whole bureaus of people to save a little money. If he's elected, I have a feeling there will be some very ugly surprises waiting for him.

Comment Re:Microsoft is to blame (Score 1) 231

Microsoft limits OEMs to a maximum of 2GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage in order to purchase reduced price licenses of Windows

I have a tablet that has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. It runs Windows 10 and Android as well - dual boot. It's a Chinese device, even by brand. If that is a limitation imposed by Microsoft then this tablet maker doesn't seem to care.

That said, Windows 10 on a tablet is mediocre at best. I much preferred Windows 8.x for touch devices. I use the Android side almost exclusively.

Comment It Stores More to the Cloud than You Might Think (Score 5, Interesting) 982

I was initially a little wary of Windows 10 but when I started using it I was all right with it - for a while. It seemed to be stable, it ran the applications I needed (Pinnacle Studio and PaintShop Pro) and it seemed to be faster than Windows 7. Seemed like a good move for me.

But then I got a new computer with Windows 10 pre-installed. I thought, "great, now I can move my old computer to Linux like I planned and still run my important applications on the new one." Things were fine, until I realized that I was connected to the network without having entered my network password. And it knew my passwords on various websites that I had accessed with Edge. It knew how to access my bank, my social media - everything. Now, I am not a big fish by any means, but I do not like the idea of my passwords and keys being stashed on a server over which I have zero control.

Do I believe Microsoft will do Bad Things with that information? No, I don't. It's convenient to have it know what I need for me so I don't have to look it up. But, it's unnerving that they harvested that info without my knowledge. It also is unsettling to think that it's on a network computer somewhere.

On this basis alone I hesitate to recommend Windows 10.

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Journal Journal: [geek] Dual-Boot 2-in-1 Tablet

I recently acquired a 10.1" tablet with a break-away keyboard so this little beast can be either a very small laptop or a full-sized tablet. The keyboard is nice and it is very solid, so this is a great solution for my needs. I have wanted one of these for a long, long time, and now I have one.

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Journal Journal: [work] karma

My last job sucked. No way to sugar coat it. My manager absolutely refused to say anything positive to me about the work I was doing and actively went out of his way to find people that were unhappy with my performance (meaning, he looked for people that thought I should work 70+ hours/week with unpaid OT for them exclusively) and my final review there for the worst I had ever seen. I missed family events, funerals, trips and more, just to try to keep afloat. Such a prick this fellow was that

Comment Windows 10 (Score 1) 6

You can always install Linux, BSD or an older version of Windows as long as there are drivers for your hardware. I would recommend Windows 7 if you stay with Microsoft.

Windows 10 is a strange animal, and I do not trust it personally. It was an eye-opener when a new computer knew my Wi-Fi security code when it was never on the network before.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 4

Good article. That has given me an idea for when I am finally done updating my son's computer (I am on day three of Windows 7 updates and patches). When I have finally finished, I will make a CloneZilla image of the hard drive so that I do not need to go through this pain again as thoroughly as I have this time. This has been a true nightmare - every update reveals more and bigger updates and as a result the process is getting longer and longer. The current situation is that there were 207 patches and updates, and about 15 of them failed to install. I am now seeing another huge update.

On the plus side, the image I take will have exactly what we want in it - MS Office stripped off, Trend Micro stripped off, a minimum of crapware and useless pre-installed garbage and a few other things deliberately installed and configured. Everything tuned just right.

I am looking forward to finally getting this all finished. I expected it to take 6-8 hours, not half the week.

*If* he chooses to upgrade to 10, I'll take a snapshot of his hard drive then too.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 4

When it says there are no updates I have forced it to go check again... Every time it has resulted in hundreds of MB in updates. It has been chewing on a larger update for about a half an hour now, and while it seems to be progressing it is taking forever and a day (give or take a few minutes).

I get a lot of updates on my Linux side, but they never take that long...

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Journal Journal: [geek] Windows 7 Again 4

My son has a laptop that finally got bogged down with crapware and other nasties under the hood and he asked me to reload it for him. He is usually careful online but he apparently found some aggressive adware buried in something else he wanted. He had updated it to Windows 10 from 7 which at the time had seemed like a good idea.

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Journal Journal: [music] You Walk Away

With the night behind you
You walk away and I will find you
We are locked in this emotion
We will find the way home

And it’s too late
To regret the mistakes we made
Easier to walk away

And it’s too late
To deny all the words we say
Nothing will ever be the same

When the world surrounds you
You take your place with me, behind you
These are every word unspoken
This is our way home

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Journal Journal: [food] Detroit Style Pizza

Been reading up on Detroit-style pizza of late and I have decided I have to try it. I ordered my pans last week; hopefully they will be here by this weekend.

The main differences between Detroit and Sicilian are the pans used to bake them and the arrangement of the cheese around the edges. Detroits are made with the cheese pushed up against the sides of the pan so it caramelizes and gets crunchy.

To be continued.

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Journal Journal: [food] Baking in the Family

Anyone that knows me knows I am very deep into baking bread though I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and make the occasional dessert.

My son has decided to follow. He is already better at making layer cakes, he churns out cookies almost weekly, and he is often poring through cookbooks looking for more things to make to fatten the family. He is an accomplished pie maker - bake-off coming this summer.

Comment Re:procmail? (Score 1) 5

There is some promise there. I have not worked with this one but will give it a look. I do not mind writing rules - I am a decent coder and know my way around regex rules and whatnot. Syntax looks a little odd for procmail but not difficult.

Thanks for the recommend.

Comment Re:Smells like oportunity (Score 1) 5

Sounds like a project to me

It may come to that, actually. What I have that works well under Windows is SpamEater Pro, a stand-alone mail application that can download message headers from the pop server, delete them, put them back and more. It works with blacklists as well as regex, whitelist and blacklist filters. The one thing it does not do is statistical analysis, and so far that's not really a concern though it would be a nice to have.

Since it has been discontinued, there's no easy way to make it work under Wine as it requires activation. I captured the registry entries and so I can install it over and over, but that does not really help in an emulated environment where double-click on a registry file is not available.

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