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Submission + - School Shuns Tech, Teaches Fountain Pen

mikesd81 writes: "The Associates Press is carrying an article about a school in Scotland that is teaching the way of the fountain pen. From the article: "There is no clacking of keyboards in most classrooms at the Mary Erskine and Stewart's Melville Junior School, although there is a full range of facilities for computer lessons and technology isn't being ignored. But the private school's principal believes the old-fashioned pens have helped boost the academic performance and self-esteem of his 1,200 pupils." Principal Bryan Lewis says "The pens improve the quality of work because they force the children to take care, and better work improves self-esteem and proper handwriting is as relevant today as it ever has been."

Students as young as 7 have been instructed to forgo their ball point pens and get to grips with its more artful predecessor. By the time they reach grade five, at age 9, they are expected to write mainly with fountain pens. The children learn a handwriting style developed by teachers at the school, which charges $12,500 a year. New teachers are also put through a course on how to write with pens — as well as refresher courses on literacy and numeracy — before they are let loose in classes. Parents seem to feel this is a good idea and does improve their child's work."
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Journal Journal: Comment Here if you are Friend-ing me! 1

I just now looked at my "fans" list and noticed that a few people like me! I must admit to being pleased, yet somewhat dumbfounded by this development. I was also struck by the question, "Why did these people bother to 'friend' me?". Was it something I said? Maybe my sig (it seems pretty popular)? Maybe you were just testing out the system and I was the lucky scapegoat? Well, I figure its worth asking here, if you're adding me to a friends list, why exactly?
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Journal Journal: Le Meme du Jour 4

From Short Circuit

1. What is your occupation?
Computers: servers, networking, email administrator. I read your email. (Not! GroupWise is pretty secure).

2. What color are you socks right now?

3. What are you listening to right now?
Classical music.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
Sandwich and yogurt.

5. Can you drive a stick shift?


Journal Journal: FLO - Registered Traveler Solution

Fast Lane Option for Getting Pass the Airport Security Lines. by FLO Overview Registered Traveler (RT) is a program designed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to improve the security screening process at U.S. airports. The program has two important goals: 1. Reduce long waits in airport security lines caused by hei
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Journal Journal: more RoF porn

my latest entry

I've got one more entry to go and then the Western Cape/South Africa trip report will be complete... *whew*

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Journal Journal: Last night at the dinner table 7

My youngest, after the prayer (she usually says something after the recitation) says "Dear God, please let me be a professional writer when I grow up."

That's a profession I'd certainly want her to have. :)

Of course, when we started karate in early November, she wanted to be a ninja. :)

Oh, which reminds me, they asked me to test for my yellow belt.

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Journal Journal: Life happens (RANT) 6

Well, lessee...

In addition to being laid off from work in Oct, what else has happened here?

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Journal Journal: Final project for SQL class. 3

Well, a week ago was the last day for my SQL class, and my final project was due. And I turned it in. And today received notification that I got a 98%. (A point or two off because of a mistake with a foreign key.)

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Submission + - Internet Book Database - invitation to publishers?

An anonymous reader writes: There have been several attempts at making online book databases before but until The Internet Book Database launched, there was no real 'Internet Book Database'. Previous attempts were aimed at either science fiction or general fiction and nobody out there was open to listing any and every book. Also many of the book databases discussed before in slashdot here, here and maybe on other occasions too have the problem of being user edited and hence are more likely to feature only popular fiction. The Internet Book Database however is inviting publishers and authors to have their books listed. This may be the better approach, especially for indie publishers whose books are hard to find at online book sites.

A comparison on Wikipedia shows that The Internet Book Database already lists more books than the other databases inspite of being the last one to have launched.

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