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Comment Re: The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score 1) 79

The way you THINK it should work usually

The way I KNOW it works, where I live. Fixed that for you. Comcast sends their promotions monthly, and FiOS is well aware of it...

Your anecdotal evidence may be different and I do not doubt your truthfulness. But absence of ISP-choice is in itself the government's fault — it is too easy for the local mayors and city councils to block an ISP. So easy, even the mighty Google gave up.

Comment Re:The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score -1, Flamebait) 79

USA health costs per person is about $8000 whereas that bastion of capitalist competition, Sweden, is $4000 (you can check it out if you know how to use this thing called the internet).

Citation needed. The US does not have "Single Payer" halthcare — yet. Nor do we have a properly free market for it either — things were pretty bad and then became even worse with Obamacare.

But in primary education the market is cornered by the monopoly called Department of Education. And, according to their own figures (see, how citations are done with thing called "HTML"?), since 1950-ies the per-pupil costs of public school education quadrupled : from $3k to $13k (inflation-adjusted). Has the quality gone up? No, most unlikely — only 30% of the nation's 8th-graders, for example, are deemed "proficient" in reading .

you can check it out if you know how to use this thing called the internet

I do not. You make a claim, you cite supporting evidence.

Comment Re:installed by a contract third-party IT speciali (Score 1) 34

I used to do the same. I don't any more. After being thrown under the bus for doing EXACTLY what the customer said, against my recommendations(documented no less), no thank you.

WHICH happens to be a great way to make your point even stronger. Telling a customer "no, I won't" gets them to think, perhaps a little. I've had a couple people ask me why I won't, and basically say, "When the shit hits the fan, I don't want to be involved, don't want to clean the mess up, and don't want to take the fall for anyone but me".

I now use a phrase that sums up everything perfectly. "Good IT is expensive, bad IT is costly".

Comment Re:The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score 1) 79

They're going to pocket the money

Why is this not happening with pizzerias or sneakers?

Why am I paying the same price for 75 Mbps up/down today, that I used to pay for 35 Mpbs up/down 6 years ago?

The answer: competition. It is competition, that keeps the services improving and/or the prices dropping.

Once you have a monopoly — such as "Single Payer" education, or healthcare, or Internet-Service provision — the price goes up and the quality goes down.

How fucking stupid do you think we are, anyway?

Only because you asked... I think you are unbelievably dumb and uneducated. Quite obviously, you also lack manners and any semblance of class.

Comment The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score 0, Troll) 79

The consumer gets buttraped again

Yes, because the only thing protecting the consumer is the Government. (Pay no attention to NSA, FBI, and the Border Guards.) There is a Million Regulators March on Washington being planned for — you guessed it — April 15th. Be there to show your support!

(Npghnyyl, ab, gung jnf fnepnfz.)

Your guy Trump sure is sticking it to the corporations

By making it less likely that an ISP will be (frivolously) sued for violating the nebulously unclear standard to take "reasonable" measure measures, Trump's government lowers the cost of the legal insurance, which lowers the total cost of doing business. And that's a good thing for both producers and the customers alike.

Comment Re:Ukraine to the rescue (Score 2) 108

You do realise that the An-225 is an appallingly low tech aircraft, all it has going for it is its size.

What else do you need for a cargo plane other than the size — and the lift, which it also has aplenty? The long distance, maybe, and the ability to operate in various weather conditions? It has got all that too...

And the Ukraine

There is no "the" in front of the country name. The Germany? The France?

as its prime buyer was Russia

Yes, and that's why they are now reorienting towards the Saudis as I already mentioned. And the Chinese. In other words, both of the markets mentioned in the write-up.

Comment Ukraine to the rescue (Score 2) 108

Unbeknown to many, Ukraine has some very advanced aircraft technology. Its "Mria" aircraft remains the largest cargo airplane in the world. And it is not just the size — recently it was used to bring a replacement engine to a Boeing...

They are partnering with Saudis now to develop their know-how into mass-production...

Comment To What End, This Automation? (Score 1) 319

The continuing push to automate all areas of the workforce will eventually, in the theory, eliminate the need for a workforce.

I don't recall reading anything about what people will be doing after that in terms of self fulfillment and societal structures. The paradigm of go to school, get a good job, raise a family, save for retirement, will be blown up. To be replaced by what?

And don't start with the pie in the sky bullshit. Policy is what will determine the outcome. Is anyone thinking about that?

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