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Comment Re:Fiduciary duty (Score 1, Flamebait) 304

H Fucking B1 should be eliminated.

There is no fucking way some dude from a country where the majority of people are shitting outside, next to their water well is more qualified than anyone in America.

H-B1 is just so hypocritical assholes in the SJW Silicon Valley businesses can save money while they bitch and moan about men now being able to shower in the women's locker room.

Comment Re:Knee-jerk Reaction (Score 1) 46

Microsoft Office is commercial software, if you're not paying them to keep the software up to date, then what are you paying for?

Open Source Office products, are generally gratis, and are patched in a more responsible manner. AND you have access yourself to patch it ... yourself, unlike ... Microsoft Office.

Comment Re:TFA ignored obvious facts (Score 2) 199

Its simply a numbers game, if 3 out of 20 can become good programmers will the cost to train the 20 vs hiring 3 experienced programmers who are paid more be cheaper. To go back to the basketball analogy 1.1% of college players are drafted in the NBA while 0.001% of high school players were drafted. There is simply a much higher probability of finding a good player in college.

Comment Re: It's pretty simple (Score 1) 272

Two hours

From start to finish, my dishwasher is under 4 hours (not 2 above). We don't run it during the day. I am not sure how that saves energy/money, running for so long, but that is the theory. The dishwasher I grew up with, did a whole load in under an hour.

The biggest difference between the one I grew up with, and the modern ones is that lack of etching on glasses caused by high pressure jets with food washing that was the result from the ancient dishwasher.

Its so bad, that often I do dishes by hand, because it takes too damn long in the dishwasher. I am sure that is "Energy Star" compliant.

Comment Re:Another outrage article (Score 2) 272

companies put an agreed-on label on their products, they have an incentive to check unreasonable-sounding claims from their competitors as do consumer groups

I have NO problem with this. None. Zip. Zero.

What is NOT needed, is government program to do so. Consumer Reports does a great service, and is way more effective than government would be doing the exact same job. AND they aren't influenced by donations to political campaigns. The problem I have is "Government MUST do it, because nobody else will" mentality.

Comment Depends (Score 1) 220

Consider a request for a table interface with which to enter some data, enforce some rules, and print some reports.

Automated tools can build that in seconds. A few hours of tweaking and you're done.

Now write the Obamacare website. Wait. That site was entirely data driven and should have never been as convoluted or complicated as it was. Of course the developers were probably getting updated requirements every week right up to the roll out date. THAT is why software estimates are off by so much sometimes.

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