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Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score 2, Informative) 149

Hmmm "No reasonable prosecutor would bring the case against Hillary Clinton"

I suspect making an offer that no reasonable prosecutor could refuse falls into that category.

hiLIARy sent and email instructing her staff to remove the classified marking from documents so they could send them unsecure.
FBI Director James Comey testified that there were 3 classified emails that had portion markings on them, that would happen only if her employees removed the header and footer markings of a classified document and missed some of the portion markings in an effort to send them unsecure.

Comment Re:Other factors? (Score 2) 155

You could have just RTFS

In an attempt to test whether the higher numbers of cardiovascular deaths were simply a statistical blip or a genuine sign of the effect of traveling into deep space, the scientists exposed mice to the same type of radiation that the astronauts would have experienced. After six months, which is the equivalent of 20 human years, the mice showed damage to arteries that is known to lead to the development of cardiovascular disease in humans.

Comment Re: Look for a vast increase in donations to Clint (Score 1) 171

I couldn't have said it better my self, companies shouldn't have to pay domestic tax on foreign, developed, manufactured, and sold goods. The solution is simple just have an import tax on licensing fees and other methods companies use to get profits out of the country tax free. The other solution which will never happen is to adopt Fair Tax.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 157

No one over the age of 12 gives a damn about any of Nintendos game franchises. If they think they're going to corner the kids market then good luck to them, but they might find that the kids have moved on.

The sole reason I will be buying the Nx is because of Zelda, I will tell my wife I got it for the kids but the real reason is because of Zelda.

Of course its about the hardware or we'd all still be playing games on an Atari 2600.

Either you are intentionally missing the point or you truly don't play games, the only thing good hardware does is it doesn't detract from the gaming experience. A game is still good even if it's not played on bleeding edge hardware. I still have fun playing mario cart, chrono trigger, and super mario world with my kids.

Comment Re:50% is nothing without a confidence interval (Score 1) 140

There are about 500 nuclear power plants worldwide and 24 years for this prediction to come true. There is a 1 in 24,000 chance that a given plant will have a Chernobyl event this year or a 1 in 48 that any plant will have a Chernobyl disaster this year. Both those numbers seem remarkably high and I agree that they are getting pretty liberal with their numbers to get to a 50% chance.

Comment Re: Bullshit (Score 0) 147

Face it, no one in their right mind would want a traceable record of their visit to a prostitute.

Which is quite impossible to avoid when you use a "call girl" and don't pick up a "hooker" from the street.

How is that impossible, you can meet at a hotel you paid cash for, call her on a throw away phone or a pay phone. Where is the personal information leak?

Comment Re:Fastest in what way? (Score 1) 183

It's not hard to build a dragster that can outrun a Bugatti Veyron in a quarter mile but I wouldn't call one faster than a Veyron until it beat it around a track with corners.

A Veryon did the 1/4 mile in 9.7 seconds, if you go to any drag strip there are very few street legal cars that are going that fast. It's not as easy a putting a turbo or nitrous on a stock car and ripping out the extra weight.

Submission + - New Guccifer 2.0 docs on "wobbly" Democrats (thehill.com)

An anonymous reader writes: New documents from DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 highlight "wobbly" Democrats on the Iran deal and why they won't be using Philidelphia's Holiday Inn ("We are not Chingy").

Submission + - Infants Have Gender Identity (sciencedaily.com)

Texmaize writes: It is in vogue today to pretend that gender is fluid and a mere social construct. Some parents even gleefully go out of their way to give their children toys that traditionally are for the other gender, in hopes of making them......better? A study published in Infant and development suggests that babies seem to know better than some confused adults.

"Children as young as 9 months-old prefer to play with toys specific to their own gender, according to a new study. The research suggests the possibility that boys and girls follow different developmental trajectories with respect to selection of gender-typed toys and that there is both a biological and a developmental-environmental components to the sex differences seen in object preferences."

Submission + - DoJ uses obsolete software to subvert FOIA requests (theguardian.com)

Bruce66423 writes: An MIT PhD student has filed a suit in Federal court alleging that the use of a 21yo IBM green screen controlled search software to search the Department of Justice databases in response to Freedom of information requests constitutes an deliberate failure to provide the data that should be being produced

Submission + - It's a federal crime to visit a website after being told not to vis (washingtonpost.com)

Okian Warrior writes: he U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has handed down a very important decision on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Facebook v. Vachani which decision is quite troubling. Its reasoning appears to be very broad — it says that if you tell people not to visit your website, and they do it anyway knowing you disapprove, they’re committing a federal crime of accessing your computer without authorization.

Submission + - SPAM: Are fat people less intelligent than thin?

schwit1 writes: Fat people are less intelligent than people with a normal weight, a provocative study claims.

Overweight men and women have less grey and white matter in key areas of the brain.

They also have greater impulsivity and ‘altered reward processing’, the study said.

The researchers said that their findings could explain why overweight people make poor diet choices — they do not have the mental capacity to control themselves.

Nor are they able to stop themselves from making poor choices when the do eat something.

The theory is likely to prove controversial as weight loss campaigners have emphasised that each individual has different reasons for their struggle with their body.

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