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Comment Writers Should Take Care. (Score 1) 98

I have seen the writing coming out of Hollywood for the last couple of decades and my suggestion to these entitled little shits. Keep working. If you stop, the only thing that will happen is that people will realize that they have no real talent and that there are many replacements that can do their job AT LEAST as well.

Don't strike if you are not needed.

Comment Re: theodp (Score 2) 131

they actually need to have a degree to practice.

Sure. Said degree is not granted by a medical school though. It's granted by some other school - of chiropractic, of acupuncture, etc. I never said they were "quacks" - after all what is medicine anyway? I will state, however, that they do not follow the scientific method and cannot back up their claims with scientific studies. Even though they have thousands of testimonials from people who say they feel better. At the end of the day feeling better is what medicine is supposed to be about. But god help you if you see an acupuncturist for malignant melanoma...

Comment Re: theodp (Score 2) 131

Yeah, my next doctor is going to be someone who didn't go to medical school.

There are plenty of those around and there have been for a long time. Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists and a whole lot more. They succeed because any given illness has an 80% chance of being self limited and going away on its own. That's a phenomenal success rate for these "alternative doctors", although it's no better than if you had just stayed home.

The problem is when you have something that falls into the 20%.... we who did go to medical school don't claim to be able to save anyone, but we have documented proof that we can usually offer you a more desirable outcome than doing nothing at all.

Comment Re: It's not just money (Score 1) 172

Actually, Congress sets the bounds for what the FCC can fuck with. The Communications Act of 1934 set up the FCC. Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is the basis for Net Neutrality.

So the bunch of blowhards on Capitol Hill is ultimately to blame for this shit, just as it is to blame for all the other shit perpetrated by the Fderal Government. That is where the goddam buck stops. Not the President's desk, and CERTAINLY not with a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats.

Comment Re:The correct course of action (Score 0) 172

... they've said that it is the FCC's job to make those decisions.

If Congress can simply assign to others the power to make law, then I guess the Republican House and Senate can simply vote to give Trump the ability to make laws as he sees fit, then. Or does Congress only have that power when it's something you agree with?

Congress was never explicitly granted the power to delegate it's lawmaking authority in the Constitution, likely as it was never imagined that the Federal government would ever be allowed to grow to the size and scope that Congress could not pass enough laws alone, without a rebellion.


Comment Re:European vacuum cleaners, regulatory consequenc (Score 1) 255

The "one" you refer to is more like "one half".

No, it is actually at least two -- state and federal -- and some people pay three (city). In two counties in Oregon, you are also paying a COUNTY gas tax. When I said "one tax", I meant "one kind of tax".

We haven't increased the tax in proportion to increase in price, it was a fixed amount, and we used to up in every couple years, until 1993.

You know, it is pretty easy to google this stuff and see that you are wrong. Oregon, for one, increased their tax rate in 2011, and according to the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia: "While most fuel taxes were initially levied as a fixed number of cents per gallon, as of 2016, nineteen states and District of Columbia have fuel taxes with rates that vary alongside changes in the price of fuel, the inflation rate, vehicle fuel-economy, or other factors." Portland added yet another hand to the pocket-dipping by creating their own gas tax that took effect on Jan 1 of this year. New Jersey increased their gas tax by 23 cents a gallon (not TO 23cpg, BY 23cpg) in 2016. No increases? Hmmmm....

And so we have crummy roads because few states have the ability to pay for them.

We have crummy roads because costs for road construction have skyrocketed and we have poor project management.

Even if you don't believe in science,

Pure flamebait.

Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 423


(And here I thought that *I* got kinda long-winded in some/many? of my old posts, LOL!)

Raising minimum wage results in price inflation as the market will better tolerate higher prices when incomes go up. Do you propose nationwide government price controls on all products/services/property/etc?

Raising minimum wages also reduces the number of low-skilled and "first jobs" (whose value as an employee to a small business employer is typically already just barely enough to justify the cost of employing them), as small businesses who supply the overwhelming majority will increasingly forego hiring new employees and eventually lay off current ones if the amount is increased sufficiently. This effect is only exacerbated by the rise of relatively affordable sophisticated automation systems able to replace many low-skill jobs. Do you propose mandatory hiring quotas?


Comment Well (Score 1) 465

We've been living in an economic climate that actually punishes savers for almost a generation now. This is to be expected. I honestly don't care because I will be dead soon. But those robots had better get good at making stuff extremely cheaply because hungry people are the surest way to tear a civilization apart.

Comment Re:It's a joke (Score 1) 255

The best I've seen were the "smart" power strips with timers and motion sensors and whatnot they went around installing without permission.

When did this happen? I've not seen anyone in my house doing that, nor have I seen any different power strips there.

If you mean "at work", then I am positive that they had all the permission they needed to do this: the owner of the company.

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