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Comment Please use 'bokeh' in a more useful way (Score 1) 8

'Bokeh' is used when referring to the quality of the out-of-focus background (or foreground) of the image, not the fact that it is out of focus. Shallow depth of field images have blurry elements. By definition. But different lenses render that OoF area differently. Some lenses have a jittery, doubled-up, or ring-like pattern, or render OoF highlights as oblong smears or as hard circles. It just depends on the lens design. So when we talk about this, it's about the quality, not the quantity or existence of blurred areas.

Think of it like this: every lens of a given format, focal length and aperture will produce essentially the same mount of OoF areas. It's just physics. The focal plane is where it is, and the meaningfully in-focus area (say, on the subject's face) is going to be a given depth (for a given display size and resolution). Period.

But that's like saying all pianos can play a middle C note. They can. But some sound twangy or harsh, while others sound more pleasing to the ear. Likewise with the OoF rendering by some lenses. With the piano we can say "it plays middle C, but the tone is harsh" - and with the camera, we can say that the lens when wide open can render shallow DoF and thus blur the background, but the bokeh is harsh (or, creamy, or busy, or smooth - whatever... it's the "tone," the visual quality of the blur rendering, generally considered to be more appealing the more creamy it is - though sometimes harsh, nervous bokeh is desireable for certain cinematic moods, etc).

Sorry, pet peeve. "Shallow depth of field" doesn't mean "has bokeh." That's like saying the car's suspension has ride. All cars do! But what's the quality of the ride? More like a sports car, or a limo? Better bokeh usually comes from much higher quality glass, and more of it in the design of the lens. Big, fat, fast prime portrait lenses are built - among other things - to play that visual note more elegantly than cheaper lenses do, even though they both hit the note when told do if they can achieve the same aperture at a given focal length.

Comment Re:Population control (Score 1) 164

So, that's it: how to save the world: bring people out of poverty, give them education, and give them access to birth control.

You don't need the totalitarian bullshit.

But that's hard to do, and besides, it doesn't give TPTB ever more control over people's lives and yet another excuse to pick their pockets at gunpoint while not doing anything that actually addresses the 'problem' but merely transfers wealth to those they favor.

You expect any politician worthy of the name to work to empower and lift people out of poverty? Maybe if we had some statesmen instead of politicians, but Trump!/Clinton!

We're SO hosed!


Comment Re:Have fewer babies. (Score 1) 55

The point is to stop being a third-world country so that - just like throughout the developed world, families don't feel the need to have so many babies to use as slave labor on the farm. There's a reason that countries like the US, or Germany, have their resident populations shrinking. Because people living more prosperously have fewer babies. And thus use far less in the way of resources like water (and especially, use it less wastefully than those who are doing old-school agriculture in a more primitive way). Prosperity makes for smaller families, which relieves stress on resources. So: India needs to stop carrying on like a third world country. Culturally, legally, governmentally, financially, agriculturally. And they will start having fewer babies. And need less water (and food, and energy, and everything else).

Comment Re:Just click on ADA accessible (Score 1) 198

No, I didn't turn off the menu bar. Had I somehow turned off the menu bar, 1. that's a browser operation which has nothing to do with /. "name at the top right", and 2. were it /. specific, I wouldn't have gotten a "name->options" button to click on at all.

What you are telling me about is a setting for the site, not a setting on a page. Yeah, some sites (still not "most") have saved settings for users with accounts. And a few have the per-page font option. That's not a setting on "most pages". It may be "most pages you access", but that's not a valid extrapolation to the rest of us.

Comment Re:Have fewer babies. (Score 2) 55

It's called education and prosperity. If it weren't for immigration (and immigrants having lots of children), countries like Germany and the US would have shrinking populations. Once a population reaches a better level of creature-comfort prosperity, and aren't living a hand-to-mouth agrarian lifestyle, they stop having so many babies.

Comment Re:Just click on ADA accessible (Score 1) 198

click on your name upper right - options - ta da! there it is on slashdot

Not on the page I'm looking at right now, not on the page where I read your reply, and not on the page I get when I click on my name->options. Zero for three.

On most web sites there is a font size (usually an A) and +/- next to it. Click on that.

Not on most pages. Some, maybe. Most, no.

Comment Re:2nd amendment (Score 1) 88

The rights protected by the Second Amendment don't grant you protection from prosecution when you destroy someone else's property (with a gun, or a chainsaw, or fire, or your fists). It's a federal felony to shoot at an aircraft, and the FAA now considers any drone (or RC plane, etc) over 9 ounces to be an aircraft.

And for what it's worth, the FPV hobby in the US is essentially now illegal. Operators cannot fly unless they are observing the aircraft with their own un-aided eyes at all times.

Comment Re:Just click on ADA accessible (Score 1) 198

Seriously, there's even a setting on most pages to change the default font size, so the text renders in a larger font size.

Look on /. ... long pause ... no, it's not here. I've never seen one on any page, much less most pages.

Now, what there IS is a setting in Firefox (and I assume others) where you can set not only the minimum font size but what fonts are used for various kinds of text. Preferences->Content, Fonts&Colors->Advanced. And a small checkbox that says "allow pages to use their own fonts instead of the selections above" which should be unchecked.

I long ago had to set a minimum because of morons who thought that I should be able to read their fancy 3 point font. Where it doesn't always work, I think, is because "size=-1" gets around the limit -- a bug. It's sometimes interesting to undo those setting for a page just to see how awful it looks based on the designer's "vision".

This problem is not limited to web pages. "Art" has taken over the technology world, including many technical magazines and journals. Sidebars that are dark blue text with light blue background, for example, which means you cannot xerox the article even if it was readable. Or background images that have the same lack of contrast for the text. And while Wired did just fine with the circus layout they adopted, this format does not fit well with all kinds of magazines. "Eye catching" does not equate to "useful" or "readable."

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 142

So, what is "militarization," to you? Presumably you don't consider the classical police night stick to be an example of militarization. But using one to disable a violent person is a risk to the officer's life, and being able to disable that same person from twenty feet away, using a tazer or a beanbag so that the officer's life isn't at as much risk ... that's "militarization" to you? Is the fact that a cop is carrying a sidearm militarization? No? Why not?

Comment Re:we have always been at peace with the klingons (Score 5, Insightful) 88

An antitrust suit based on what? Not like AT&T and Time-Warner are competitors.

It was right there in the summary:

AT&T Chairman and Chief Executive Randall Stephenson announced the $85 billion deal Saturday as "a great fit" that will combine the "world's best premium content with the networks to deliver it to every screen

The company that owns the pipes shouldn't be the same company that owns the content.

"You don't want AT&T and want to switch to Google Fiber? Well then I hope you don't mind giving up CNN, HBO and other content"

The incumbent carriers already have too much power, they shouldn't get to wield content over subscribers heads too.

Comment Re:Asking too much` (Score 2) 64

The point isn't that they're a developing nation. They're not. It's that they spin things with that sort of description whenever they have to explain away things like selling poisoned baby food or grain shipments full of melamine. Pretending they don't have the technical chops to perform sophisticated industrial espionage, because, you know, they're just a simple farming community ... such nonsense.

Comment Asking too much` (Score 2) 64

This reminds me of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's 2015 comment (in the wake of an obvious wave of government- and business-oriented hacking out of a well known government facility in China) that they couldn't possibly be responsible for such things, since as just a developing nation, they didn't have the sophistication.

Obviously the laziness of users around the world who don't change default passwords is a different problem, but shipping stuff configured and documented in a way that makes not securing it the default mode in the hands of users is just ... laziness.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 3, Insightful) 142

dangerous jobs have risk.
don't like it don't become one.

So, you'd be in favor of cops not being allowed to wear body armor. Because, after all, the job is risky, and it's not fair to give them any sort of advantage that might save their lives while they're acting on your behalf and dealing with someone who wants to kill them.

Your absurd false dichotomy (the police must either allow themselves to be killed, or they are baby killers) shows that you are either pretending to have given this no actual thought, or you really can't muster the critical thinking skills to think this through. Here's an idea: go, right now, today, and ask your local city/county cops about their ride-along program. Do it for a week or two, in a rough urban area. Report back.

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