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Comment Re:The greatest software project on Earth (Score 1) 178

In the case of Linux, you don't have to argue whether unit tests or QA/QC are useless. What matters is simple: what developers want to spend their time contributing. They have historically not done unit tests and the QA/QC is probably as varied as the developer. Linux is a community effort by a self selected community. It's not a corporate driven, profit-seeking entity with a singular management structure.

Comment wonderful? (Score 1) 178

At first, I think this must make it more robust to long term changes. It raises a follow up question, though. How do those developers/companies group up by contribution? I'm sure most are working on server/enterprise applications, but any changes there might be equally interesting.

For comparison, I found articles citing 1000-2000 developers for Windows 7. I had no luck finding estimates for windows server.

Comment Re:Capitalism has strengths (Score 4, Informative) 1080

Where Capitalism falls short is if you can't get a job at all or can't start your own business. There is no sympathy for those who can't do well. There is no cushion for rock bottom other than hopefully a supportive family. Fix that while also having people still want to work dirty jobs, and you're on to something.

Sure, that's called socialism.

Ultimately, I think capitalism needs to pragmatically move above its limitations. It generates monopolies -> put pressures into the economy to fight back against them. It devalues people below their basic, human worth -> provide either a basic income or otherwise establish resource allocation outside the capital market. It leaves people unable to afford basic health care -> identify this as a failed market and employ a different allocation system for just basic health care.

Comment Re:Wait until they start making a bit of money (Score 5, Insightful) 1080

That's kinda the thing though isn't it. The current economic situation is that a greater number of people can't make "a bit of money". Many have argued the point of "what's wrong with large wealth inequality?" and this is the answer: it turns public opinion against capitalism. And without popular opinion on your get the guillotine.

Not to mention that the wealth of a nation lies in the general public. If you want a wealthy nation you need to empower individuals over corporations/oligarchs.

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